Post-Game Quotes: OU 52, Cincinnati 26

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
SEPTEMBER 06, 2008
  Head Coach Bob Stoops
On the game:
"I feel great, I am really pleased. I meant what I said all week -- I think Cincinnati is a really good football team. Coming off a 10-win season, and, if you look at Brian Kelly and his staff, he's won everywhere he has been and won a lot.  They have a veteran team coming in and we recognized that all week.  We knew it was a challenge and fortunately we came out and played well.  I was really pleased with how we played. "
On the overall play:
"Sam (Bradford) was fantastic at the line of scrimmage.  I thought Coach (Kevin) Wilson and the coaching staff did an excellent job at what they were giving Sam.  Sam is such a good decision maker that you have such confidence to do whatever you want to do.  The guys really excecuted well.  I thought Sam threw the ball incredibly well and the receivers did a great job.  Defensively, let's face it, these guys have racked up a bunch of points on a lot of people and the defense only gives up two touchdowns. That's pretty good. The only bad part was kickoff cover.  Everything else was solid, and we'll keep working that to get better.  It's one of those issues early in the season that you have to iron out."
On Ryan Broyles:
"If Ryan (Broyles) keeps doing the things he's been doing lately, he has a chance to be a special player here. He's competetive and he has a great knack for that.  He went up and went for the ball and it paid off.  I can't say that I'm surprised, because we've seen a lot of this from him in practice and scrimmages."
On the team's preparation for Cincinnati:
"They are listening to their coaches.  I get a good sense that they want to be coached.  They're not sitting there thinking they have it all figured it out. They are trying hard and playing hard.  We knew this was a big challenge and we knew that if we weren't at our best we were going to have problems.  They had a good attitude all week in practice getting ready for the game.  It's a growing experience. It's only our second game and we have a lot to keep getting better at."
On taking the team on the road:
"We just look at it as a big challenge.  Obviously to go on the road you need to have a strong attitude and character and get the win.  It's something we have to do to give ourselves a chance the rest of the year. "
On the balance of offense and defense:
"I think when you don't play well it's sometimes because the offense hasn't helped the defense and vice versa.  To me, they go hand in hand.  I thought we played together really well and it did make a difference."
  Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson
On the game:
“In the second quarter we came out and took a couple of shots and had a few mental glitches. Cincinnati has a good defense and we have a lot of respect for them. We had a couple of interceptions and turnovers because we missed our post routes and did not make the plays.We are trying to score as much as we can as soon as we can.”
On Sam Bradford:

