Game Quotes: Oklahoma 54, Utah State 3

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
SEPTEMBER 15, 2007

On the game in general:

"It was a good solid day. Offensively we ran it well, took care of the football and mainly had no fumbles. That is a big thing, something I didn't want to see this week. We also played well defensively. Their offense was really complicated with all of the motion and option and I was really pleased in that it was a big test for us mentally to be disciplined and to cancel run when we needed to cancel run and I thought we really did that well and tackled well. Curtis Lofton had a great night back there with Ryan Reynolds. Garrett Hartley had a 53-yard field goal, and kicked very well for us. He helps us out in a great way and he did that again today."

On Redshirt Freshman RB DeMarco Murray:
"DeMarco is one of those guys that when he hits the seam he is hard to catch. He has got a great knack and he is just going to get better and better."

On the team's focus coming into the game:
"It's funny, its almost like everyone tries to convince them that they have to have a let down after a big game. In reality we have been very methodical in the way we approach the game week, in practice and meetings. The players understand the value of the preparation and are getting into the habit of this is how we play, and this is how we prepare. Hopefully that will continue and I believe it will."

On Junior WR Juaquin Iglesias:
"He has played well all year. He has great hands and can run with the ball after the catch and he is really stepping it up. With Malcolm Kelly on the other side, and Manuel Johnson in there, we really feel great about our wide outs and them being able to compliment each other."

On Curtis Lofton and Ryan Reynolds:
"I have said all along that they are good, and at this point we expect them to be. They are really good players who are smart and talented. They have the ability to change direction and move, they have explosiveness and they are everything you want."

On Redshirt Freshman QB Sam Bradford:
" He puts the ball in great spots. He throws a catchable ball and doesn't try to beat anyone up with it. He has a great touch and I am pleased with him and I think he has done a great job seeing the field and hitting his second and third options."

On the running game helping the passing:
" It helps, there is no question. The fact that if a defense tries to cheat and cover one of the receivers these running backs are really capable of making big plays. Our ability on the offensive line to create seams also helps a lot. It definitely helps the passing game."

On the offensive line play:
"They have played great, they played a great game. Everyone recognizes Miami's front as a great one a week ago and we were able to rush very well in that game and in this one too."
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On getting up and seeing DeMarco Murray break loose down the field:

"It is cool. It was good to see DeMarco run. I got up and saw him taking off and I knew no one was going to catch him, he is so fast. The O-line loves the running game and breaking the long ones."

On Allen Patrick's performance:
"It is good to see him back. He is coming back strong and he is running like he is capable of."

On the offensive line's performance:
"We are playing pretty well. We feel we got Sam hit a little too much today, but if he gets hit at all we feel it is too much. So we definitely want to get that down next game, but I think we played pretty well. We just don't want to hit that plateau, we just keeping striving to get better every game and every day in practice."

On whether he is impressed by Sam Bradford's performances thus far:
"Every game, every day in practice, he impresses

us. Every day he throws one more throw, you thought he might not be able to make."

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On whether he has impressed himself:

"I think right now I am just playing into the system, looking at the options. I am just taking it one play at a time."

On the running game:
"Those guys did wonderful. I mean there are five running backs that if you give them any grass at all they are going to take it the distance at any time. Those guys ran really hard today."

On what he thinks they will see in the future:
"We still have nine games left. It is still early. We still have a lot to see. We just have to come out each week ready to play."

On the frustration of not seeing a full game:
"It is hard to get frustrated when you are winning like this. I am sure there will be a game when we have to play all four quarters, but if we got 12 wins like this you wouldn't hear me complaining."

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On Sam Bradford:

"I work with him everyday in practice, so I see what he can do. I think the offense is just clicking well. Sam is playing well, the line is blocking well, the running backs are running hard, obviously. The receivers are catching just about everything thrown at them. The defense is getting them the ball. I just think the team is clicking because we are all playing for the team and not for ourselves."

On how it felt to get back in the game:
"It feels really good. Knowing that you aren't just getting in there last minute, that feels good. Getting actual game time experience, being able to lay down at night and thinking about what you can improve on, feels good. It's good to just get in there and support the team."

