Postgame Quotes: OU vs. Texas

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By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 11, 2008
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement:
"Congratulations to Texas, their staff and team played an outstanding game and really executed well throughout the game. I give credit to them. We weren’t good enough and they were, and they made plays that made a difference in the second half. It was a hard, well-fought game, but they got the better of us."

On the offense:
"Give Texas’ defense credit. They came up with some good stops and (played) good defense. When you play a game that’s four quarters you’re going to have times when it’s going well and times when it isn’t. They did a better job down the stretch when they had to."

On the running game:
"It is disappointing not to be able to run the football. I thought we handled their running game until that last run. Colt McCoy did a nice job scrambling, other than that, I didn’t think there was much to the running game other than that last run."

On the kick coverage:
"It got us. We had all the momentum, 21-10, and we were playing well. They executed it and we got hesitant and didn’t make it. "

On playing Kansas next week:
"We’re halfway through the year. The major part of it is coming, our conference play. We have to take pride in it, which we do. We have a long year still ahead of us. We have to keep our heads up and keep competing."

  Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson

On the Texas defense:
“I think they are awfully good. They played well and you have to give them credit. Defensively, they did some stuff that got us into some more one-back sets. We tried to take advantage of some of their man-to-man in the pass game and didn’t run it well and probably didn’t run it enough.”
On the play of his offense:
“I thought our kids battled hard. We just have to find a way to run the ball better and get better plays. It’s a little limited though because I’m not going to run Sam at all.”

On Texas secondary:
“We thought they would play man. With the man, we thought some match-ups we could get it to Jermaine (Gresham) and Ryan Broyles. When you go to man, you get the third and fourth guy involved and are they as good of cover guys as their outside corners.”

“Other than not getting our run game going, I kind of felt we had a decent rhythm going for a while. We would of loved to get that third down back on third and three. They played man three and we ran a crossing, mesh play and we didn’t connect for the fourth.”

On the running game:
“I don’t know if we did anything wrong as much as just they got some sets where they got loaded up. I don’t think we ran real hard at times. We just keep challenging our guys. We do need to have the balance, but again they were going to commit in certain sets to overload it. That is why we passed so much. We don’t want to be one-dimensional.”

  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On the defense:
“I feel they played a little inconsistent in the first half. Texas did a nice job, they came in and did some things that were completely different, so it took a little time to get adjusted. I thought our guys got settled in through the half and the first drive of the second half. Then, very inconsistent play through three straight drives.”

On Ryan Reynolds injury:
“I don’t know how it affected us out there on the field. Obviously, you feel terrible for him having to go through that. He is a part of what we do. He gets guys lined up in checks and things of that nature.”

“I thought Brandon (Crow) came in and played really hard and competed, I thought all of our guys played hard, Texas just played better.”

On options at middle linebacker:
“We have a few different options. We are going to way it on our way back and tomorrow and let you know when we get it figured out.”

  Sophomore QB Sam Bradford

On the Texas defense:
"We knew they were going to be good coming into this game and they just executed well. I thought we played well in the first half and even in the second half, they were just able to execute and stop us."
On the rest of the season:
"We still have half of a season left to play. This is only one game and it’s over now, we can’t change the outcome of this one. We can learn from our mistakes and refocus our efforts on the rest of our games from here on out. We still have a lot of football left to play."
  R-Freshman LB Travis Lewis

On losing Ryan Reynolds during the game:
"Losing a great leader like Ryan in a game like this was a tough blow. It’s always tough to lose a player like Ryan to an injury, but it gives someone else on the team an opportunity to step up and make plays."
  Senior WR Manuel Johnson

On playing in home state:
"It feels great to come home and play in my home state. I had the opportunity to play against some guys I went to high school with, but it’s never fun to lose this game in this environment."
On the remainder of the season:
"We can’t dwell on this game, it’s over now. As I recall my sophomore season, we lost this game and still won the Big 12 Championship. We just need to go play well the rest of the season and refocus."
  Sophomore DT Gerald McCoy

On Texas’ performance:
"Texas has a great offense and they executed well. We needed stops and we just couldn’t get them. The roughing the passers, the personal fouls, the off sides, all the different things that happened just killed us. Not saying that Texas wasn’t a good team, they have a great offense, but the penalities just killed us. When we needed stops, we just couldn’t get them."

