Post-Game Quotes: OU 55, Washington 14

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
SEPTEMBER 13, 2008
  Head Coach Bob Stoops

General Comments:
“I’m just really overall pleased with the way our players executed and played and with the attitude they came into the game with. I felt really confident in the way they practiced all week, the way they got on the plane, they way they came to the stadium. I really felt like they had something to prove. I’m really complimentary of Coach Willingham and his staff. These guys do a really great job and I really mean that.
"You look at what BYU did today with UCLA and we knew last week in watching the tape all week how good BYU was and we felt (Washington) was really good. There they were a week ago with a chance to tie the game at the end and with an unfortunate call they didn’t but they do it the right way. You watch all their schemes and everything they do and it’s sound, it’s good and it’s solid so I have great respect for him and his staff. Tyrone, for all of us coaches, has been a great role model in how he handles himself and how he runs his program.
"To come here and win in a strong way is pleasing and it gives you a feeling that you’re getting somewhere. I feel, as a team, that we’re getting stronger and better.”
On the offense today:
“I thought in all parts of the game did well but offensively what was really pleasing was the balance, how physically we ran the football and Sam (Bradford’s) execution was fabulous. And we took care of the football. We had no turnovers, we executed the no-huddle in a great way and we were very physical the whole day which you always want to see.”
On recovering three fumbles:
“The other team always has to help you and we were fortunate on a couple of those but we also pulled a couple out too so that was good. In the end sometimes it’s the luck of the bounce. We’re always trying to dig it out or put your helmet on it. If the other team does a good job of taking care of it, it’s hard to do but they usually even out throughout the year that you’re going to get some.”
On the performance of the offensive line and establishing running game:
“I was pleased. We were very strong in running the ball. The backs did a great job and the o-line did a great job. You throw Jermaine Gresham and Matt Clapp into that whole thing and it isn’t just the o-line. Those guys are a huge part of it too and those guys played great.”
On the performance by Jermaine Gresham and Ryan Broyles:
“Jermaine is such a big physical presence. The guy is so athletic and has such great speed for the size he has and he can do it. Ryan, he’s kind of like a water bug. He has the ability to make people miss and he can out run some people.”
On their success in defending Locker:
“I couldn’t be more pleased. The guy is a fabulous athlete. You see him run around every body and he had one on us but the rest of the day we were there closing on him and getting pressure and did what we felt we needed to do. I think he’s an excellent athlete.”
On earning career win No. 100:
“I’m not here to talk about me. There’s been a ton of people that are responsible for it. We have a great administration and a bunch of assistant coaches who have been fabulous to work with and a bunch of great young men we get to see every day that work so hard. I feel fortunate every day, believe me, to be in such a quality place with such good people. I’m blessed and fortunate."
  Senior WR Juaquin Iglesias
On if Sooners’ shaky road reputation was an extra motivator:
"Yeah, it was. We were only a couple plays away from being good on the road last year, so we tried to focus on that and I think it showed out there when we focus our minds we do what we gotta do."
On if this team feels different (better) than past teams:
"Yeah I think it does. I know it does for me because it’s more positive, more motivated, we’re trying to go out and win every game—and it shows, especially on the road it shows."
  Junior RB Chris Brown

General thoughts on the win:
“It was a big win; coming on the road is always tough. We knew playing up here was a hostile environment, so it was a big test for us. The whole week we’ve been preparing to come up here and deal with the fans. It’s a great team with a great history, but we came out with the victory.”
On the success in the running game:
“We were real balanced this game—with the passing and running. I think we had over 200-some rushing yards and 300 passing yards. We were real balanced with both.”
On establishing the run game from the get-go:
“That’s just being physical, in the run game or the pass game. Fortunately we did that and came out and made a statement.”
On winning convincingly on the road:
“Last year we weren’t a good road team, so we had our minds set on coming out—today was the big step for us—how are we going to react on the road with the hostile crowd and everything.”
  Sophomore QB Sam Bradford

