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OCTOBER 25, 2008
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement:
"Any win is a good win. Coming here in a difficult place to play, I thought our offense in the first half played incredibly well both run and pass. Defensively we gave up some big plays. Josh Freeman scrambling around buying extra time, throwing the ball with that arm made it tough containing him, but fortunately in the second quarter we buckled down and come up with some big turnovers and had five on the day. So that part was positive, but then again there is a lot of stuff that still needs to be improved on."

On Oklahoma's effective running backs and offensive line:
"DeMarco (Murray) and Chris (Brown) had great days. I thought our line blocking did a nice job both protecting and being physical running the football. It really makes a difference."

On the 83 combined first half points and late second quarter play of his team:
"Yeah it was crazy. It was good to see us get a punt return as Ryan (Broyles) had some room and made something happen with it. After it was tied our guys really responded and came up with some key turnovers. The offense clicked, moved the football and scored points. The end of the half we really had a flurry that really separated us."

Final thoughts on the game and Josh Freeman:
"As a coach you always want to be perfect, but you have to give credit to Kansas State. Josh (Freeman) does a great job for them and he is competitive and a big guy. Sometimes we had three guys on him trying to bring him down and he still gets away. Guys like that are going to make their share of plays too, but fortunately we had more."

  Sophomore QB Sam Bradford

On the offensive's performance:
"I think the first half was the best we have played all season. Everything seemed to go as we drew it up. It was a great first half."

On having a balanced offense:
"I thought our running backs really ran hard for a long time. Today I thought they ran very well and our offensive line played great today, as there were some huge holes for our running backs to run through. Balance is something that we have talked about and I felt today that we were very balanced. If all that happens, I feel we are a hard offense to stop."

On second half performance:
"We played very well in the first half and got in a great rhythm. It is frustrating on how we came out and played in the second half. But any time you can go on the road and get a win, you have to be happy."

  Senior WR Juaquin Iglesias

On start of the game:
"It was great, I was glad that we put up that many points but we only scored three in the second half. We try to score every time we have the ball. We don't look at the scoreboard, we just try to score every time we touch the ball."

On second half:
"I think we came out a little lazy. We need to fix that because we can get beat later down the season if we play like that. We put up a lot of points and won the game but we still need to get better."

  Junior DE Auston English

On the defensive performance:
"It's very disappointing to come out here and give up all those passing yards. It's something we take to heart as a defensive line. We need to get to the quarterback faster and help out the guys in the secondary."

On getting a marquee performance:
"It's something we can't lose sight of. You have to take the good with the good and the bad with the bad. We need to realize we have a lot to improve on and try to get this redirected."

On allowing on defensive miscues:
"I'd say consistency is a problem. We are too up and down. We'll play well here and there but then give up a big play. Sometimes we'll miss a tackle and not get the guy down and those things hurt your defense."

  Senior OL Duke Robinson

On offensive balance:
"Things go really smooth when we have balance. We get the running backs going down field and they can make plays for us. And then we can come right back with passes over the top. I think it's been working really, really well (balance). "

On the first half:
"At first it kind of gets to you, then you have to sit down and think about what you're doing and what you're doing wrong and how we scored those first 28 points. We sat down and we got everything back smoking. We just kept on rocking and rolling. I think we could have scored more than we did, but I'm satisfied with what we did, coming on the road and getting a big win like this."