"Texas is just good. They just had our number today. We had some break downs where we needed stops and we didn’t get them. Instead of getting a stop we had a break down. We would have them backed up and then we’d get a personal foul. Off-sides on the third downs. There were little things that we needed to get done that we didn’t get done today, and they had our number."

On teammate Ryan Reynolds:
"Ryan is a great player. We have great depth on this team, we have guys who can come in and play. But for Ryan, this is his third ACL injury. How many times does this have to happen to one guy? I feel bad for Ryan, more than us. We’ll be ok, but I’m more worried about Ryan."

On what this loss means for Oklahoma:
"We’ll bounce back, we always do. This was a big game for us, a rivalry game. This game a lot of the time determines who goes to the Big 12 Championship for the south. The winner of this game usually gets a jump up on the rest of the competition. We lost it, but we’ll bounce back. We’ll regroup, get in the film room, see what we did wrong and fix our mistakes."

  Senior WR Juaquin Iglesias

On the game:
"It was a good game. Both good teams, both very talented. Offenses were great today on both sides of the ball. We just have to get some of those stops and on the offensive side, we have to convert some of those third downs that we had. We need to get better on both sides and on special teams. We need to become a complete team."
  Senior WR Juaquin Iglesias

On Texas’ receivers Quan Cosby and Jordan Shipley:
"They’re really shifty. Being as tall as I am, sometimes it gets kind of difficult going after a smaller receiver, who moves in-and-out and side-to-side all the time instead of going for the deep ball. You’ve got to give them their credit, they had a wonderful game. Cosby and Shipley came out and did what they had to do to be successful and we just couldn’t get them."
  Head Coach Mack Brown

On the game:
“It’s a shame that these two teams are in the same league, much less the same division, because we have to play this game early in the season.  Those are two of the best football teams in the country.  It was one and five and it’s a shame either one of these teams had to lose.  It was hard fought.  The guys on both teams just left it out on the field and were totally exhausted at the end of the game.  Both teams were in great shape out in that heat.  It was a heavyweight fight that continued throughout the day.  Everytime one would get up the other one would come back and vice-versa.  Neither team gave up and neither team quit. 

Usually in a college game like this, somebody gives up.  As soon as we had the roughing the punter call, they got excited again.  So it was a game where everytime somebody would make a play, the other team would get more excited.  I think you’ve got to give their staff credit for trying to do things to win the game.  You’ve got to give our staff credit for being aggressive and continuing to try to make the plays to win the game.  Give those kids credit on both sides of the ball.  I didn’t see anybody loaf, I didn’t see anybody give up.  I thought it was one of the greatest football games I’ve ever seen.”

On Oklahoma:
“I congratulate Oklahoma on a great game and the way they fought and at the same time I’m really proud of our guys.  It was just a great football game from their stand point and this team has shown a lot of fight.  They’ve shown the ability to come back time and time again.  They’ve done everything they were supposed to do coming into this game, so we felt like they would do that.  The fact that we won this game makes this next week’s game with Missouri that much bigger.  That puts us at a different place and now we’re at a bigger goal.”

On wide receivers Jordan Shipley and Quan Cosby:

“Jordan couldn’t make a big play except on the kickoff return without Colt (McCoy) and the offensive line.  The kickoff return was an answer that really reset the tempo.  We felt like we had to win the turnover ratio and we had to win the kicking game to have a chance to win the game.  When Jordan broke loose, everybody has talked about speed.  He and Quan (Cosby) have great speed and (Jordan) showed it on that play.  Quan caught some balls deep, but I thought one more time in this game Colt answered the bell time and time again.”
  Junior QB Colt McCoy

On running back Chris Ogbonnaya:
“He is going to make plays because he is a playmaker. He runs great routes out of the backfield, picks up blitzes well. When his number is called, he is going to get you those tough hard-fought yards. They blitzed and blitzed all day and played their linebackers in tight, so that made us throw the ball a lot. Finally, they backed off, Chris popped two long runs, and that was the difference.”