“He is a very competitive guy, he like to play and likes to win. I thought he played well.”
On Ryan Broyles:
“Unfortunately, he did not get to play last year. He is a year older and has improved. He had a nice game and is a good young player. He loves to play, he has great feet and ball skills, and is very competitive. We have a good group of receivers that we can rotate.”
  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables
On the defense:
“I was encouraged by the way we played in the second half. The pressure was very good. We made some adjustments and had some heads up plays. We have a versatile group of guys which gives us more flexibility out of our base package.”
On Travis Lewis:
“He played well for the most part. He was solid. I like how he can run. He is an explosive and physical player.”
On the defensive line:
“I liked the way our guys played up front. (Jeremy) Beal and (Auston) English played well. They are very instinctive and smart players.”
  Freshman WR Ryan Broyles
On his debut game:
“The feeling to be back out here playing is great, it’s just like high school. I got the whole feel back for the game.”
On his 43-yard catch:
“This catch felt like it won back some momentum in the game. I just jumped up and didn’t look back from there.”
On a record for receiving yards for an OU receiver in his debut:
“That’s the first time I have heard that, I am so blessed to be out there.”
On red-shirting:
“It was definitely worth the wait. I would have loved to play last year, but I have to take it one game at a time and be thankful for the opportunity I have now.”
  Sophomore DE Jeremy Beal
On game-winning defense:
“We did a lot of stuff to confuse Cincinnati’s offensive line and I think, overall, we did a good job on defense.”
On improving on defense in the second half:
“We came in at half time with emphasis on the fact that we had to stop them. The proper adjustments were made that obviously worked because we played much better in the second half. In the third quarter especially, I think we did a good job at holding them and getting after their quarterback. We had a great third quarter.”
On the significance of first two games:
“Chattanooga was a good team, but Cincinnati is obviously a better team. Throughout the week, we made that a point and we came out to play.”
On the season outlook:
“Our defense is not a finished project, we have a ways to go. We played good today, but we could have played better. It is always our goal to improve every game and get better throughout the season. I think we improved from last week, so we are fulfilling that goal.”
  Sophomore Quarterback Sam Bradford
On Ryan Broyles:
“This is the first opportunity Ryan has had to play in a game, but he has been waiting to show what he is capable of doing. We see him do it every day in practice, so there was nothing that surprised us about his abilities. For him to come out and play the way he did his first game says a lot about him.”
On trusting his receivers:
“Obviously our receiver group has a lot of depth and I think everyone saw today that Broyles can make great plays, too. The trust has developed over the summer and through two-a-days. I know that they can go up and get the ball.”
On the offense in the second half:
“For us to come out after half time and play the way we did says a lot about our offense. We were willing to buy into what coach had to say at half time and we came out and executed.”
On bouncing back after two interceptions:
“Coach Heupel talks about having to possess a short memory when you play quarterback. You can’t remember the good things or the bad things, you have to come out after each play and get ready for the next one.”
  Junior Linebacker Ryan Reynolds
On the difference in speed between Chatanooga and Cincinnati:
"We noticed it real quickly. Cincinnatti is a spread offense so the speed increases a lot just by that type of offense. We’ve been simulating it all week in practice and we had a faster pace than what they were going."
On OU’s team work:
"Everybody is meshing real well. We’re holding each other accountable. We don’t just look to the coaches when we mess up, we kind of look to each other. We’re coming together real well."
On teammate Travis Lewis:
"Travis is a great player. He’s ready and he’s been focused all week. We’ve been going over assignments and things like that. He played to his potential, he’s a great player."
On playing at Washington next week:
"It’ll be a big challenge for us, but we’re looking forward to it."
  Senior WR Manuel Johnson
On Oklahoma’s offensive success:
"They really didn’t do anything to stop us, we stopped ourselves a lot with dumb mistakes that we did ourselves. Once we came out in the second half, we knew that once we got the ball we needed to get back to what we were doing in the first quarter."
On teammate Ryan Broyles 58-yard reception:
"It didn’t surprise us at all. Before the game the coaches told Sam (Bradford) that the flat routes would be open a lot and let the receivers get what they can. He threw it out to Ryan (Broyles) and he got like 58 on it. We’ve seen him make a lot of plays in practice and at two-a-days all the time. So it’s nothing surprising. We have a lot of weapons as it is, so to add one more makes us more dangerous."
  Head Coach Brian Kelly
Opening Statement:
"My hats off to Oklahoma. I thought that their play in the second half was extremely impressive. It was impressive, especially offensively in the second half."
On the game:
"I told our kids that we had some nice individual performances and we did some good things. We didn't play consistent football against the No. 4 team in football. We were not consistent in that high level of play. We had flashes of it but it wasn't consistent. I talked to our football team about how important it was to play consistent football and I thought that Oklahoma did that in the second half."
On the fake punt:
"I thought that we had a good play that we could call to get a first down and get the momentum back. I thought that we were losing the momentum of the game and I felt that we were slipping a little bit. I thought that Oklahoma had controlled the football two consecutive drives there and I felt that we had an opportunity to pick it up. We had to get it over the middle linebacker and we didn't execute the play."
On the amount of fourth down plays:
"We have to convert on every opportunity. Obviously, the interception in the end zone was huge for us and it felt like we were up against it and trying to get back on track. Our inability to get Oklahoma off the field was a big issue today."
On Oklahoma's offense:
"I think that they exerted their presence in the second half. I thought it was an impressive third quarter. It was 20-13 and we had the ball in the beginning of the third quarter and they stop us and they really answer like a championship football team. They resemble a championship football team. They have that championship demeanor to them."
  Senior WR Mardy Gilyard
On his game today:
"I had a decent day, but I worry about our team a lot. No matter what I do, it doesn't matter if the team as a whole doesn't perform well. Oklahoma is a really good team and we knew we had to play consistent. We did it in spurts in the first half, but in the second half we didn't play with consistency at all. As far as my personal performance, I am cool with it. I just feel like it's overshadowed by our team not playing consistent."
On having to come from behind:
"It's not really tough coming from behind, as long as you stay consistent with what you are doing. The defense needs to stay consistent with making stops and the offense has to be consistent with moving the ball. We have to get scores. We can't have turnovers, we can't have penalties, we can't throw interceptions. It all boils down to consistency."
On the kickoff return for a touchdown:
"We have been practicing our kickoff return all week and coach just kept saying that it was going to hit. Well eventually it hit and I had a couple of big returns. I noticed some flaws in their kickoff defense on those returns and I took advantage of those opportunities."
  Senior Punter Kevin Huber
On the fake punt:
"We took a chance and it didn't pay off. That's why you do a fake though, if it works, great, and if not it comes off as a bad call. It's something you have to do. We called it, we ran it and we didn't complete it. They make that play and then turn around and score a touchdown. I think he was pretty open if I had gotten it over him."
  Senior Quarterback Dustin Grutza
On the injury:
"It's a fracture. They didn't really give me an idea of how long I would be out. Hopefully I can be back in three or four weeks and recover quickly. We have a great medical staff that can help me do that."
On the play of the offense:
"We started off a little slow. We got it going in the first half though. When it got to the third quarter, we didn't execute very well. The consistency wasn't there and we need to work on that. Hopefully the coaches and the offense can get that worked out in practice this week."
On what Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops told him:
"He came out there when I was down and told me that I played a great game. He is a great guy and that shows a lot of class on his part."



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