Game Quotes: Oklahoma 49, OSU 17

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
NOVEMBER 24, 2007

Opening statement:
"It was a very positive game. I’m really excited about how the guys came out and played. Compliments to Oklahoma State -- they are doing some really good things. I am really pleased with how our guys executed. We played what I like to call a clean game. We didn’t have very many penalties, and we really ran the football well.

"Defensively, the other guys are always going to have some drives, but we came up with some stops. That goal line stand was just fantastic. The second half we played really well. We read out what they were doing a little better in the second half. I thought the kicking game was really strong. The guys really executed well there, too."

On the successful start of the game:
"It helped. I think it was the perfect example of playing together as a team. The defense comes up with stops, and then the offense comes out and eats up some time and scores to cap it off. We really just played well as a team."

On playing the option:
"There were some times when our defensive ends were just a hair off there in the first half. Another time or two, one of our inside backers was just a little off getting around. They run the ball well, so it was one of those deals where you’re playing the game with them. But, in the second half, we settled in and played the run really well."

On Sam Bradford:
"He had a really good week. Everything was positive through the week. I didn’t want to jump the gun earlier in the week and say that because you never know what could happen. He played really well again today."

On the drive after the interception:
"Run and pass, they had a great drive. If you can do that and respond when they think they are coming back, it helps a lot."

On practices throughout the week:
"I thought on Monday that the players were really revved up. There wasn’t any sulking going on, and the rest of the week they carried on that way. I was especially proud of Allen Patrick. He received the first game ball I gave out. He is a hard playing, tough example to our team of just persevering and with how hard he plays. He had such a huge day with his 202 yards. He just ran tough and played hard yet again."


About the overall running game:
“I wouldn’t call it perfect, it’s never perfect. We came out and we have practiced it all week. We practiced with our defense running the ball, full speed running the ball, because they have a strong rush and we tried to put our rushing game together today.”

About the attitude for the running game:
“Yeah there was, especially up front. We got challenged to come out in this game and really make a statement. We really tried to come out and run the ball for four quarters. It was a challenge from every coach on the staff to come out and run the ball strong from the offensive line and running backs and tight ends.“

About this season’s running game:
“I think we have done pretty well, we can always be better. We have been pretty balanced the whole year and we’ve been getting good yards. Today we leaned more to the run because of Sam (Bradford). We wanted to keep him off the ground so we came out with a run emphasis.”

About making a statement for the offensive line:
“It was, we’ve been challenged all year. People have been talking bad to us and the coaches told us we need to show everyone what we can do.”


On the focus on the running game:
“I don’t think we really planned on doing that. We came out and the offensive line was fired up and the coaches went with what was working. We were running the ball for eight, nine, 10 yards a pop and there’s no reason to stop that.”

On erasing the Tech game:
“We were very anxious. We didn’t feel like we came out and played with emotion against Texas Tech. We were excited to come out and I think you could tell from the way we were running around on and off the field that we had a little more pep in our step.”

On playing in his last home game:
“They say people remember your last game, that was my last game in this stadium. It couldn’t have gone better for the team or for myself. I’m more excited for the team than for myself.”

On playing in the Big 12 Championship:
“It’s something very special, the Big 12 Conference is unbelievable. Being able to play for the Big 12 Championship and win it, everyone focuses on National Championships and fail to realize how impressive a Big 12 Championship is and I’m happy to play for it for my last year.”


On the goal line stance:
“That was a real big stop, one of the best. It gave our team a lot of confidence.”

On calming down defensively in the second quarter:
"We had to slow down and read our keys better. We were trying to be a little too aggressive. Their angles were a lot better so once we slowed down and read our keys we slowed them down.”


On the win over Oklahoma State:
“They played amazing tonight. They opened some huge holes on the run game and kept me protected back there. The defense played great. It was just a great win for the team tonight.”

On how he felt:
“I felt fine, felt normal. Everything felt good out there tonight. I started feeling better Monday, started coming around. I knew I was going to be fine.”
On Allen Patrick:
“It was unreal. He ran really hard tonight. He made some great cuts. I can’t really say enough. It’s a great way for him to go out on a senior night. He just had a great game.”