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On the missed extra point:

"It's always disappointing if you miss a 60-yard attempt or an extra point. Kicking field goals is a three-part operation and it's something we need to get consistent on."

On making the 53-yard field goal:
"It felt great. I mean it came off my foot really well and it went right between the posts and it was a good feeling."

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On the defensive effort:

"It was just an all-around good job, from the secondary to the defensive line to the linebackers. We played good fundamental football."

On maintaining the level of play from last week:
"I feel like we improved and made a good step forward to being a great defense. At the same time, you know you have to look forward to next week.

On Curtis Lofton's play:
"Curtis is just a great linebacker. He knows where to be and when he's supposed to be there and goes and makes plays. He definitely has a knack of where to be and how to go find that ball."

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On Utah State's offense:

"I thought we were prepared well before the game. We saw the shift, we were ready for it, we had seen fit on film and so it was just a matter of executing which we did for most of the day."

On playing linebacker instead of fullback:
"I don't really miss playing fullback too much. I like doing more of the hitting than taking most of the hits."

On playing with Ryan Reynolds:
"I think we played great. We just got in the film room early and we were ready for everything they did to us."

On the defense's focus:
"We want to be a great defense. We don't want to have any letdowns so we stay focused. We came in focused on this game just like any other game. Each time we play we want to get better and that's what I think we tried to accomplish today."

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On having more carries this week:

"Last week my ankle still wasn't 100 percent but it feels a whole lot better and now I'm in here trying to do more. "

On the talent of the group of running backs:
"It's very exciting to just come out here and see what each one of these guys could do on the field. We all tell each other what we see and what we can all do better."

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On the game:

“Obviously, we didn’t give them any type of game that we wanted to try to play out there. We’re really disappointed with the big plays because that was the thing that we worked on a lot and something we were really concerned about.”

“After it was 21-3, we gave up a big play. That was a back breaker at that point after they got a long run. That type of stuff is just so disappointing to have happen to you, just like losing the turnover battle.”

“We couldn’t run the ball enough to make our play action game work. Physically up front, their offensive line against our front, we never had a opportunity to pick it up against the run. They were creasing us inside and getting to the second level too quick. They got to safeties from the second level too quick and that’s why we had guys miss a lot of tackles in the open field. We worked really hard this week, but athletically we just weren’t good enough to make those plays and unblock players.”

On putting in quarterback Jase McCormick in the second quarter:
“He turned over the ball twice and we didn’t like that. He did a good job running it and made some good run reads. He gets outside there at the end and has to throw the ball away instead of taking it inside. It’s little things like that that he’ll get better at with time. You force the ball in there right at the end and Bob was just kind to us. McCormick did some good things running the ball though.”
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On the stopping big plays from Oklahoma:

"Like Coach said, we needed to stop the big plays in order to have a chance and we didn't get that done. Personally, I was expecting them to run the ball and they came out passing. They ran a couple big plays, a couple of bubbles, and I wasn't expecting that. We didn't stop the big play and that's what killed us in the first half."

On the talent of the Oklahoma players:
"They're fast, big, and strong. Usually in the WAC, the teams are a little smaller. I've never faced a team like this before as far as being physical. It was new to me. They're (Oklahoma) ranked number three for a reason."

On the atmosphere in the stadium:
"I'm pretty used to it because we played Alabama and Arkansas last year and the atmosphere was similar. OU has great fans who affect the game a lot."

On Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford:
"He did well against us today, but I didn't expect him to come out and throw three touchdowns. A lot of it was coverage mistakes and focus mistakes, but I'm not going to take anything away from him. He threw the ball well and threw to his open receivers."

On responding at halftime:
"After halftime, we still thought we had a chance to compete with these guys. In the third quarter we came out and got a big stop on third down, but then they got a big play."

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On this game being his first in 4 or 5 years:

"It definitely felt good getting out there and playing with those guys, but I wish things could have turned out a little better. I just wanted to take care of the things I could take care of."

On big plays from Oklahoma:
"It's all about momentum. If they come out and make big plays like they did, they'll always have the momentum. To compete with a team like this, we have to do the things it takes to get that momentum."



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