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NOVEMBER 28, 2009
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening statement:
"I'll just start by saying how appreciative I am of our seniors with all they have done here and doing their best to keep the team together through a tough year. Not being able to play some of them is what has really bothered me the most. That has been so unusual and different. They have a really strong legacy here. I told them on Thursday and Friday that regardless, though we have fought through a tough year, they still are a part of teams that won three straight Big 12 championships over the last four years. In the league no one else has won but two, that is pretty special. They were a big part of that and I wanted them to know how much we still appreciate that and know what they have done here for a long period of time.

"To go and have a another blow with Trent (Williams), another senior not being able to play, I have to compliment Eric Mensik for his play. To go in there and play so well with so little time at the right tackle position. And all those guys, Cory Brandon, Stephen Good, Brian Lepak and Brian Simmons hung in there all day and did a great job. Proud of them with the difficult circumstances to be able to hold up like they did. Ryan Broyles is really special making some huge plays today.

"You have compliment the defense. I thought Coach Venables and the staff did an excellent job. But still in the end its players that have to tackle, be where they need to be, make plays and they were great. To limit them as much as we did throughout the entire day is really one of our better defensive performances since we have been here.

"I thought the kicking game would be hard to be a whole lot better. Tress Way was just incredible with 50 yarders into the wind. Cover units were great, punt return units had a ton of yards and kickoff coverage was outstanding. I was more pleased really with the overall effort and really the overall execution."

On holding Oklahoma State to 47 yards passing in the second half:
"We knew going in their bread and butter was running it. We did great against the run and that is where it begins. The coverage was good, the pressure was good and we played a disciplined game to be where we needed to be."

On Eric Mensik and handling Oklahoma State's defensive ends:
"I found a way to keep that faith and spread it to the players. You really have to compliment Kevin Wilson and Coach Patton and all of the offensive guys to work around like they did today, its hard without all those guys. Eric hasn't been an o-lineman and he did it. We had to move Stacy McGee in there for a week at guard to be a backup in case something would have happened."

On Jonathan Nelson's interception:

"Jonathan (Nelson) covers a lot of ground back there. The guys had great coverage all day. He just jumped the ball and he can accelerate on it. It gave us some breathing room, it gave us momentum and it gave us ball in great field position. It was a big play."

On the special teams and Tress Way:

"It was unbelievable. I thought he was just awesome. Early on there were some struggles by both of us. We were backed up kicking into the wind and he nails it, hits it over his head and changes the whole field. That was one of the bigger plays of the game. To change the whole field position and play like he did was a great punt."

On the defense:
"I think it all begins up front. I have bragged on our whole front four, front seven and the whole defense a lot. We just played great run defense so that we didn't have a lot of second-and-fives. We were sitting there at second-and-10, second-and-eight. That's where it begins. I thought our guys really played gap control, played off their blocks, played physical up front and tackled well."

On Ryan Broyles:
"He's competitive. For a guy that's a little smaller in stature, he is really competitive and has a lot of emotion and passion for the game. He plays hard and has the ability to go with it. He has the ability to make people miss him, to run past people and has great hands. I think it always begins with competitiveness and a great ability for that. He has those moves to make people miss him."
  Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson

On the offensive line:
"They played hard and battled well. For Eric (Mensik), as a tight end, we did a lot of max and zone blocking, so it wasn't mentally that tough. He is used to playing against ends. We had that ready and he is a fourth-year guy. Brian Lepak was a scholarship player at Colorado State and he wasn't like a un-recruited player and he is from an Oklahoma family. So he came back and everything was good for him. I was proud of those guys.
On the offense:
"I think early we were pressing and there might have been a little bit of stress in the first couple of drives. You would have thought that it would have been to our advantage to gain some momentum to get the crowd into it and we went through a lull in the first quarter. So we go through that and build and have a nice second quarter. The opening drive in the third quarter, that nice long drive was a good deal.
On the defense helping the offense with the shutout:
"I think that during the year the offense was struggling, thinking we were going to score a lot and there was a little bit of panic when we didn't. I think that it took this team a long time to know to play through it and play smart, that our defense will give you a chance."
  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On the Oklahoma defense:
"Our guys came out basic and simple and they lined up right. They played very physical and man-to-man played very strongly. They played a really clean game, we tackled well, covered well and got great pressure. I thought that our guys created a new line of scrimmage from the outset. I thought they responded to a lot of challenges in a lot of different ways. It has been a tough and difficult year but our guys have never made excuses.
"I am really happy for our guys. I thought that it was our best win all year because of a lot of circumstances. We were challenged because of last week's performance and rightly so.
"I thought that our guys played with good technique and with very good discipline. It was nothing magical, but again, it was just playing very disciplined and the pressure up front was good. We stayed on top of everything. They trusted each other and really put it all together today."
On passes batted down by defensive line:
"I thought that our guys up front played with great awareness. They stayed in front of the quarterback as opposed to a year ago when we let him run around at will and beat us with his legs. I thought that our guys up front did a tremendous job up front of staying in the windows when they couldn't get there."
On the shutout:
"I think from a timing stand point, I am so happy that our guys can enjoy a good quality win. It was a good performance and our guys deserve it because it has been a really emotional year."
  Junior DE Jeremy Beal

