Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma

Jan. 3, 2009


OU Head Coach Jeff Capel
Opening comment:
“First of all, pleased with the win. Pleased with the way we played. I thought we bounced back and played with a little bit more energy. Obviously it helps making shots early, but we got off to a pretty good start. I thought we had pretty good movement against their zone. I thought our defense in stretches was very good. It’s an area where we have to improve, but I am really pleased with this win.”

On if he felt good when Tony Crocker made OU’s first field goal attempt of the game, a 3-pointer:
“Obviously, it helps, but if you look at our last five game stats he has been shooting the ball really well, really since the VCU game. He played really, really well for us and he certainly gives us a different weapon. It is obviously really important to have Tony on the floor because he is one of our better defenders, as well.”

On if he thinks OU has accomplished what he wanted it to so far in non-conference play:
“Honestly, I don’t know. Obviously, we wanted to win. That was the first thing and to be seating here 13-1 is pretty good. I am pleased with that. I think we have played a very quality schedule and we have beaten some really good teams, so I am pleased with that. There are some things we haven’t done well. There have been some games we have had a pretty substantial lead and let them go away, so I am not pleased with that. I think we have had some lapses offensively and defensively. Offensively, we are getting better. Where we need to make strides is on the defensive end. That has to be our bread and butter. When we defend at a high level, I think we will be a team that is tough to beat because we will score.”

On if he’s been pleased with OU’s bench production this season:
“I have been happy with what Cade (Davis) has done for us, certainly not the past few games. He did a good job today. Omar (Leary) has been solid for us. We want to be able to get more from Ryan Wright, Orlando Allen, Ray Willis, Kyle Cannon. Those guys have to be able to give us more and they have to practice better. I thought Orlando Allen was terrific tonight.  The thing is, so many players and so many people – not just players, but people in their lives – determine a player’s worth by points and we don’t need these guys to be worried about points. We need them to be worrying about defending and playing with energy and executing. If they do that, some of them are good offensive players and they will score.”

Sophomore Forward Blake Griffin
On the impact Tony Crocker’s 3-point shooting has on OU’s inside players:
“It does a lot.  When he’s shooting like he is, they’re forced to come out and guard.  Like today, he just kept hitting and kept hitting.  That opens up everything because guys start to shift their focus a little bit more to the team.  The biggest thing we can do for this team is to hit shots from the outside and make them pay for it.  And that’s what Crock did.”

On the loss at Arkansas serving as a wake-up call for the team:
“Anytime you have a game like that, I think if we use it the right way, it’s a learning point that we can use to get better, because every team kind of needs to have a speed bump while they’re cruising along to make them play better.”

On the importance of bench play:
“It’s very important.  Having those guys be able to come in and give other guys a breather and give them a rest –  for us not to skip a beat when they come in – is very important, and that’s what we did today.  It’s also good to see our guys that work hard in practice and really push us to get better, who are on the scout team to get in and get their time.”

Junior Guard Tony Crocker
On what the difference has been for him in regard to his shooting over the past few games:
“I guess just making them.  I’m just getting more used to the games and going hard in practice and the games.  When you’re making them it always feels better shooting that next shot.  When I shoot I think all of them are going in, so I hope to make every one.  When that first one goes down it’s always good.”

On his confidence after playing Arkansas:
“It’s pretty good.  We’ve got another game coming up on Monday, so we’re just going to work towards that.  I think everyone is really confident right now.”

On looking forward to conference play:
“The competition is going to be a lot better than some of the non-conference games.  It’s just a challenge, and I think we’re going to be ready for it.”