April 4, 2002


On making the finals:
"We're happy to squeek in to the finals. We have looked to far past it. We felt coming into this competition we had to beat Penn State. They beat us prettty soundly at the Big Ten Championship but we thought we were within reach. We did a decent job but we can make some improvement for tomorrow and make a charge at some of the other guys."


On making the finals:
"We're are very excited because there for the first time in many years there are three teams from the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation advancing to the final because in recent years it has been dominated by the Big Ten Conference. I just think this is a really good thing for our conference. I was pleased with my teams' competition. We finally did the parallel bars, finally, like I knew we were capable of. We still have a lot of room (for improvement). It's just great to have another opportunity to compete for the national championship."


On making the finals:
"I was obviously pleased that we advanced into the finals. We are sort of in the same situation we were last year, having done pretty good on the first night. I recognize it doesn't mean a whole lot because tomorrow is another day. We don't carry scores, but I think we're in a good situation. We finished the meet with everyone still pretty healthy. One of my athletes, Heath Mueller, has a stress facture that has caused him a lot of pain, so I decided not to use him tomorrow. Other than that there were no significant injuries. I think the results of tonights' meet give us some confidence, we just need to come back and perform a little bit better here and there. Daniel Furney was awesome tonight. He stuck five routines out of the six. I think he had one of his higher all-around totals this year and he was just very solid."