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NOVEMBER 16, 2009
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10:41 p.m. | Final in Lincoln
Oklahoma suffers its fourth loss of the season as Nebraska posts a 10-3 win at Memorial Stadium Saturday night. The Sooners fall to 5-4 overall and 3-2 in Big 12 play. Nebraska ups its record to 6-3 overall and 3-2 in conference play. OU goes down in Lincoln despite a 325-180 edge in total yards and a 23-7 edge in first downs. Biggest stat of the night? Five turnovers for the Sooners.
10:38 p.m. | Pick Times Five
Landry Jones suffers his fifth interception of the night. The final INT sealed the game and Nebraska will pick up its first win against the Sooners in the last five meetings.
10:36 p.m. | Tightropes
There's no doubt that Ryan Broyles can walk a tightrope along the sideline. The sophomore from Norman returned Nebraska's punt 49 yards to give OU a fighting chance here in the final seconds.
10:34 p.m. | Defense Holds
OU's defense provides the Sooners one more chance at the ball with less than a minute to remain in the game. We won't sugarcoat it -- it's not looking good for the Sooners here in Lincoln.
10:31 p.m. | Fourth INT
Jones' fourth-down pass is tipped and Nebraska collects its fourth interception of the night. The Nebraska crowd erupted. The timeout OU's offense was forced to call was extremely costly. The Sooners can't stop the clock from here on out.
10:27 p.m. | Seat Edge
Oklahoma's offense faces a third-and-five at the Nebraska 34. Seems like OU has been in this situation a lot tonight. Now, fourth down and it doesn't seem like all the players are on the same page.
10:19 p.m. | Rare Miss
Nebraska kicker Alex Henery missed his first kick under 50 yards in his last 25 attempts as the Sooners dodge a bullet and take over on their own 26. It remains a touchdown game.
10:16 p.m. | Huskers Ramming Ball
After stifling the Nebraska offense for much of the game, the Sooner defense has given up three big runs as the clock is ticking down here in the fourth quarter. The Huskers have the Sooner defense on its heels and the ball on OU's 30-yard line.
10:13 p.m. | Sooners Stopped
Oklahoma turned it over on downs on Nebraska's 24. There's 8:54 on the clock and the Sooner defense needs to force another stop or answer prayers and generate a turnover.
10:03 p.m. | Frustration
Must be just as frustrating for the coaches as it is for the fans to see an OU offense show so many flashes of promise in this game and then falter down the stretch. Less than 10 minutes to go in Lincoln, third-and-long and the Sooners need a score.
9:56 p.m. | Sack by Beal
Jeremy Beal sacked Cody Green to raise his season total to 9.5 (19th career). The junior defensive end now has a sack in six of the last seven games. Beal is on the watch list for the Bednarik, Hendricks, Lombardi and Nagurski Awards. Learn more about Jeremy Beal here:
9:54 p.m. | Quick Pics
We've started building our photo gallery from the game and you can preview it here. We'll post complete recap, stats, notes, quotes, photos and video highlights following the game.
9:51 p.m. | Fourth Quarter
As was widely expected, both defenses have dominated the game. OU's offense has displayed flashes of promise but three interceptions, three missed field goals and damaging penalties have provided the Huskers the lead on the scoreboard. OU has a 15-4 advantage in first downs but trails, 10-3.
9:41 p.m. | Crunch Time
The Sooners head to the fourth quarter trailing 10-3. OU will have to overcome a hungry bunch of Huskers in a hostile environment to win this one. Cheer loud and proud wherever you are.
9:38 p.m. | Wide Left
Tress Way over-corrected his mistake in the first half, missing his latest field goal attempt, a 42-yarder, wide left. The Sooners fail to capitalize on another drive that started with good field position.
9:34 p.m. | Dose of Brown
After alternating punts with the Huskers, the Sooners are back in Nebraska territory and have turned to Chris Brown on their latest drive. Brown has a pair of 10-yard runs on his last three carries and Oklahoma is driving inside the 30.
9:31 p.m. | Huskers Bringing Heat
With the pressure the Nebraska defense has been bringing tonight, Landry Jones has had to attempt a lot of throws while backpedaling or off his back foot. The obvious result has been a much lower completion percentage than he's accustomed to. Jones has completed 16-of-35 passes tonight (.457). His season average for completion percentage is .624.
9:24 p.m. | Needing an Answer
Much like they did last week against Kansas State, we'd sure like to see the Sooner offense respond here with a big scoring drive. They have shown signs of opening it up and have made some big plays, but so far have been unable to put enough together in a row to punch it in the end zone.
