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University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 17, 2009

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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

On the game:
Congratulations to Texas. It was a well-played football game on both sides. In the end, they made more plays to win the football game.
On the way the season is going thus far:
It's a different year. We haven't had a lot of these. There's no doubt that we've had a lot to overcome, but it doesn't matter; we've got a season to play.
On the Texas defense:
They did a nice job of mixing things up. They mixed up pressure and mixed up coverages. They did a good job.
On if Sam Bradford came back too soon:
Sam had a great week of practice. I saw him throw the prettiest 60-yard pass to finish our warm up as I've seen him throw. We were going with good information from doctors. He understood the entire situation. Sam is a bright young guy. He knows what he wants, and unfortunately it just hasn't worked out very well.
On if Texas is a national championship caliber team:

They've got a great opportunity. They do an excellent job of coaching, and also I think anytime you've got a caliber of guy like Colt McCoy and the guys around him, they're going to have a chance for sure.
  DT Gerald McCoy

On Oklahoma's defense:
Personally, I feel we played well on defense. We went back and forth all day. Our defense made stops when we needed to, but at the end of the game we needed to get stops and we didn't do it. Overall, I feel like we played our hearts out and played hard the entire time.
On if he and the team are upset when QB Sam Bradford goes down:
We make no excuses. Landry [Jones] played well. He came in and stepped in when Sam went down. He did a good job. Our team is not about making excuses. When someone goes down, that's when we have players step up. We played well but sometimes we just don't come out on top.
On Brian Jackson's interception:
When he caught it, I didn't even see Colt. I was just trying to block the man closest to me. I was hoping he would take it back, but we got the turnover and that was all we were worried about.\
On if Texas wore down the defense in the fourth quarter:
We came in prepared to get a lot of snaps, ready for a lot of plays. Our strength and conditioning coach does a great job of getting us ready and in shape for games. I don't think they wore us down, I think they just made good plays. We just didn't get the stops when we needed to.
  RB DeMarco Murray

On running the football:
Running the ball was a little more physical. There were times the running backs missed a hole and wanted to pace themselves. Then there were times they got the best of us.
  CB Dominique Franks

On Brian's interception:
When I saw him catch it, I just took off running trying to get a block. Colt McCoy made a great play, but at the same time, we got a turnover.
On how he was so successful in taking Texas WR Jordan Shipley out of the game:
We had a great plan coming in. We have to credit our defensive line and linebackers for giving great pressure and not letting Colt McCoy sit back and choose who he wanted to throw it to. We had great pressure.
  CB Brian Jackson

On his interception and Colt McCoy's tackle:
I was looking to the end zone and I kind of saw him out of my peripheral, but I saw a chance to score, so that was all I was looking forward to. [Colt McCoy] is an athlete, you saw how many times he ran the ball. Not many quarterbacks in the nation can run like he did.
On how he was so successful in taking Texas WR Jordan Shipley out of the game:
Really all week we just prepared to take care of business by shutting all the receivers down, you never focus on one player. As a defense we came in and said 'nobody needs to get anything on us'. We feel like we can be the best. Jordan Shipley is a great athlete, as well as Colt McCoy, but we came on and did what we needed to do.
On Texas' offense:
You can't take anything away from them, they're a great team. It's more just little things that we could have done better and the outcome might have been different.
  QB Landry Jones

On his thoughts of his first Red River Rivalry:
Obviously when Sam [Bradford] first went down I felt bad for him I could tell he was hurt again, but after that I put it in the back of my head, and I was ready to step in there and not lose any of our rhythm. I just wanted to come in like I was a starter and take our team to a victory today. We just didn't get it done.
On what the loss feels like:
It feels like the BYU game where we came up short and lost. It's a pretty terrible feeling right now, but come Monday we have to forget about it and push on to next week.
On his first interception:
It was one of those things where I was running out and threw it off my back foot. I wasn't even trying to complete it, I was trying to throw it out of bounds but it just fell a little short.
On his second interception:
I just threw that one behind him.
  QB Sam Bradford

On his injury:
It was the same shoulder, and it hurt pretty much like it did at BYU. I really don't know the outlook from here. I'm going to talk to the doctors and find out exactly what is wrong with it.