On the defenses goal line stand:
“That gets the whole team fired up, especially the offense. After the defense makes a stand like that we know it is really important for us to hold the ball and go down there and score. It really does get everyone fired up when the defense makes a goal line stand.”

On going to the Big 12 Championship:
“It feels great. That was one of our goals from the beginning of the season and now we won the South and are on our way to San Antonio. We just need to take care of business next week.”


On his performance against Oklahoma State:
“It was a pay back to my team. I had a fumble early on in the game against Texas Tech and I just tried to come out here and focus on playing a better game today. Today was my last day to come out and perform in front of the home crowd so I just tried to go out with a bang”

On the conversation he had with Coach Stoops prior to the game:
“He was just telling me to clear my head and not to worry about what happened last week but just come out here and play my game.”

On what the Oklahoma State defense did to allow the run game to work so well:
“It was all about who wanted it the most. And we wanted it, as you could tell, the way the offensive line played. We were just out there trying to compete and whoever came out was the most physical was going to win and that is what we did.”


On the defensive goal-line stand:
“It boosted our confidence, defensively, as a team. Guys just went in and concentrated and focused for four downs and it paid off. It was great plays in the game.”

On going to the Big 12 Championship:
“It feels good. It is going to feel better playing in the dome in San Antonio next week.”

On the improvement of covering the passing game:
“That was a big boost. That will give us a big boost, secondary wise, going into next week, knowing that when we focus we can not give up as much as we have in the past.”

Opening statement:

“This one’s pretty easy to explain. We’re not physical enough up front, it reminded me a lot of the Georgia game. I had concerns throughout the season about us not being physical enough up front on the defensive side of the ball, and/or the offensive side of the ball. That’s what happened today. They lined up and ran the ball right down our throat. We weren’t physical enough, nor tough enough up front to slow them down. I think we only forced one punt. When you’re able to run the football as effective as they are in a wing-set power play, then obviously it opens up your play pass down the field which they were able to go to late in the third and fourth quarter. ”

“Offensively, getting to the five-yard line or two-yard line, whatever it was, it allowed them to physically beat us up front. I said I had concerns with that throughout the season and that held true today when down in the trenches we weren’t physical enough up front to get a yard or two when we needed it.”

On the Oklahoma offense:
“Their offensive line mashed us. They just knocked us back and pummelled our guys. We knew they had an effective running game and they got it going and were able to block down on us. They were able to mash down on our guys and run the football effectively. Their yards per carry on first downs running the ball were very good. I’m going to guess it’s pretty good. Again, when you can do that, it makes it difficult to slow people down.”

On what needs to happen before the bowl game:
“We’ve got to keep getting better. We have an opportunity for 15 practices between now and a bowl game. We’ve got to get some guys that are beat up a little bit healthy and back working on fundamentals and techniques and just base things that we do on both sides of the football. We have played some good football teams this year. There’s times that we’ve played well, but like today we didn’t play very well. But we continue to work hard and practice to get better and develop some young guys and get ready for the next game.” 


On the defensive play of Oklahoma State:
“Any big play on offense happens when someone on defense isn’t doing what they are supposed to do. It’s just people not making plays.”

On physical play of Oklahoma:
“I don’t think it was just physically overwhelming. I think it was more of us just overplaying things and being too anxious. We were trying to guess instead of just playing. We tried to do stuff that was out of our hands.”

On the disappointment of this game:
“We lost. You can never be happy with a loss. We didn’t play as well as we could. We didn’t have players where they were supposed to be. It’s a loss so we have to feel bad about it.”


On offensive play of Oklahoma State:
“We just tried to run the ball and it seemed like everything was working with Zac (Robinson). It just seemed like the offense as a whole wasn’t clicking. Bobby came in and it wasn’t because of him, but the offense just wasn’t clicking. We got shut down for three and out the whole time.”

On the OSU passing game:
“We couldn’t get the passing game going. It just wasn’t working.”

On Oklahoma’s goal line stand early in the game:
“That wasn’t a turning point. We were disappointed in ourselves and we knew we could do better than that. Next time we need to get the ball in the end zone.



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