On the easy victory:
“Nothing’s ever easy, but I think we knew that if we came out and executed and played like we could, then this was a possibility that we could win like this.”
On the first half success:
“We were definitely really confident; we got in a rhythm in the first half. If felt like everything was moving where we wanted it to. We didn’t make too many mistakes. Going into halftime we felt great.”
On why the no-huddle offense is effective:
“I think it makes the defense so they aren’t able to be as complex because they don’t have as much time to react to what we’re doing. They can’t take as much time making their calls because we’re already at the line. I think it simplifies things form my standpoint.”
On his 10 TD passes in 2 games:
“That’s just a compliment to our whole offense and the 10 other guys out there with me. I don’t know if you saw but those guys made great catches for me, our offensive line protected me, our offense has just been clicking.”
On Jake Locker:
“I saw just a little bit tonight, but he’s a great competitor. Obviously he wants to win and he’s out there and he does everything he can to help his team win. He’s a great player; he makes a lot of plays with his feet and his arm. He’s got a strong arm. I wish him the best because he is a really good player.”
  Head Coach Tyrone Willingham
On the Huskies' performance:
"Tonight I think it’s obvious we played one of the best football teams we’ve played since I’ve been here. They were good in all aspects of the game; running it, throwing it, defending it. I thought they were, all around, as strong a football team as I’ve seen. I still liked some of the things I saw from our football team. I thought they continued to fight, continued to battle until the end and that’s something we can take and go forward as we head into our bye week and try to get ready for our Pac-10 schedule.
"We didn’t start the game very well. We had too many three and outs to start the ball game. And when we did move it… you can’t turn it over to a good football team. So at that point, we became our own worst enemy and you can’t do that.
"I think the fact that we did move the ball and unfortunately turned it over a couple of times. Those are the things I’ll go back and look at as we start to look at the film. But I feel like there were some positives there. They were a good football team. They stressed us in every area. We did not seem to tackle them well and I think obviously some of their ability had something to do with that. They were good.
“I didn’t give [the fans] anything to get excited about. That’s the honest truth. I do believe that this football team has faced one of the most difficult stretches that any team has had so far this season. I do think we are a better football team and now we need to build on it and show it when we get this next portion started when we face Stanford and head into the Pac-10 portion of our schedule.”
On injuries:
“I think we came out of this game reasonably healthy. We saw a few guys come out but they all went back in. I think the only one that did not go back in was Quinton Richardson and I think he was okay. At that point, there just wasn’t a lot of need to put him back in. I think he had a knee contusion, if I am correct.”
On the early part of the schedule:
“We didn’t come through it the way I hoped we’d come through it. Do we have to be a better team? Yes. Because of it, we hope, we believe, we’ll work on it to make that happen. But no, there’s no sigh of relief.”
On the upcoming bye week:
“I think it’s a good time for us to have time off. It gives us a little extra time to prepare for our next opponent. It gives us a chance to hopefully mend and get healthy. And hopefully we can do all of those things and position ourselves to really kick-start into the Pac-10.”
  Wide Receiver Devin Aguilar

On how turnovers effected the rhythm of the Huskies offense:
"Turnovers kill the tempo of any team. When we felt we should come in, make plays, and move the ball down the field we wouldn't be able to get any rhythm going. We needed to be able to tire Oklahoma's defense by moving the ball down the field and we just were not able to do that."

On Oklahoma's defense; specifically what did they do to slow down the passing game:
"They were very physical with us. They would play off and then jam our routes. I don't know how much they actually slowed us down as receivers. They switched their defense and their secondary a lot, which did its part in confusing us, but I don't think they really slowed us down."

On the upcoming bye week:
"It really helps us, we have more time to put in a game plan and practice it throughout the two weeks so we will have a better chance to execute it come game time. Basically get ready for the game, it will give a lot of players time to get healthy and rest up before we go into the Pac-10 season."

  Running Back Willie Griffin

Initial thoughts about the game:
"We played one of the better teams in the NCAA and we just did not bring our A game."

How good is Oklahoma:
"They are a good team, they came all the way up here and they executed very well. We let a lot of our plays get away from us, we did not go out and play the best we could; we just did not seem to be able to execute the entire game."

On the effect of turnovers:
"Whenever you have a turnover you always lose momentum, and as far as keeping the momentum going we would lose our tempo each time we turned it over."

On the upcoming bye week:
"We have to go into the bye week with the mindset that we have a game coming up next weekend. It starts now, whenever you lose or win you always have to forget about it and focus on the next team. Even though we are not playing Stanford next week we need to go into this week as if we are."

  Quarterback Ronnie Fouch

Initial thoughts of the game:
"It was a tough loss, but Oklahoma is a very tough team. They forced a lot of turnovers on our part."

On Oklahoma's defense:
"Their defense was fast, their closing speed really was impressive. They were really aggressive with us trying to force turnovers and change the tempo of the game."

On the effect of turnovers on the Husky offense:
"Once we would start moving the ball then we would suddenly turn it over. You are not going to win a football game against any team when you can't advance the ball down the field, but Oklahoma is a great defense and they came out and executed their game plan exactly how they wanted to."

  Cornerback Mesphin Forrester

On the game plan to stop Oklahoma's receivers:
"Just staying on top. We knew they liked to take a couple of shots. We just wanted to stay on top and be fast. It's frustrating and yes it is hard. But you have to stay focused and be disciplined out there still."

On Oklahoma's offense:
"They're a good offense. It wasn't anything we couldn't handle as a defense I feel. We just need to step our game up and make more plays. We have a bye now and we need to stay focused and get better as a team."

On regrouping after another loss:
"We just have to find a way. We have to go into this bye week and highlight all of our mistakes. We have to get better out there. We have two weeks to get ready for Stanford so it's to our advantage. We just have to stay positive. We have to talk to these young guys and get them going. They've gotten three games and now we have a bye week and we're going to step into our Pac-10 schedule. We have to get the ball rolling."

On rebounding in Pac-10 play:
"This is non-conference. We obviously wanted to win, but the Pac-10 is our conference and we have a chance to reach our goal of being the Pac-10 Champion.



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