Wildcat Invitational Opens Friday with Doubles
September 30, 2011

Sept. 30, 2011

NORMAN, Okla. – The University of Oklahoma women’s tennis team opened the 2011 Wildcat Invitational with doubles action on Friday at the Northwestern University tournament.

Due to inclement weather, competition was forced indoors Friday. All rounds of doubles were played while singles action was postponed to Saturday and Sunday.

“We played a lot of doubles today to the weather,” OU head coach David Mullins said. “Our doubles needs a lot of work but it always does this time of year.”

Senior Marie-Pier Huet and sophomore Whitney Wofford defeated Katerina Popova and Josefin Andersson of South Carolina in the first round of Doubles A, 8-4.

Huet and Wofford advanced to the semifinals of Doubles A but lost to Mushrefova and Hamilton of Northwestern, 8-3.

Freshman Nicole Long and sophomore Mia Lancaster lost in the first round to Minnesota’s Alexa Palen and Magdalena Wiecha, 8-6.

After losing, Long and Lancaster advanced to the consolation final but lost to Popova and Andersson of South Carolina, 9-8 (3).

Senior Peta Maree Lancaster and sophomore Whitney Ritchie received a bye in the first round and advanced to the Doubles B semifinal before losing to Larson and Fargus of DePaul.

“Hopefully the weather will improve and we will get some quality singles in over the next two days,” Mullins added.

Wildcat Invitational
Day One Results

Doubles A
Round of 16
Huet/Wofford (OU) def. Popova/Andersson (SC), 8-4
Palen/Wiecha (MN) def. Long/M. Lancaster (OU), 8-6

Huet/Wofford (OU) def. Trgovich/Berner (WIS), 8-4

Mushrefova/Hamilton (NU) def. Huet/Wofford (OU), 8-3

Doubles A Consolation
Long/M. Lancaster (OU) def. Markovic/Loebel (WIS), 8-2
Long/M.Lancaster (OU) def. McKnight/Newman (DPU), 8-5
Popova/Anderson (SC) def. Long/M. Lancaster (OU), 9-8 (3)

Doubles B
Round of 16
Ritchie/P. Lancaster (OU), bye

Ritchie/P. Lancaster (OU) def. Talcott/Majercik (IOWA), 8-4

Lawson/Fargus (DPU) def. Ritchie/P. Lancaster (OU), 8-4

Extra Matches
Huet/Wofford (OU) def. Silver/Harazin (IOWA), 9-7
Simonetti/Hricistova (UIC) def. Ritchie/P. Lancaster (OU), 8-4


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