Game Quotes: Oklahoma 41, Missouri 31

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 13, 2007

Opening Statement:
"It's a good win, of course. Missouri is a good team, I knew that coming in, and I know that now. They played a heck of a game as well. It's good to just really step up in the fourth quarter. We answered when we had to and came up with some huge plays. I was still frustrated with the first half. I felt that there were some areas that we have got to be better. So I didn't feel that it was a very clean game. There are those things that we have got to be doing better than what we are doing. We went against a good team, and you know, it was a good win. All wins are good and I appreciate that part of it. I really like the fourth quarter. I just thought that our guys played great in that fourth quarter. Our defense came up with a lot of big plays and our offense moved the ball well."

On giving up some big plays:
"When you play an undefeated team like they are you can't expect to make all of the plays, or to not have any tough situations that you have to play through. I'm sure that they have some that they would like to have back, or think that they could do better as well. That's part of the game, that is why you play the game for four hours. You see who can make the most plays."

On the satisfaction of the win:
"It is satisfying. You know, we are out for more though. There are still some areas that we can do better in. We need to do a better job coaching and they need to do a better job listening and executing and we will go back at it on Monday to try to do that."

On the two fumbles:
"There is no excuse for doing that. My problem with it was that we had the ball. When you have the ball, you shouldn't give it up. It wasn't like we were trying some fast handoff, we had the ball and we should have finished with the ball."

On the rushing game in the fourth quarter:
"That's part of sticking with it. Sometimes people think, why are they still running it. You have to. It is a big part of what we do. I thought Chris Brown was excellent in the fourth quarter. Everyone has their opinions on who they think needs to be playing, and I think Chris Brown proved tonight why he deserves his snaps as well. Those guys are great. It was great to see that the first two guys jumping all over him when he scored his touchdowns were DeMarco Murray and Allen Patrick. A different guy maybe hot at a different time, or a guy may be banged up a little bit, and another guy is able to step up. That's the reason that position won't let us down."

On the pass rush:
"Those guys stayed with it and I keep saying that Auston English was just unbelievable. We talked all week about getting our hands up and deflecting some balls and sure enough we did and it deflected right to Nic Harris."

On the numbers Missouri put up:
"You guys all get to looking at the numbers. Look at the possessions. Right off the bat, we turned the ball over after we had stopped them. After a kickoff return, we gave them the ball back. If we had those two possessions, and move the football a little bit, the number would change. Numbers always change. Turnovers skew the whole deal. They either win or lose the game, and they almost lost it for us. We were able to get a few off of them though. It changes though, and that's why I talk a lot about playing as a team. Keeping them off the field, moving the ball, eating up yardage, and eating up time. It's hard for them to get yards when they aren't on the field."
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On his fumbles and how he handled them:
“You never want to have mistakes, that kills us. I fumbled twice and both times they scored, so that is 14 points right there. I just try to do whatever I can after that to help the team, because I know the fumbles hurt us a lot. My teammates picked me up a lot. I had my head down after that second one because I try not to fumble and when I dropped that second one I just kind of stood on the field. But they got around me and said ‘It’s alright.’ Then that third down catch helped me forget about it. But my teammates were there for me.”

On replay calls not going their way:
“You just have to be prepared for whatever. We can’t see replays, so it is in the officials hands. Some calls you get, some calls you don’t.”
On the team making a habit of winning the fourth quarter:
“That gives the team a lot of confidence. We always come out there with the four’s up and that’s one thing we always say. That is one of our offensive goals and team goals, is to win the fourth quarter. Winning the fourth quarter really helps the team out. That is something that Coach Stoops preaches about a lot.”

On the team’s potential:
“We haven’t played a complete game yet. Even the games we put up big numbers, we let them off the hook on defense and fumbled the ball. If we just played one complete game together, no telling how good we could be.”

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On if he pays attention to the other teams:
“We just know that we have to come out and prepare every week to play the way we play and then if things work out then they work out. But we can’t worry about what happens to other teams. We have to take care of our business every week. We have to worry about ourselves.”

On Chris Brown:
“He ran really hard. Especially in the fourth quarter. That last touchdown run showed a lot a heart and determination. It shows a lot about our running backs. We are really deep. We have five good running backs. And when Chris got his opportunity tonight he stepped up, made some great runs. He played great tonight.”

On the team reaching their potential:
“We saw it in the first half. I think we have to be able to establish the run game in the first half. We can’t turn the ball over. There is a lot of things we have to improve on each week if we want to be where we want to end up.”

