Jason Detrick Journal No. 4

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OU senior guard Jason Detrick takes Sooner fans behind the scenes as Oklahoma plays its 2003-04 season. This is the fourth installment of Detrick's journal. Submit your own question to Jason by clicking the link at the end of this journal entry.
Jason Detrick
Journal Entry No. 4 (Dec. 17, 2003)
This weekend we've got Jackson State. Right now, we're really focused to finish strong in school -- so we're focused on academics. Wednesday or Thursday we'll start really focusing our attention on them. They should be a real good team. Hopefully, we'll get a win and work on the things we need to polish.
Jason, congrats on beating Michigan State and Purdue. When you look at a team like Connecticut, how do you prepare and how tough will it be to compete against them on the road?
- Cory from Oklahoma City

The coaches really get us prepared to play against a team like UConn on the road. It will be tough. But the coaches will break down their offense for us and break down each player -- what they like to do and their tendencies. It's really the coaches that get us prepared. They watch hours of tape every day to pinpoint the opponent's strengths and weaknesses. We've already played some tough teams on the road and came away alright so we'll see.
What do you think is your biggest accomplishment?
- Joseph from Hamilton, N.J.

I'd say my biggest accomplishment is being a good role model for my little brothers. I've never really been in trouble and I'm about to graduate from college.  That's the biggest thing.
Who do you believe is the most improved player from last year (or the beginning of the season)?
- Kayla from Bixby, Okla.

I think Larry Turner is most improved.  He's a totally different player than last year -- the way he's conditioned and the way he's playing in practice right now. It would be Larry Turner.
Jason, what kind of training will you never cut out of your schedule in the offseason?
- Jayson from Tulsa, Okla.

I'd say I always play basketball. I always play a little basketball every day since that's what I'm training for. Never get away from your sport for too long. If you play football, never stop throwing or doing whatever your job is.
What is going to be the biggest change in your game this year and how's your injury coming along? Love Mom.
- Mom and Jared Detrick from Newport News, Va.

The biggest change is that I'm a higher option this year. I was out last year and during the Final Four year -- we had so many good guys -- I was either the fourth or fifth option. Now, I think I'm the first, second or third. My injury is fine. I'll go with that -- thanks for worrying -- love you Mom.
Jason, if you were to take the final shot in a tied game for the national championship -- describe how it would happen.
- Teresa from Claremore, Okla.

I wouldn't want any play run -- I'd just want the ball up top in a one-four flat (one up top and the other four players near the baseline cleared out). The clock would be running down and I'd take him off the dribble and pull up for a shot that swishes in. That would be it.

- #5 Jason Detrick
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