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By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
MARCH 25, 2010

March 27, 2010 | 2010 Big 12 Championship
March 27, 2010 | Lincoln, Neb.   

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*NOTE: All routines in italics are tentative.  Live comments will accompany official scores.


 Rotation 1 - Beam    
 Kayla Nowak 9.725

 bhs layout. Switch leap, Sheep Jump. Front tuck to seat. Bhs to gainer full dismount Very solid. Stuck landing! Great way for the Sooners to start off.

 Natalie Ratcliff 9.775 bhs layout. Switch leap Tuck full. 1 legged Front tuck. Full turn w/ leg up to gainer full dismount small wobble on front. rest of routine was very smooth. stuck landing.
 Natasha Kelley 9.800 bhs layout. Straddle Jump sheep jump. full twisting bhs swing down. Cartwheel gainer full dismount good rhythm. stuck landing. Momentum is building.
 Kristin Smith 9.875 bhs 2 layouts. Switch leap Straddle Jump. aerial walkover. R/O dbl full dismount No wobble on series. Beautiful leaps. Stuck dbl full!
 Hollie Vise 9.925 Aerial walkover to scale. switch ring. Beat jump Sheep jump. Aerial Walkover, bhs, gainer full. Gorgeous aerial walkover! small wobble on sheep jump. Beautiful connection on dismount sequence, STUCK landing.
 Megan Ferguson 9.35 bhs 2 layouts.Switch leap Sheep jump. R?O dbl full dismount  Fall on mount. tiny wobbles on sheep jump and full turn. Series was solid! Stuck dbl full.
 Event Score: 49.100  
 Running Total: 49.100  OU: 49.100 | NU: 49.175 | MU: 48.650 | ISU:48.575


 Rotation 2 - Floor    
 Mary Mantle 9.800

 Handspring front 2/1 full. R/O 1 1/2 punch layout. Handspring front 1/1 punch front layout Big smile from Mary! Solid tumbling with great landings.

 Kayla Nowak 9.875  Dbl pike.  R/O 1 1/2 punch front full. Handspring Rudi. Huge dbl pike!  Dancing to the crowd. Wonderful tumbling.
 Megan Ferguson 9.85  Triple full.Whip 1/2 front 1/1. 2/1 full punch front. Giant smile from Megan. Beautiful leap series. All landings were great! Huge response from the crowd!
 Hollie Vise 9.90  Dbl pike. Whip 1/2 front 1/1. Front handsrping rudi. Beautiful dance as always. Good landings.
 Kristin Smith 9.875  Dbl pike. 2 1/2 twist. Whip 1/2 front full. Dancing it to the OU fans! Amazing routine! She couldn't have done it any better.
 Jackie Flanery 9.90  Dbl pike. 2 1/2 punch front pike. Front handspring rudi, shushunova. Sky high 1st pass. Opted to do a tuck front instead of pike front.  Good last pass.
 Event Score: 49.40  
 Running Total: 98.50  OU: 98.50| NU: 98.575 | MU: 97.400 | ISU:97.500


 Rotation 3 - Vault    
 Jackie Flanery 9.90  Yurchenko Full. small hop, great extension.
 Brie Olson 9.90  Yurchenk Full. Huge vault for Brie and Stuck!!
 Natalie Ratcliff 9.90  Yurchenk Full. Best vault of the year for Natalie! Barely moved her feet on landing.
 Natahsa Kelley 9.85  Yurchenko Layout 1/2 Small hop forward on landing.
 Mary Mantle 9.875  Yurchenko Full HUGE vault! small hop on landing.
 Melanie Root 9.875  Yurchenko Full STUCK!!!! Her best vault this year.
 Event Score: 49.45  
 Running Total: 147.95  OU: 147.950 | NU: 147.625 | MU: 146.675 | ISU:145.800


 Rotation 4 - Bars    
 Jackie Flanery 9.85  Uprise+Geinger+overshoot. tucked full in back out STUCK landing! short on last handstand.
 Melanie Root 9.60  Tkatchev. Giant half+overshoot handstand. Blind change+dbl front dismount struggled on last handstand, was short. Step forward on dbl front.
 Brie Olson 9.825  Giant full+Delchev. Blind+straddle back. Dbl layout full out Hit every handstand. Great routine, small step back on dismount.
 Megan Ferguson 9.850  Blind change+Straddle jaeger. Giant full overshoot. Tucked half in half out. Hit every handstand and had incredible form. STUCK landing!
 Natasha Kelley 9.800  Ray. Pak salto, 1/2 pirouette tow hecht to high bar. Blind to dbl front. Beautiful Ray! Nice handstands and step forward on dbl front.
 Hollie Vise 9.90  Higgins turn to piked jeager.Overshoot to handstand. Higgins to 1/2
 Ono to dbl tuck.
Hit every handstand and had amazing form! STUCK dismount.
 Event Score: 49.225  
 Final Results:  197.175  OU: 197.175 | NU: 196.625 | MU: 195.900 | ISU: 194.850





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