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University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 11, 2012
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening comments:
"I'll just start by complimenting our players just for their really excellent play today and their assistant coaches for really having a good plan and having them prepared to play. I was really quite pleased to play so well in every facet of the game. I thought the kicking game was great, all our punt returns, kickoff returns, we've got a skill positition. Our guys all hit the ball well. Michael Hunnicutt kicked the ball well today and was great, Tress (Way) was good, cover units were great so that was really great. Then offensively, Landry (Jones) was really on the mark.
"I think the big part of the game was being able to run the ball as well as we did and protection. I'm not sure if there were any sacks or not but he was protected really well the entire day. I thought our offensive line did a great job run blocking and protecting. And then Damien Williams, a host of guys really ran it well, Landry threw it well, a bunch of guys caught it well. Justin Brown had a huge day. Jalen Saunders, a young guy that people hadn't seen got in there and made a couple of big pick-ups.
"Then defensively they were great. They stunned the run all day and were really physical up front in how we played, tackled well and made all of the adjustments we needed to make. We were aware of where we needed to be all the time.
"Heck, when you can go all the way up to four-and-a-half minutes to go in the game and they hadn't even scored a point. Two points come off the field goal and the other six come off an interception and then our twos and threes were learning how to play and they get out there and give up a couple at the end that didn't really matter.
'The defense was incredible, I thought -- physical, tough on the run, and then covered so well, got pressure, all the things you want them to do. So it was a complete game."
On the defense being the story of the day:
"Well I don't know the story of the game. I would say both. It's fair to say the offense put up what they have at half and they weren't defensive touchdowns. It was both. We played it together really well. You're right, the defense was stoning them and giving us great field position and the offense kept capitalizing on it. So together we were going back and forth really well."
On what changed between Kansas State and now:
"It was only our third game. We had only played three games and this is only our fifth game. Everybody wants to summarize what you are after two games and that doesn't make any sense to me in the third game. We've got a long season to play and who knows what we'll do. We do that again and have turnovers and you'll be saying the same thing. So in the end I thought it was too early for anybody to be tough or not to be tough at that point. At this point it showed, I guess, we're a little bit tougher. How tough? I don't know. You guys can all throw your perceptions out there because coming into this game they weren't all accurate either."
On the offensive line's performance:
"They did a great job. We are thin there and they've managed to battle through the whole game and really did it in a very positive way. They were awesome. I thought they did a great job."
On the offensive game plan:
"I thought Josh (Heupel) and Jay Norvell, both our co-coordinators, and the whole offensive staff did a great job game planning and having our guys prepared. They really capitalized, to a degree, on some of the things they were doing."
On the victory:
"Well it certainly ranks up there with 63-14 and the 65-13; it's in the same ballpark. I think if we left our one defense out there I don't think the end would have been like it was. So it would've been right there with those. Those are pretty special ones and this is definitely right there with them."
On Kenny Stills' block on Damien Williams' 95-yard touchdown run:
"Well he's not in the end zone without it. I saw Kenny coming and I was just hoping he would get there and sure enough he's got great speed and he got there in the nick of time and knocked him off and that was it. I knew no one was catching him after that. It energizes the team when you can take something to the house like that. Ninety-five yards is pretty special. It gets everybody gassed up."
  Co-Offensive Coord. Josh Heupel

On the running game:
"We thought we were great up front, handling the movement early, pressure off the edge. We did a great job getting our feet in the ground, and then obviously protection as well. All of our running backs did a great job obviously. Damien [Williams] has great numbers, the big one coming out backed up in our end zone. But all of those guys ran hard and have the numbers that they do or yards per carry because our guys do a great job up front. And then the big runs happen because our outside guys really got involved and took pride in it this week."
On the offensive line being able to control the line of scrimmage:
"It is a lot easier operating inside-out versus outside-in, and our ability to get the run game going gives us a chance to make some plays on the outside in the play-action game, too, so you get one-on-one match-ups and take advantage of those. Play action, able to get Trey Millard something up the middle for a run action, so all of those things complement each other. When we can have balance in our offense, and run-pass might change week to week, but being efficient in the run game, it changes us and makes us a lot more explosive."
On the offense clicking against Texas:
"I think people don't understand it takes 11 guys playing cohesively, everybody doing their job. When you have the turnover that we had from a year ago, it doesn't just happen overnight. Quarterbacks getting in-sync with a wide receiver doesn't happen overnight. People moving around in the offensive line, you've got to start acting as a unit. None of our wideouts are playing the same position. Kenny's [Stills] got experience, but he's playing inside instead of outside, and then he got a chance to slip outside some today, too. Everybody was kind of operating in different positions, so you're not going to click necessarily week one the way you want to. Our kids have continued to progress. They have continued to work extremely hard. The last two weeks, Monday through Friday, we've won, and that's why you win on Saturday."
On the effort of the offensive line:
"Guys competing, willing to step into the ring, throw some punches, take a punch and come back and answer the bell, round after round. That is something we've been talking to our kids about, and I think today we did that, and it needs to be a springboard for the way we play from here on out."
  QB Landry Jones