On how he has changed since the first game:
“I think I am more comfortable definitely. I am more confident in myself at reading the defense.”
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On the running game struggle in the first half:
“In the first half, we couldn’t get anything going. Their running game had more rushing yards than we did and we took that personally. We had a talk in the meeting room at halftime and beefed up our running game.”

On the defensive play:
“The defense played great. Missouri is one of the top offenses in the country, so hat’s off to the defense. They played exceptionally well. They created good field position for the offense. That really was big for us. “

On the team’s mentality after the close game:
“Every game’s not going to be a blowout. We talk about that all the time. We’re not going to blow everyone out. They were a great team coming in so we knew our hands were going to be full. We just need to bite down when the games get close and handle it like men.”

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On the defensive play in the fourth quarter:
“It was good to get our hands on some balls and get some good turnovers. It was good to help the offense.”

On his interception:
“I saw that they were about to pass and dropped back as far as I could. Luckily, he threw it in my area.”

On what the defense needs to improve:
“Tackling is always one of the main things. We need to play soundly and make our assignments.”

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On the team’s response in the fourth quarter:
“That is something we have preached all week, preached since day one. We are going to be a team that finishes in the fourth quarter and the last two games we have really done that.”

On the major losses around the country:
“We control our own destiny in a way. We have to string together wins one at a time.”

On the defensive line’s toughness:
“I try and go as hard as I can, and I know we have backups with Allen and Jeremy who can come in. The coaches told us all week to go as hard as we could and, when you can’t go any more, we will put someone in there.”

On containing Daniel:
“He definitely knows his way around the pocket and can still look downfield. If you don’t get him in a hurry, he is going to find somebody. We contained him pretty well except for a few plays here and there. I would rather have him run it for five yards than throw for however many. For the most part, I feel like we contained him pretty well.”

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On the offense:

“Even Juaquin, who had some negative plays, came back and made some nice third down plays. So we had some negatives and some things to clean up on but we got the running game going. And I was pleased except for the turnovers.”

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On Curtis Lofton’s touchdown:

“They couldn’t tackle him. He went back to his old running back days. That doesn’t surprise me. I was chalking it up. He was dragging everyone in.”
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On Oklahoma's performance:
"First of all I'd like to congratulate Oklahoma on a great football team. We knew that coming in here and it was kind of an evening of mistakes. They made mistakes and we took advantage of it, and we made mistakes and they took advantage of it. We just made too many at the end. I'm certainly disappointed in that. Our football team gave a good effort but we came up short. In big games like this generally the team that makes the fewest mistakes is going to win, and that's what happened. With games of this magnitude mistakes are generally going to dictate how the game is going to come out."

On problems at the end with the Missouri offense:
"That last fumble was a quarterback / running back exchange problem. Chase Daniel was running a different play than everyone else, and that's a coaching error. So that's critical but there were others. Penalties and turnovers, certainly that turnover, are huge."

On Junior Quarterback Chase Daniel and Missouri's performance tonight:
"Chase is a great player. He certainly made some great plays when we needed him. He's just like a lot of players out there. He twisted his ankle and we're going to have to find where he is in terms of that. I'm not sure where we are injury wise. We've got to learn from this and we've got a lot of games to play. We have to play Texas Tech next week and they're obviously a really good football team. We're just going to have to learn. We just can't make these kind of errors, whether it's players or coaches."

On slowing down the Oklahoma defense:
"We tried to move around a little bit. We tried to do some things to slow the defense down with such a talented defense and great speed. So we tried to do some of those things to slow them down. We did some more reverses and bubble screens and different things, but we just couldn't pin their ears back. We tried to throw some completions and got a quick game going. But you play a good team like that, it's going to happen. You get two good football teams to play, it's a war. You're going to lose some battles and you're going to win some battles. You give them credit for doing a heck of a job against us. We found a way to try and get our offense going and score some points against a really good defense."
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On the fumble that was recovered by OU for a touchdown:

"It was just a mix-up. We can't make those costly turnovers. We have to work hard and get better at it. We played well for the first three quarters of the game. We didn't play as well in the 4th quarter as we would have liked so we have to get better."

On the possibility of facing OU in the Big 12 Championship:
"What's on our mind is Texas Tech. They're killing people right now so we have a test ahead of us. We're going to get back to practice tomorrow and go with the flow."

On Missouri's better play after halftime:
"It was just momentum in the second half. We moved the ball down the length of the field in 40 seconds. We played a heck of a third quarter to get back in the lead after being down by 13 points. It was huge for us but we just have to play better."

On not having running back Tony Temple:
"Yes. It was huge. He's our guy and the catalyst of the offense so it hurt being without him. I'll tell you what; those other 3 backs played unbelievable. For the fronts that Oklahoma threw at us, they played unbelievable. I'm so proud of them."



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