Baseball Visits Miracle League in Edmond
May 04, 2006

EDMOND, Okla. -- As the No. 8 Oklahoma baseball team prepares for this weekend’s series against Kansas State, the players and coaches took time out Thursday evening to play in a different type of game with children from the Miracle League.

OU took to the field Thursday night at Mitch Park in Edmond to participate in a Miracle League game.  The Sooners joined the Yankees and Red Sox as the children from each team, ranging in age from five to late teens, played all positions in the field and got their turn taking at-bats.

The Miracle League, founded in 1997, is an organization that gives special-needs children an opportunity to play baseball.

"It was an honor for our team to participate in such a worthwhile cause," said OU head coach Sunny Golloway.  "This was a great opportunity for our student-athletes to give back to the community, which is always a priority for us at the University of Oklahoma.  I know everyone involved today had a great time and this is something we look forward to doing again."

Miracle League | Photo Gallery | OU vs. KSU Preview

Miracle Leagues across the country play in specialized complexes with rubberized fields.  The complexes include custom-designed fields with cushioned rubberized turf fields that prevent injuries, wheelchair accessible dugouts and a completely flat surface that eliminates any barriers or obstacles for wheelchair bound or visually impaired athletes.

There were no programs for the Miracle League to copy.  It was decided that:

      Every player bats once each inning

      All base runners are safe

      Every player scores a run before the inning is over (last one up gets a home run)

      Community children and volunteers serve as buddies’ to assist the players

      Each team and each player wins every game

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