Sooner, Not Later for Paris
August 04, 2006

Courtesy of -- Courtney Paris is not playing for Oklahoma.
Before the entire city of Norman, Okla. comes for my head, let me be clear: come fall, Paris will be back in Sooner crimson and another season of headaches and heartaches for Oklahoma's opponents can begin.
But right now, the freshman phenom turned sophomore star is concerned about a different team: the USA U20 squad, coming together in Costa Mesa, California.
"I'm very excited," Paris told the media after being selected to the 12-member finalist squad. "It's always a great opportunity to play for the USA. I think everybody's goal is to win the gold. That's always the goal.

Today, a few hours before the U20 squad took advantage of a day off to take a team trip to Disneyland, Paris elaborated.
"The cool thing about USA basketball is that you kind of leave your team behind," she said. "You're representing your team, your school in everything you do, but we're all playing for the name on your jersey, the best name you can have on your jersey, I think."
The international experience is another line on Paris' already overloaded resume, but she and the Sooners both know that to cement a place in the college basketball pantheon, they'll have to take their team all the way to a national title.

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