March 23, 2002

Oklahoma Coach Sherri Coale

General statement
This is a landmark win for us and to be this far in the tournament. Texas Tech gave us a huge fight and we knew that they'd come out swinging. Maybe we came out too hard in the first half but once we relaxed a bit things started happening for us.

PLAYERS: Caton Hill, LaNeishea Caufield, Stacey Dales:

Oklahoma Player's

1.They Seemed to exploit you on the inside, what did you do?
Caton Hill: They were really hurting us on the offensive boards, and the guards did an awesome job rebounding in the 2nd half. We also fronted Cisti and kept the ball out of her hands.

2.Playing six players, does that hurt your team at this level?
Stacey Dales: No, a lot of teams at this level play six players. We had to go with the most athletic players, it's not that we can't go to our bench we just went with the match-ups.

3.What did Texas Tech do in the first half defensively that hurt you?
Caton Hill: It wasn't really what they did, it was what we didn't do. We weren't sharing the ball and we were a little rattled. We did a better job in the second half of moving the ball around. LaNeishea Caufield: We got on a roll and came together as one.