On the win against OSU:
"We had a lot to prove today, especially for the seniors. We've had a difficult year and we just wanted to come out on top with a great win. I'm proud of our team today. We played extremely hard and the score proved it."
On stopping OSU's running game:
"We just played hard and played with technique - that's how you stop the run and that's what we did today."
On bouncing back from the Texas Tech game:
"The Texas Tech game motivated us a lot, especially the defense. Our egos took a hit after getting beat like that at Texas Tech. We had a lot of motivation to come out this week and play like we know how to play."
  Sophomore WR Ryan Broyles

On his 87-yard punt return:
"I was told to be a little farther than where he punted it, so I didn't know if I was going to get the ball or not. I got a soft bounce, and I just grabbed the ball and my guys just started blocking for me. I went left and it all worked out for me."
On the Bedlam win:
"It's a good way to go out. We still have one more game, but to win this Bedlam game, definitely ends us on a high note."
  R-Freshman QB Landry Jones

On the win against OSU:
"This win was big for us. Finishing the year like that, finishing it off for the seniors; it was just a big win for us to go out there and play the way that we played. The way we took care of the ball, and with the enthusiasm, it was nice to go out like this."
On the running game:
"The offensive line just got an attitude about running the ball. They did a great job. Every single guy stepped up for us. Eric (Mensik) came in in his first game at right tackle and did a great job. Brian (Simmons) played really well, too. Everyone as a unit stepped us for us tonight."
On playing without Trent Williams:
"It's tough when you lose a guy like Trent Williams, our left tackle and one of the better lineman on our team. I thought Cory (Brandon) stepped up big today and played great. The whole offensive unit stepped up."
On bouncing back from the Texas Tech game:

"We knew that we couldn't come out and play the way we played last week and win this game. We've played well at home all year but if we came out and played like we did last week we wouldn't have had a chance. You have to give it to the defense in this game. They held OSU to around 109 yards on offense which makes our job easier and gives us less pressure."
  Junior DT Gerald McCoy

On bouncing back from last week's game against Texas Tech:
"There was a lot of doubt on how we would bounce back, whether we folded last week or what happened. We came out and proved that that wasn't the case and that we can still play football."
On preserving the home-win streak:
"It meant a lot. We have a lot of seniors on the team and it meant a lot to them to go out on top and keep the home-winning streak going. We knew that we had a tough task with OSU but we came out and played Sooner football and got it done."
On the challenges throughout this season:
"Regardless of what happens, life is going to throw all types of different things at you. A lot of different hurdles, but you have to hurdle. A lot of ups and downs. But in the end, you have to find a way to bounce back, pick yourself up and keep on fighting. I think we went out there and proved that today."
  Junior OL Eric Mensik

On the overall game performance:
"We came out and played today. Coach Wilson got us during practice and told us what we needed to do. He stressed that this was a very important game, and we all gelled together."
On the second-half offense:
"Coach Wilson told us at halftime, we needed to start running the ball more and we knew as an O-line that we needed to start punching it harder and step it up and go ahead and go after it."
On moving from tight end to tackle:
"It really wasn't that different. It's just one spot over ... same reach and scheme, same blocking out scheme. So it really wasn't too difficult."
  Junior RB DeMarco Murray

On the Bedlam shutout:
"It was a big rival, and I think we played together for the first time as a team. Special teams, defensively, and offensively, we were one unit. I thought it was a great victory today for us."
On the loss of Trent Williams:
"I must admit, when I found out Trent wasn't playing, he came up and told me before the game, I kind of panicked a little bit. But I tried to stay positive as can be, but I definitely felt a little edgy. Eric Mensik stepped in and did a great job. The O-line did a great job filling in for him and filling his roles."
  R-Freshman WR Jaz Reynolds

On the Bedlam shutout:
"It's just a great feeling coming out against your rival, on your home field, and doing it for the seniors this year, and letting them go out on a winning note. Just for us to shut them out is even [better]."
On preparing for this game after the loss to Texas Tech:
"We are trying to make the best bowl as possible and finish with pride and not just letting somebody come in and end our winning streak on our own field. The whole week the coaches preached about pride and having effort going through every snap. So everything this week was just about pride and effort."
On his game performance:
"I was pretty pleased for the most part, but there was a couple of blocks that I missed. Besides that my overall effort was good for the most part."
  Head Coach Mike Gundy

