Team Captain Log No. 2
October 17, 2005

Norman, Okla. - Welcome to the second edition of the Oklahoma women’s gymnastics weekly team captain log. Each week will bring you the inside scoop of your OU women’s gymnastics team through the eyes of captains Kristen Cox and Tiffany Willin.  The weekly captain logs will focus on inside news, issues and events about the team and will be featured each Monday.

Weekly Log No.2
October 17, 2005

Senior Kristen Cox...
Another week has past and we are still off to a great start in the gym. Things are still going well for everyone and our routines are coming along. Everyone has pretty much gotten their floor routines and now we are starting to put it all together. A lot of girls are already able to do full bar sets and beam sets. That is a big improvement and good to know we can put it together whenever needed. We also went to a haunted house as a team Friday night and that was a blast! It is really good to be able to hang out as a team outside of gym and to just have fun with one another. GO SOONERS!!!

Junior Tiffany Willin...
This week has gone by super fast in the gym. We've all been having lots of fun together and helping each other get through the workouts when we start to get a little tired or frustrated. This past week we started doing half routines on beam and bars. Everyone is looking great and focused on our team goals. It has been a stressful time for some of the girls, since it is midterm time, but we've been getting our studying in and trying to get as much rest as possible. I mean a 10 minute nap sometimes can do wonders for the rest of the day. We also had a really fun team activity. We all went out to the woods for a haunted house. We had a great time being together. When we are together outside of the gym it is just full of laughter and jokes and always a good time.

Click on the link below for photos from the event:


Haunted House Photos |
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