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University of Oklahoma
SEPTEMBER 19, 2009
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement:
"I thought defensively our guys were outstanding. Everyone knows what Tulsa has been doing the past couple of years and this year they really do an excellent job and make you work. I am pleased with the discipline of our defense to figure out all of the formations and adjust to it, react to it properly and really play well. To pitch a shutout against these guys is really playing great defense, coming up with the turnovers and the pressures we did.

"I thought offensively we had our balance and did a good job. I thought Landry Jones was outstanding once again. I didn't realize until we were coming off the field that he had set a school record with six touchdowns passes. It is kind of ironic with the great quarterbacks we've had. Sam Bradford, Heisman Trophy winner, Jason White, Heisman Trophy winner and his coach Josh Heupel and all of the other great guys we have had. Here is Landry in his second game getting a school record. I elbowed Sam in the locker room and he loved it too. It's pretty neat and with a couple of touchdown drops that he had. He is really playing well, handling it well and taking it in stride.

"The players around him I thought played well. Ryan Broyles again stepped and Brandon Caleb stepped up and had a huge game with over 100 yards and three touchdowns. It is pleasing to see him step up and play so well. Matt Moreland did a good job kicking and pinning them. It was a solid win against a good team. Tulsa and Coach Graham and his staff do an excellent job. We reallly respect the job that they do and I'm sure they will go on and have another solid and good year."

On passing game:
"It's obvious that there is progress being made and we just have to keep pushing for more."

On the offensive line:
"They are coming around. I still thought there were a few plays or a few penalties that they can be better. They are coming around and being more sound and correct, playing harder and with more discipline. It needs to keep happening and it is still a very young season but they are making progress which is positive."

On the defense:
"We get pretty stingy. There are a few plays that we give up here and there, that to me, are fairly simple things you work, but we still feel we can get better. Overall, we are creating a lot of pressure, a lot of turnovers and have given the offense some really good field position in all three games."

On game getting out of Tulsa's hands:
"We came up with some negative plays defensively on them and some turnovers and sacks. You take them out of field position and it makes a difference. We came up with those stops and offensively we came up with some big plays and all of a sudden it changed everything."

On Ryan Broyles:
"He has the quickness and speed to make big plays. Not only that, he is competitive. That is what I like about him. He has a lot of competitiveness to him. He has done a good job of being a guy that we can go to, even last year. He has been solid that way and hopefully it will continue."

On the off week coming at a good time:
"I think it is. Since it is here we will take and advantage of it, get a lot of work done, and have extra preparation for Miami that hopefully will help."

On Brandon Caleb:
"We do have more and more confidence in Brandon and going to him and his competitiveness and it is showing. It's exciting really."

On Landry Jones' performance:
"I thought after the first series there, where he turned it over, he didn't flinch, he came back. I thought probably as much as anything, handling that instead of doubting himself and playing conservatively, he comes back and plays that first half really well."

  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On the OU defense:
"I thought that we got rolling late in the first half. I really thought that we started taking control of the game a quarter into it. I thought that our guys played in a relentless manor."

"I thought that our guys played a really solid four quarters against a real quality team that is very well coached. They have really good skill players and it was an excellent challenge."

"I thought that our pressure got to him (TU quarterback G.J. Kinne). They were shorthanded up front and had some guys that were injured and it was a match up that we should win."

On Tulsa:
"They have a system that is made for quarterbacks and G. J. is a great quarterback. I think that them being shorthanded up front really put them behind the eight ball to begin with."

On the confidence of the defense:
"It is something that is inherited over time with experience and getting into situations and responding. It doesn't mean that it is going to happen, but you hope it does. Good things usually happen when guys are in the right position and are playing with discipline and with confidence. Hopefully we continue to do that."

  Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson

On Landry Jones:
"I think we had a lot of confidence in him in the first game, he stood in there with a lot of poise and he had a nice stat day. They (Tulsa) were going to load up and give us one-on-one coverage and we wanted to take advantage of it. I know he set a record, but we left two on the field. So, it could have been better."

On dropped passes during the game:
"We were holding judgement because of the weather last week but we still had a couple today. Statistically, we looked good, but we threw a pick early. We left some points on the field and had a couple of penalties and the ball was out one time. So we are still a work in progress, but we have some talented guys that are working hard and getting better. We are moving in a good direction."

On the offensive line:
"We are little bit better prepared and better planned. I think that we packaged it better for Landry and for the line. We still have way too many holes, but we are a little bit cleaner on getting hats-on-hats, but we still have a ways to go. It is a talented group and pretty young, but we have a couple of seniors, but they are gaining on it. We are a ways off, but we are near to playing up to our talent."

  Junior DE Jeremy Beal

On the defense's performance against Tulsa:
"I thought the whole defense played well. We prepared really well for this Tulsa team who has a really good offense and I think that's what helped us play well today."

On the defense's confidence after the first three games:
"It gives us a lot of confidence. We're not going to get too big-headed. Tulsa is a very good team but we have to stay hungry as a defense to get better every week."

On shutting out Tulsa:
"It was a very tough test for us. We came in here and prepared well this week and I think that is what allowed us to play well today."

  Sophomore WR Ryan Broyles

On the offense's performance against Tulsa:
"I feel like we are just as good as last year. We have things clicking. The first game we were down a little bit but in the last two games we have been clicking on offense. That's a good thing and we just have to keep moving forward with that."

