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NOVEMBER 01, 2008
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement:
"We just came out firing with everybody. I just thought our guys were really focused and we couldn't have executed much better in all parts of the game. Our offense was moving and running fast and our defense made all the big plays and turnovers. I felt like Dominique Franks really ignited us with that screen. So it was a good way to start a good game."
On the three turnovers early in the game:
"It was great and our offense took advantage of it. Sam [Bradford] was again exceptional. It's pleasing that we still ran the football really well. I thought DeMarco [Murray] and Chris [Brown] were great, so it was a really good night."
On the kickoff returns:
"DeMarco and Juaquin [Iglesias] had good blocks and good seems. I thought our coverage was better as well."
On the kicking game's progress:
"I thought, overall, our coverage was good and better. We had some nice returns overall and I was pleased with it."
On OU's defensive efforts against Nebraska's running game:
"I can live with it all, but the last one we had a bunch of guys in there who are still learning to play and missed a tackle and couldn't take the run. And then the long pass- we're in as basic a coverage as you can be in, just fundamental and easy, and a play that we were expecting and practiced all week. So we just have to be there in better position."

  Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson

On Brody Eldridge's injury:
"They said he was the same as Wednesday, but he kind of gimped off there in the first half, and Trent Ratterree and James Hanna have done a nice job in there, so I didn't see the reason to risk it."

On Sam' Bradford's play to Ryan Broyles early in the game:
"We were just running a corner flat route, and we jammed the corner, but he didn't get off, and then the flat route guy didn't get off. The same thing happened last week. We were running a curl flat and he kind of let him go and he turned up and went off. I don't want to say that they are freelancing, but they run the flat route, and if it's not there, then they just get open."

  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On if the defense lets up when the offense is scoring a lot:
"I don't know. It's too easy to say that. You have to get lined up right and you have to execute the same. I felt that the one run was just more the youth of our defense. Whatever it is we have to get it squared away."

On leaving the starters out there at the end:
"You have to develop your team, too. We hate giving up those late ones, and we talk that about in the locker room, too. You have to have a sense of pride. They will do well and get a tackle for a loss, but then, when you look up, the next play is going for 55 or 60 yards. Guys have to learn how to play in the game situation, and when you are up 62-28, that is a great time to get that experience."

  R-Freshman DE Frank Alexander

On the defense:
“Today we just came up and we had to get pressure on the quarterback we had to beat them up front. Everything goes through the D-line. Overall it was a good day. We gave up a few plays that should not have gone big. I think we played good overall.”

“We have to go out there and play 110 all the time. When we go out there and the scoreboard is like that we just look at it like 0-0 again. Just go out there like another half and play hard.”

  Sophomore QB Sam Bradford

On jumping to a 35-point lead:
“Our defense did a great job creating turnovers and then taking one back to the house and giving us short fields. When our defense does that it makes our job a lot easier.

On scoring over 50 points again:
“Obviously it is a credit to everyone on offense. Our offensive line played great tonight. I don’t think I got touched tonight when I dropped back to pass. I had all day to throw. I thought it opened some holes for our running backs and I thought we really balanced tonight and that helps.”

“I felt like as a team one thing we really wanted to improve on we came out in the second half in the offensive side and had a lack of energy against K-State. I felt like this week we came out focused and still had energy and we able to put together some scoring drives.”

  Senior WR Quentin Chaney

On outlook of tonight’s performance:
“We just came out tonight in good position, the defense played hard and the offense gained the momentum and scored. We just look at it like we played well this game but next week is another challenge that we need to go get ready for.”

On the Texas loss to Texas Tech:
Anytime a top-10 ranked team goes down, it always helps you out. But we have Texas A&M next week so we can’t look forward to anyone except for them.”

On the current success:
“I’m just taking it one game and one play at a time.”

  Junior LB Keenan Clayton

On developing leadership in the absence of Ryan Reynolds:
“It impacted me a lot because Ryan was usually the leader we looked to and fed off of. With Ryan out, it has been too calm and laid back. Coach (Brent Venables) came to me personally and said somebody needs to step up and take control. I felt like with him coming to me and saying that he expected me to step up and take that role. I put it on my shoulders and thought about it. I can’t let this happen anymore. We got up on them and I felt we relaxed as a defense. I tried to get the guys fired up and told them we still had three more quarters left to play.

“As far as taking the role as being a leader it is natural to me because that is how it was in high school. When I came here I told my high school coach I want to be a leader for a great defense at a big program. I told him that it was going to happen soon and in this game.”

  Sophomore DB Dominique Franks

On the interception:
“I got the chance and I made the play. I saw their formation and knew it was coming. Our defense just thinks about creating turnovers and giving the ball back to our great offense.”

  Senior DB Lendy Holmes

On tonight’s defense:
“I don’t think that this was our best performance this season. Once we get a team down, we need to continue to keep them down and not let them back into the game at all.”

  Sophomore DT Gerald McCoy

On tonight's defense:
"I'm not saying Nebraska isn't a good team, but 28 points is too many to give up. We came out and played well, but I think there is always room for improvement and we can always play better."

On the Texas upset:
"We should have never been in a position to count on Texas losing, but since we are and Tech beat Texas, we are in control of our own destiny now. We just have to make sure we take care of business. That game is over now, so we just need to handle what is in front of us."

  Sophomore RB DeMarco Murray

On improving this season:
"I definitely feel a lot stronger each and every game. The offensive line has been doing a great job of blocking, so I give all the credit to them."

On the return game:
"We changed some things up and we have been working really hard on it in practice, which seems to have paid off tonight. We had great blocking down field and just need to continue to keep working hard."

On the team's offense:
"The offensive line sets the tempo for the offense. When they go hard and play well, we all play well. All the glory to them and as long as we continue to work hard in practice, I believe we will continue to improve."

On practice:
"We've been more physical in practice and the past couple of weeks we have been concentrating on getting that physical mentality back."

  Head Coach Bo Pelini
On Joe Ganz:
"He started off bad and had some bad things happen to him. Joe is a guy that has been carrying us and has been making a ton of plays for us. To his credit, I thought that he came back and played better. I thought that he responded well. He is a tough guy and has a lot of character about him and I was proud about how he came back in the game."

On bouncing back:
"I have a good feeling that this team will bounce back. One thing that I can say is that `this is not a football team that points fingers' and we are not a team that is divisive. This a team that is going to hang in thick and thin. We are going to keep working. I do appreciate the way they didn't quit but I would not expect anything less from these guys."

On the defense:
"That was a poorly coached defense out there and I am at the head of that."

On the game:
"We did not respond well as a team to some of the adversity that we had and we had some busts on defense. We were not on the same page for whatever reason. Whether we got big eyes when things did not go our way or didn't respond as well as I would have liked. We didn't make a play when the momentum was going against us and you have to make a play."

On Oklahoma:
"That is a heck of a football team. They are a damn good football team. I give all the credit to Oklahoma. They beat us in every phase of the game tonight."

On Roy Helu:
"I thought that Roy played really well tonight. He just kept playing."



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