Opening statement:
"Obviously, it was a very, very tough day for us offensively.  I want to give Oklahoma credit for their scheme on defense.  They have guys that have the ability to make plays and put pressure on the quarterback.  [Gerald] McCoy, 93, was a concern for us going into the game.  Obviously, he played well and put lots of pressure on us.  Coaches-- I'm disappointed in our game plan on offense.  I'm disappointed with the way we played.  We allowed Oklahoma to win the special teams battle.  Obviously, Broyles made some big plays.  In most games this season we won the special teams battle which has given us a great opportunity to win the game.  Without watching the tape, I thought our defense played fairly well.  We put them on the field so many times, I don't think they had a chance to catch their breath or make adjustments.  When you can't convert and move the ball or use some of the clock and score points, it makes it extremely difficult for the defense to continue to battle and make plays.  I'm disappointed in the game.  Wish we would have played better. Don't feel like we gave them our best but I'm certainly not going to take away from what they did.  They played a very good game.  I also don't want to take away from what this team has accomplished this year."
On the decision to punt on fourth and one in the second quarter:
"Our field position wasn't very good.  We felt like at that time was to punt.  One of them was on our own 30."
On if he felt like the team was more out of sync than ever on offense since he's been at OSU:
"Well, we were out of sync some our first year.  We were really out of sync.  We haven't felt that way in a number of years and as I said, it was disappointing.  Coaches have to do a better job of coming up with plays and giving our players a chance.  And then we have to make some plays.  But I have felt worse during my first year as a head coach certainly."
On Zac Robinson's health:
"He was healthy.  Zac's health is not an excuse for what happened.  Zac wasn't 100 percent, but that certainly isn't an excuse for what happened."
On Oklahoma's defense:
"Well, they're a good defensive team.  And as I said, we had some concerns with certain match-ups against them.  They can run well, and tackle well, and make plays.  We have to give Coach Venables and his staff credit for what they were able to accomplish and the plan they came up with.  They're pretty good on defense, there's no question."
On the special teams' plays today:
"I felt like we lost the special teams battle with the big return that [Ryan] Broyles made.  Quinn got better as it went on.  He started out a little slow but got better as the game went on. It was hard to punt the ball today and I think they punted well, with and against the wind. It's difficult when you can't convert offensively, and you can't keep the defense off the field, and you can't get into a rhythm and you lose the special teams battle.  It's extremely difficult to win. I thought our defense did a good job of creating turnovers but our offense just couldn't convert on them."
  Senior DB Perrish Cox

On the disappointing performance:
"It was very disappointing. We came out thinking we would leave here with a victory and go on to a BCS bowl for the first time and it just didn't work the way we planned it."
On putting this game behind them and focusing on the bowl game:
"It is very important (to put this game behind us). It is hard because we thought it was going to go our way this year, but we just have to focus on putting this behind us and getting our 10th win in the bowl game. We just have to go in and prepare hard."
On Oklahoma's special teams and punting game:
""They beat us hands down. They have a good special teams with (Ryan) Broyles who is a good returner and we just didn't play to our ability today. We just have to take it for what it was."
On how tough this loss is:
"It was really tough. We just didn't come out with the intensity. This is just one we have to put behind us."
On OSU struggling with punt returns:
"We had a lot of depth changes and players getting hurt and a lot of young guys have to step in and play but that isn't an excuse. We just need to step up to the plate."
On Oklahoma punter Tress Way:
"We really didn't know he could kick that well. He came out different. Punting into the wind is difficult, and he is a left-foot kicker. He just did his thing today. The ball comes off a left-foot kicker differenlty than it does a right-foot kicker and inside the wind it was very difficult."
On frustration of him not being able to make plays:
"It was frustrating that it just didn't work the way we planned it. Special teams is one thing we look to as changing the game and they just came with their A game today."

  Senior OL Russell Okung

On the aggression of the Oklahoma State offense:
"We just weren't riding on all cylinders like we would have wanted. Give credit to OU and their defense. They came out there ready to play and they were definitely aggresive this game."
On Oklahoma's physical defense:
"They were just the most dominating force on the field. You can see the results of that right now."
On the two fourth-down plays:
"We really didn't play our ball and OU did. It came to that point and it became demoralizing, especially after the first half when you see things aren't going your way and you end up chasing. That changed a little bit of the way we call things."
On the difficulty of beating Oklahoma at Owen Field:
"Besides all the external factors, you really can't put that too much into play. A game is a game and eventually you have to go out there. You have your 11 and they have their 11 and you're going to have to put the ball down. We haven't been able to do that against Oklahoma since I've been at OSU."



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