On Oklahoma’s offense:
“I watch defenses. I watched OU’s defense all day, so I don’t know what they do on offense. Sam Bradford is a great leader. I mean look at him today — he ran them up and down the field. He is a special player and we knew coming in that they were going to score some points. I have to give credit to our defense, because they stopped them when they needed to. Coach (Greg) Davis had a great gameplan and we were able to execute it perfectly.”

On his personal goals:
“The most important thing for me to do was to get a win. That was the main goal. To be able to execute Coach Davis’ plan was awesome. We were able to attack and throw the ball, and we have to give credit to the offensive line. If there are any awards at the end of the season, they are team awards. I truly feel that way.”

  Senior DE Brian Orakpo

On UT’s defensive performance:
“I really thought we had a good gameplan coming in with Coach (Will) Muschamp. They have a great offense, and these guys make huge plays. Sometimes we shot ourselves in the foot when it was third and long, but we did a great job of handling adversity. We started getting off the field when we needed to, and that’s when the big plays started coming. The sacks and interceptions and big tackles really motivated our team. (Roddrick) Muckelroy is a tackling machine. There are games where I finish with two tackles because Muckelroy finished with 14. He is that type of guy. I felt that we did a great job and finished it off when it mattered in the second half.”

On being able to pressure OU quarterback Sam Bradford:
“As far as blitzing and things go, give credit to their offensive line. Those guys are big. We have a good defensive front and Coach Muschamp felt that we could bring some pressure with just rushing four guys. That was the philosophy and gameplan coming in — don’t rush more if we don’t need to, because they have great wide receivers and tight ends that make plays. We tried to do that all game, and we were somewhat successful with it.”

  Senior RB Chris Ogbonnaya

On his big run in the fourth quarter:
“I just kept telling the offensive line to remain patient, because I knew Colt (McCoy) was going to get me the ball. I knew that he was giving dummy signals with his hands because of all the time we have spent together over the last three years. The offensive line probably doesn’t get as much credit as they deserve. The guys that were in there just kept grinding, and I told them that we just need to keep doing that. We ended up having the opportunity to break a couple of big ones, and I just wanted to thank them for that opportunity. A lot of times they are the unsung heroes of our team.”

  Senior DT Roy Miller

On being apart of Texas defensive squad:
"We had a couple of missed assignments and alignments but like everybody said we just needed to keep fighting on third down conversions. We just kept feeding off of the offense. (Roddrick) Muckelroy was a beast just like (Brian) Orakpo said. Being on this team is so hard just because you have to compete with these guys in practice. It is just fun being on this defense. I really enjoy it."

On big defensive plays:
"We were definitely getting double teamed. A lot of things went going too well and we just kept playing hard. We were just able to keep fighting and (Brain) Orakpo just kept on making a bunch of plays and we just kept on feeding from plays like that."

  Senior WR Jordan Shipley

On kick-off return for touchdown:
"We needed a big play and I have to give all the credit to the guys blocking. They opened up the holes and they made it happen. It was a lot of fun to be able to make a big play."

On teammate Colt McCoy:
"He is one of the better quarterbacks in the country right now. He is playing at a extremely high level right now and has a lot of confidence. We are all trying to win the next game right now and that is our attitude."

On Colt McCoy’s play:
"A lot of credit goes to game preparation. He works harder than anybody that I have seen. Lifting weights and watching film -- that goes a long way for him."

On being able to come up with plays on the run:
"Being around the game as long as we have, it gives you a base for everything we do out there whether it be sandlot plays or busted plays. It goes a long way."



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