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JANUARY 01, 2011
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening comments:
"I'm very proud of our football team for the way they played. They deserve the credit. They were out there making plays. They played hard. They played well really all night.
"Randy, I'm sure, is proud of his football team. They have done a great job. He has got an excellent football team and a great program as he is going to continue to build.

"Again, really proud of the way our players handled themselves the whole week, the way they got ready for the game and the way they came out and played tonight and making the plays they did. There was a lot of big plays made, and they did a great job."

On OU's offensive performance:
"The players really did well. Again, the credit should go to the offensive staff, Coach Heupel, Coach Norvell, all those guys. Kevin came back and did a nice job during the game just talking with Josh. Again, Coach Patton, Coach Gundy, all those guys did a nice job preparing the players.

"And these guys made big plays. Landry had a huge night. Ryan always does. Jeez, that catch he made, he just every -- does something amazing every game. DeMarco is always the tough, physical, hard-working guy that sets so many things up because people have to defend him. And Kenney had a big night. Cameron Kenney I thought had one of the biggest nights. I thought, again, through the last half of the season he has made some huge plays for us, and he did again tonight."

On the importance of getting off to a fast start:
"It obviously helps you. But in the end, if you don't, you still have to play for another 3 1/2 hours. I worry about ever stressing it too much because if it doesn't happen, you don't want everyone thinking, oh, gosh, we didn't get off to a great start. When you do, it is definitely a big boost and momentum -- it helps you with momentum and helps you."
On the decisive plays in the game:
"When you have a pick-six for a touchdown, that's not really -- I saw the way that unfolded. It is not Landry's fault in that we were running a mesh route. Players -- he is anticipating the guy got knocked down on his way to the route. He is anticipating him being there. He is not there. And then those things happen. You have a pick-six and a kick-off return for a touchdown. And to me, even at the end of the half, the poor kick coverage set up the field goal. So you are sitting there looking at 17 points and the defense has been playing fabulous. But that will happen. You give up those kind of plays. So they were -- they were hanging around. It is not the most comfortable feeling when you are playing so well, but the score doesn't indicate it."

On Landry Jones' performances in the last two bowl games:
"Landry, I have been saying it all year, has a huge future. He has had a great -- he had a huge year this year. I mean, this guy is special. He's a long way from a finished product, and he is also a special and great quarterback, and everyone is realizing it. I'm sure Landry would credit Coach Heupel and his coaching and all his other coaches, too. And he works hard. He has got the attitude. He is humble. He pushes himself. You have that kind of guy that has talent with it, and he is going to be special."
On looking up at the scoreboard at the end of the game:
"It feels a heck of a lot better than it did when it was 20-10. At the end you are just pleased. I'm excited for the players, for them just to play in a complete game and to finish it the way they did is -- you know, you are just proud for them."

  Junior LB Travis Lewis

On getting a BCS win:
"It's huge. We left off where we continue -- we continued where we left off in Nebraska, to come out and play defensively like we did today, it is huge. Going into next year with most of the guys coming back, the sky is the limit for this team. It is huge to finally get this monkey off our back and to win this game versus a very good Connecticut team. This is huge."
On if he will return next season:
"I haven't decided yet. I love being a Sooner. There is nothing better than playing for this university. So it is going to be hard to give up."
On if the team ever doubted themselves this season:  
"After that A&M game, I think everybody looked themselves in the mirror and said we are a better team than this. If we could play half as well as we did at home and stopped shooting ourselves in the foot, I think we're the best team in the country. And so once we got the ball rolling and it all started with Baylor, guys got their confidence up. We just got on a roll.

"We never stopped believing in each other and this team. And coaches continue to put us in great positions. And they never gave up on us. We knew we were a special team. And we were a couple steps away from being where we wanted to be ultimately, and that's in a national championship. The guys on this team, we never gave up. And we kept fighting through everything. And all the adversity, so give it up to the players."

  Sophomore QB Landry Jones

On the importance of getting off to a fast start:
"I just think it gets you off as a quarterback, just gets you into a rhythm of the game, starting well, just gets your confidence up and maybe some shots that are a little tighter later on in the game, you throw them instead of if you start off bad, maybe checking it down or something like that. It just gets your confidence rolling.

On Coach Heupel calling the plays:
"I think he did a great job. Felt like he kept a really good rhythm throughout the game with a run-pass mix. I felt like in tight situations, keeping his cool and just making some great play calls down at the end when they had press coverage on Cam, just calling a go ball by that guy and taking some shots down the field. I think he did a really good job."
On OU's offensive performance:
"Great players just making plays out there. And Ryan is one of our great players on the team. That catch in the end zone was a spectacular catch. He has at least, like Coach said, one of those a game. Really proud of the way he played and came out and prepared all week."
On how the early interception affected him:
"As a quarterback you are going to throw interceptions. In a football game, things are going to happen. Just thinking back on Oklahoma State and just some of the games where we had multiple-interception games, just learning from those experiences and guys just really brought me through a lot this season, playing bad on the road and then coming back and playing really well. And just remembering how it felt and just getting yourself over that and letting it fly the next time you get it."
On the offensive line's performance:
"They did a great job all night. I don't think I was on the ground the entire night. Everybody else's jerseys and pants are all dirty, and I still look like I got mine out of the washer. So those guys did an excellent job all night, and I'm really just proud of the way they played."
  Junior WR Ryan Broyles

On OU's offensive performance:
"Coaches put us in great positions to make plays. Landry is out there throwing the ball, putting it on spots. It is a whole team effort on offense and it definitely helps when the defense gets their offense on the field as well."
On if the team ever doubted themselves this season:
"We definitely fought through adversity. We came out, felt like we end the season well on a strong point. We definitely had confidence going in these last final games and it definitely pays off."
  Senior WR Cameron Kenney

On the Sooners taking shots down the field:
"Coach put us in a great position. Like I said, play calls were excellent. Landry just continues to get better and better. He is having the confidence in us to make the plays whenever we need them on crucial downs. Just a good opportunity for us to go out there and execute them when we need to."
On what the keys were on offense late in the year:
"Like I said, Landry has given us an opportunity to come together as an offense. And everyone has a lot of confidence in him. I would have to give it all to him and the O-line and the coaches getting us prepared. It is not just me being out there, it is them having confidence in me to come in on crucial downs and make the plays whenever I get those opportunities. And just never give up on anything you have the opportunity to do whenever you get your chance. Just go at it."
  Junior DB Jamell Fleming

On his interception:
"I broke up on the route, he tipped the ball right to my hands and I just took off and ran as hard as I could.
I mean, our secondary we have been playing well. We prepare every week. And Coach Martinez always gets us ready for the game."



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