  Head Coach Ron Prince

Opening Statement:
“For the second time this year we played a team that I think has the ability and the system to win a national championship. Clearly they have the talent, the schemes and the system put in place. I thought that at times in the game we were able to be very competitive. The job that I have going forward here is to try to get our offense, defense and kicking game to all play well at the same time. That did not happen today. We had a stretch of time in the second quarter where defensively the game got away from us. We came back in the second half, we really didn’t change anything, made some adjustments in the blocking schemes, we were getting cut on the backside and that was opening up some holes and we were able to play much better. I know the game was loose from a scoring standpoint, and that contributed, but I thought we played better defensively in the second half, tale of two halves though because then in the second half offensively we didn’t accomplish much with what we had the opportunity to do. This is one of those issues where we’ve got to get all playing well at the same time. At 28-28 we felt we were in a pretty good spot there. We thought a kicking game play, a blocked punt or something of that nature might happen for us, and it happened against us. Those are the things we can’t have; those are the places and areas we have to have an advantage. We talked about turnovers in the kicking game, we had a big aspect of trying to beat these type of teams, that’s where you went, and we got the big kicking play against us and then we obviously turned the ball over. I know there was a lot of things going on apart from that, but basically that’s what I told our team afterwards and at halftime I thought they responded defensively in the second half, but offensively we left a lot of points out there.”
On the speed of the game:
“I really believe this, I believe national championship, or national championship caliber teams, like they are, answer the way they answer. When you do something positive, they come right back out and they play some of their most physical football at 28-28. There was no question, no doubt left as to who is the more physical football team at 28-28. That’s where we must improve, that’s where we’ve had our issues about beating and competing with teams, in this conference, particularly in the North, they were able to win the line of scrimmage at 28-28. Because of that you start to plug holes and then you start to have some issues other places but I thought that’s what really good teams that win championships can do.”
On the turnovers:
"It’s one of those deals where you know turnovers are going to kill you against a team like this; you can’t give them extra possessions. If we’re not playing aggressive then you really have no shot against a team this good. For every play like the one to Ernie, the long plays, you throw it deep and he makes a play, for every one of those plays you have when you have a turnover that offsets it, it kills your momentum. I just felt that today, what occurred in the second half, particularly in the third quarter and early in the fourth quarter we had the opportunity to make a run, and couldn’t take advantage of it. We had the ball down there a couple times and came away with no points and that was very damaging.”

  Wide Receiver Deon Murphy

On tying the game at 28-28:
"I feel like we did a real good job coming back. We just need to finish and execute. We felt like as soon as we came out there (after tying it), we had this game in our hands."

On what you got from this game and going into KU:
"Obviously, we are going to have a loss, but I'll put the plusses on our practices this week. Getting ready for KU is ultimately going to be big."

On the quick scoring in the first half:
"Our defense did a great job on their side of the ball executing today, as well as our special teams. On the offensive side of the ball, we need to execute more. I think the biggest word today is execute, and that's what Coach (Ron) Prince talks about a lot."

  Strong Safety Courtney Herndon

On his feelings after the game:
"It was a long, hard, physical game. My body is not that beat up, but I probably won't feel it until tomorrow. I'm just mad that we lost. It is just emotionally, mentally, and physically draining. We had our chances; we just didn't take advantage of them basically."

On the defense playing better in the second half:
"We just have to go out their and keep fighting because we were down 28-7, and that just gave us motivation to come back and tie it. That showed us that we can do it, so we just got to go out their and give it our all, and that's what we did."

On the momentum swing:
"The biggest thing I remember is the punt return they had. It's the biggest thing on my mind. Defense just didn't get enough turnovers, which swung the momentum back in their favor. It's a mental thing. You have to go out there no matter how many turnovers the offense had. We have to go out there and stop them three-and-out every time. We were able to do it a couple of times, but we weren't able to do it when we needed to."

  Defensive End Ian Campbell

On having the special teams plays go against them:
"As a defensive player, you have to have a short memory and forget what just happened and play on the next snap."

On tying the game 28-28:
"We were having difficulties and we just didn't play well enough. We had enough problems here and there that obviously add up and you just can't have issues against a team of that caliber."

  Quarterback Josh Freeman

On the scoring:
"In the first half, it looked like they were going to run away with it and we were able to do some things on special teams and get some momentum and we were able to score on three straight drives and get it back to 28-28. The second half just didn't pan out for either team."

On what KSU was able to do in the first half but not in the second:
"We had people making big plays and then we got in some tough situations. We were set up great by the defense and then we had some people make some plays. We had the momentum at 28-28 and felt like we were about to take this thing and score a couple of times before half."

On K-State's turnovers:
"It was situations where you usually have things to right and they didn't. We have a number of issues that need to get fixed and obviously, when you play against a team like Oklahoma, you don't have any breathing room. They took advantage of all of our mistakes late in the first half."



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