On his frustration with his shoulder:
It's extremely frustrating for me, to miss three games and start this one and then hurt my shoulder and not be able to finish. It's hard to put into words the frustration I feel right now.

  Head Coach Mack Brown

Opening statement:
It was a great game. I thought it was more like a fight. The two teams are very respectful of each other, people just knocking each other out for three and a half hours. The defenses dominated the first half for sure, and the offenses came and made some plays in the second half. Our coaches had great plans on both sides, didn't work as well in the first half. It was tough, it was ugly. Our guys continue to come from behind and win close games. I'm very proud of them.
On Colt McCoy's thumb:
Colt (McCoy) got his thumb hurt early in the game and he's so tough, he stayed out there and kept fighting through it. It was his right thumb. He didn't want to come out so he kept playing.
On what Texas did well today:
I thought the offense did a good job of adjusting at halftime. I liked the way we forced turnovers. I liked the way we punted the ball. Field position was huge after the first quarter.
On the win:
I'm really, really proud of these guys. That was a hard fought win. I'm excited for them. Obviously, this is where we start, not where we finish.
On where Texas goes from here:

We were sitting here in this same position last year and after we lost to Texas Tech we let it go back into a system and the system kept us out. Now next week's game becomes bigger than this one and it'll progress like that for the rest of the year.
On the team's execution:
I think we haven't played near our best game yet. That's what I like about this team. They're 6-0, in the top three in the country and we're not even close to where we can be. We have a lot of young guys like Marquise (Goodwin) that just keep getting better. The defense keeps getting better and the kicking game keeps getting better. We've got a chance; we just need to keep playing.
On the running game:
I'm proud that we could run the ball better today. I saw in the stats OU had minus-16 yards rushing and we had 142, and 100 of that came in the second half. You've got to be able to run the ball in the second half and in the fourth quarter, in my estimation, to win.
On Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford's injury:
We're really sorry for Sam that he got hurt. What a great kid and a great player. You hope that he's fine and I'm sure he will be, but you don't want to see a young man get hurt. Our thoughts and prayers will be with him for a full recovery.
On if Texas prepared for Oklahoma QB Landry Jones:
In some ways, we felt like we might see Landry (Jones) because we hadn't been out there long and Landry has played a lot more. We felt like that if Sam (Bradford) couldn't move around the pocket very much that it might take away some of the things they did. Like Colt, Landry came in and did a great job, and he'll be a great player for them in the future.
On WR Marquise Goodwin:
He can catch. He's going to be a super player for us this year, not just in the future. He's a guy that makes a difference for us. He can take a short one and turn it into a long one. We're really proud of him. It's a tremendous amount of pressure for a freshman in this game and he played lights out.
On CB Aaron Williams:
He's a shut down corner and he's also one of our best blitzers. He's coming off the edge very well right now because he's so fast and he has a good knack of when to go ahead and go to the quarterback or pull off if a guy's flaring. He's a very smart football player.
On the team's attitude at halftime:
All of us were upset because we had not played very well but we all knew that we had a chance. We're a better second half team than we are a first half team. There's a lot of emotion in the first half of ball games. Our kids were not frustrated as much as they were disappointed. We had eight penalties in the first half. We'd have a chop block, a hold, a missed assignment. Colt said they gave us some different looks than we had had. We put in some different plays, too, offensively with some misdirection stuff that we hadn't used.
On being patient on offense:
We felt like we had to settle them down and run because there were some creases up inside when (Oklahoma) was blitzing as much as they were, but we were going to have to be patient. The defense was playing great. When our defense is playing that good, we told the kicking game and the offense to get in a position where they could score some then we would win the ball game. I didn't think anybody in that dressing room felt we would lose the game. I told them we were two points further down than we were this point last year, so don't act like the world is coming to an end. This is a hard game. It's usually not a blowout, it's a game you try to win, not blow the other team out.



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