On the team's play:
"We just played really well. We're capable of doing that all the time if people are going to play hard and people are going to play smart. We're just capable of doing a lot of different things."
On viewing this game being as a de facto Big 12 title game:
"No, no. Not a Big 12 title game, not an elimination game, it was just another game. We've got another game next on the list, so we're going to come out and we're going to play hard and we're going to play physical. We're going to try to get after people and that's what we did today. We're capable of doing this all the time and we've just got to keep this going."
On the running game:
"Whenever you get the running game going, it always opens up the passing game. You get an extra safety in the box and then they have got to go single safety. It just opens up different things you can do -- easier throws, not as tight windows -- there is just a lot of different things you can do with that."
On his place in the OU record book:
"It's hitting me right now. You just look back at all the great quarterbacks, all the great players around this place, and to be in that company and be in all those things, it's just been really fun. And God has just blessed me so much to just be able to play this game and even play it a high level, so it has just been really nice and it has been fun.
"It's just been a blessing, it's been a ride. I got here in 2008 and I never would have thought that I would have stayed around this place, but I'm just really blessed. I just thank God to get to play at a university like this place. It's really special and there is so much tradition around this place. You look at it and you're just really thankful that you get to come play."
On coming back his senior year for days like this:
"Days like this, exactly. You don't get too many days like this, and when you do, you have got to cherish them and remember them and always thank God for them."
  RB Damien Williams

On his record breaking 95-yard run:
"It's a great feeling to know that I am compared to any running back who has been here because I don't consider myself on that level yet. I'm going to just keep doing what I have been doing."
On picking his spots during his 95-yard run:
"I was just being patient and letting things happen in front of me. You know, you can't be patient too long, you've got to get out there sooner or later, I just had to pick it up."
On his first Red River Rivalry Game experience:
"It was exciting to have the score the way it turned out, to have guys clicking together and making their assignments, having people doing what they are suppossed to do. It is a great feeling when you come out on top."
On the running game starting to click together:
"You know the offensive line is doing real great. We had some struggles at the beginning of the year, but we're starting to pick things up. And then guys are just getting after it; doing what they have been coached to do. It's a great feeling seeing it actually happen."
On seeing Kenny Stills make his block to spring the 95-yard run:
"I didnt see Kenny making the run on that block, but I knew he was because we practice finishing and I feel like everyone was invested in the play and invested in hwat they were doing. So all I could do was take it far for the guys."
  QB Blake Bell

On his role in the offense:
"Whenever I can get in there, when coach calls my name and I go in there, I'm just going to do my job and that is just trying to get the first down or the touchdown or whatever I am in there to do."
Texas   Head Coach Mack Brown

Opening comments:
"I want to congratulate Oklahoma. We had some guys play well, but we didn't play well as a team. I thought they out-coached us. I I thought they out-hit us and they were more physical than we were. I thought we made some better plays today on defense than we have in the past, even though we gave up a 95-yard run and a deep pass or two. We did seem to tackle better a few times and I thought the defense played better the second half. It's just unacceptable for Texas to lose like that to Oklahoma, much less anybody, especially two years in a row. I'm dissapointed for our coaches, fans and players. That's not who we are."
On if the loss had to do with attitude:
"I don't know. It is what it is. They just hit us. I don't know how to define it to one word. We've been running and moving the ball against different people. This was the best defense we've played. They outplayed us today. I'm very dissapointed offensively."
On if he thinks there are solutions:
"I think we'll be OK on defense. We have to go home and we have a great Baylor team coming in that's number one on offense. We have to make sure the stats go down."
On the new things OU's offense showed:
"Nothing. When you get a zone play for 95 yards, that's not new."
On Oklahoma's defense:
"I thought their plays on offense were credit to them and their plays on defense were credit to them. We tried to run the ball some and we just couldn't do it, so that's credit to them. If you can't stop the run and you can't protect it's hard to get much done on offense."
On if he thought his team quit:
"I really didn't. I asked the guys at halftime. I thought we stayed on the field so much that some of the guys got tired, so we had to subsitute quite a bit. They had 400 yards on offense the first half; we had 65. On offense, we weren't out there long enough to quit."
On if Texas was prepared for the run game:
"Again, I think all the credit goes to them. You go back to their Kansas State game -- you don't fumble it and give Kansas State a touchdown, that's a 14-point swing. I think Oklahoma's as good as anybody in the league."
On if the team took a step backwards:
"I don't think you can tell week to week; it's sure not pretty today. It's unacceptable. That's the way I feel, that's the way the players feel and how the coaches feel. It's not a proud moment for us. We just have to make sure that we don't forget this, learn from it, move forward and try to win next week.We can't sit around and feel sorry for ourselves. We're sitting in the same spot we were this time last year, so we have to go finish better than we did last year."
Texas   DE Alex Okafor

On the game:
"We just couldn't stop the run. When you can't stop the run, things get ugly real quick and it's been like that all season. We just have to find a way to stop it."
On how they will prepare for Baylor next weekend:
"We just have to go back to the film, crack down on mistakes and see what we did wrong. I mean, in the second half, we had a couple of stops and that's always positive so you know there's some good. But (it was) mostly bad, so we just have to pick up on that and learn."
Texas   S Kenny Vacarro

On the game:
"If you can't stop the run, you open up the whole playbook for the offense. It's disappointing, but it is what it is. All I can do is play my heart out and lead my team and this is just how it ended."
On stopping the OU running game:
"When they are running the ball down your throat, honestly, everyone is trying to stop the run. So sometimes linebackers take their eyes away from their man and, like I said, you can't stop the run and it opens up the playbook. We worked on it all week but that was it."



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