On the performance of the wide receivers:
"Everyone's been wondering about a second receiver but we have players everywhere. It just depends on the game and the play calls. We have guys that can step up. This is just one game in our back pocket so we just need to keep moving forward with it."

On Landry Jones:
"He's a good player, and we saw it last week. We're just looking forward. He's going to progress from here on out and get the feel of the game better. He took the shots, read the defense well and put the ball on the spot."

  Junior WR Brandon Caleb

On the offense:
"I just wanted to play hard, and get out there and show the coaches that I can make plays. We've just been working hard and stepping up when the plays come to us. Everybody's making plays. We just want to get going as an offense and keep making plays."

On Landry Jones:
"Landry is a great quarterback. He's been following after Sam, and basically we just come out and play every day. We're just trying to get better every time we snap the ball."
  R-Freshman QB Landry Jones

On his performance against Tulsa:
"It feels pretty good right now. Tulsa was a really good team. The coaches put us in really good positions with good plays. We went out there and got the protection that I needed. We caught the ball really well tonight, and we just executed."

On becoming more comfortable as the starter:
"I was comfortable at Idaho State and now I have gained even more confidence in myself. I think it was just getting used to playing in an actual game because it's been awhile since I've played in one. It was just getting used to the game speed, how everybody looks out there and just seeing coverage."

On Sam Bradford's reaction to the new school record:
"He came over there and congratulated me. He said I played a great game and just came over and gave me congratulations."

On the Brandon Caleb 63-yard touchdown:
"It was a quick-tempo play. We just kind of caught them off-balance and (Brandon) just ran by everybody and was wide open, so I put the ball out there for him. Those are the kind of balls that you just want to play catch-and-throw with." 

  Senior LB Ryan Reynolds

On quarterback sacks:
"You'd like to sack him every time you get to him. I think the very first blitz we called, I should have had a sack, but he just got around me."

On back-to-back shutouts:
"It feels good, but there's still a lot to improve on. A lot of little things that we just need to get taken care of, but it feels good.

On Tulsa's offense:
"We knew it was going to be a huge challenge. They do a bunch of things, a lot of motions trying to get you thinking, but it feels good to play an offense like that and do as well as we did." 

  Head Coach Todd Graham

On the game:
"First of all, I give a lot of credit to the Oklahoma Sooners for a great game. They have a great defensive football team. We had our chances early. We started the game the way we wanted to with an early turnover and weren't able to capitalize. So they deserve a lot of credit. I told our guys we went out there today and gave great effort. Did I think we played very well? No, I didn't. But it doesn't matter. We came up short and I gave them a lot of credit and we move on. We look forward to moving on in conference. We just got beat by a better team today."

On turnovers in the red zone:
"Yeah, you know its always easy as a team to talk about how you gave the ball up, but there were guys causing those turnovers. They have a tremendous defensive front and a tremendous advantage there. They will have a defensive advantage over a lot of people. The thing that was disappointing is that we were out-flanked on defensive sets which we were lined up. They did a great job. We got out-played and we got out-coached as well. We had busted coverage and you can't have things like that in big games. We make absolutely no excuses. Bottom line today, they were a better football team than we and I'm proud of our kids. We go to work. We have a conference championship to compete and win and we go to work next week against Sam Houston State."

On being stunned about the atmosphere:
"Not really. Not at all. I don't think it was stunned at all. I thought that our guys came out and really it was quite the opposite. We wound up getting a take-away. Our guys were not stunned at all by the atmosphere. I thought we handled the crowd noise very well. It is louder here than it was in '05, but I don't think our guys were stunned. I think our guys were very, very prepared for the atmosphere. Does that have something to do with it? Absolutely, that's why it's hard to win on the road.

On adjustments Tulsa had to make to make for missing players:
"There is no question that was very difficult. We had two of our starting offensive line out. We had one guy today that played in one college football snap last year. I am very, very proud of Nick Gates and very, very proud of Brandon Thomas, stepping in and playing in this type of game. You know, we didn't have Tyler Holmes or Clint Anderson. That was a tall order to handle. I thought those guy did well to handle the circumstance. I'll tell you how good I think their defense is, that's the first time as a head coach I've been shut out, ever. I think that they're really, really ... I can't say enough good about their defense."

  Senior LB Mike Bryan

On Oklahoma's offense:
"They're a lot better than I thought they were. They moved the ball well on us and I didn't think they could do that. They did that pretty consistently. Like coach said, we got flanked a few times and that surprised me on their running game and that surprised me on the passing as well."

On Landry Jones:
"He came out playing tonight. These last couple games that he came in for Bradford and this last one he played, he really hasn't shown much and I wasn't really expecting that type of game from him. I mean, I know it's Oklahoma, I knew it would be a tough game but I wasn't expecting a whole lot from the quarterback. He came out and led his team to victory and he did a good job today."

On emotions due to his father's recent passing:
"It was very emotional. I thought about my dad a lot today. You know, just seeing the stuff on the press box, the 148 All-Americans, and the video that played, which I thought was an honor. I gave them permission to play that. I appreciate that but just the video they played. I thought about my dad a lot today, it was very emotional."

  Junior RB Jamad Williams

On frustration of not being able to score:
"Yeah, it was frustrating to not be able to capitalize on the opportunities that we had like on the first drive, we got the interception in OU's redzone. Not being able to capitalize on that was pretty frustrating. I think the best thing we can do is get ready for next week versus Sam Houston State."



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