9:21 p.m. | Californians for Oklahoma
More love from Sooner fans following us from afar: "Can't get the game here in Los Angeles so I'm glued to my screen with you! Keep those blogs coming and thanks from L.A.!"
9:19 p.m. | Bringing the House
Coach Venables continues to open up his blitz package as the Sooners brought three extra guys in on the strong side of the field on Nebraska's third-down play. The strategy paid off, as Dom Franks batted down the pass attempt and forced the Huskers to settle for a field goal. The kick pushes NU's lead to 10-3.
9:16 p.m. | Turnovers the Story
Momentum shifts back the Huskers as Landry Jones overthrew his target and was picked off by the Nebraska safety. Turnovers continue to be the story of tonight's game. It's the only reason the Cornhuskers have seven points on the board right now, and also the reason they don't have 14, as McCoy's fumble recovery ended another potential scoring drive.
9:12 p.m. | Good Hands Group
Great concentration by Dejuan Miller on that last catch, as he was hit simultaneously as the ball arrived. The Sooner receiving corps as a whole has made some nice catches tonight, including impressive grabs by Ryan Broyles and Cameron Kenney on OU's scoring drive late in the first half.
9:09 p.m. | Name Game
When Nebraska's defense is on the field, there sure are some tongue-twisters for the radio and TV broadcasters to fumble through: Prince Amukamara, Ndamukong Suh and Curenski Gilleylen are our favorites. The most interesting names we can find on our own roster are Aladenoye and Ibiloye.
9:06 p.m. | Alaskans for Oklahoma
Another great email, this one from a Sooner fan enjoying the game all the way up in Alaska: "This is one of those times I wish I didn't live up in Alaska! Thanks for doing a good job describing the game! Instead of cheering for my favorite team, I'm being forced to watch USC's game. From one Sooner's fan to another, thank you!"... Thanks for following along! Keep the emails coming.
9:03 p.m. | Quick On, Quick Off
Defense continues to be the name of the game. OU's offense was held to a three-and-out on the opening drive of the second half. We'll see if the Sooners can do the same against the Husker attack.
8:59 p.m. | Respecting the Sooners
The Nebraska Athletics Department just finished recognizing Sooner standouts during their halftime ceremony and the Nebraska faithful provided especially loud applause for Sam Bradford (his arm in a sling) and Barry Switzer. Switzer played to the crowd on the video board and received the second-loudest response after former head coach and current Nebraska AD Tom Osborne. It's this mutual respect that makes the OU-Nebraska rivalry special among all rivalries in college football.
8:54 p.m. | We're Here for All Fans
Just received an email from a Nebraska fan located in Arizona (who is receiving the USC-Arizona State instead of our game on ABC): "The only contact I have with the game tonight is your blog. Thanks."
Although we do our gameday blog primarily for the benefit of Oklahoma fans, we're pleased that the opposing team's fans find value in our live observations from the field. Boomer Sooner.
8:49 p.m. | Serving the Country
We want to give a special mention to one former Sooner who is now serving her country. Caton Hill, one of the most recognizable players in OU women's basketball history, deploys to Afghanistan next Friday to serve as a flight doctor. We admire you, Caton, and we appreciate all the service-men and -women out there who have and continue to fight for our freedom.
8:45 p.m. | Halftime Notables
We're at halftime in Lincoln and Nebraska's video board is displaying a few stats of note: Oklahoma's defense has limited NU to just one first down in the game and 83 total yards (just five passing). Most of the yards came on the 63-yard run by Roy Helu (NU fumbled on the ensuing play and OU recovered).
On the flip side, OU's offense has 10 first downs and 134 total yards (including 106 coming through the air). The difference in the game so far is Prince Amukamara's interception that the Huskers cashed in for a touchdown.
8:42 p.m. | OU On the Board
Tulsa product Tress Way notched his first career field goal in a Sooner uniform, connecting from 28 yards out to provide Oklahoma's first points in Lincoln.
8:39 p.m. | Boomer Sooner
As mentioned earlier in our blog, OU's band is filling the stadium with the rousing strains of Boomer Sooner. Kudos to the Pride in taking advantage of the quiet time as Nebraska's band is assembling on the sideline in advance of its halftime performance.
8:35 p.m. | Leg Strength
Redshirt freshman punter/kicker Tress Way is also showing some impressive physical qualities so far in the game. Although he hooked his first field goal attempt, the ball had plenty of distance to spare. Way's booming punts have been critical in keeping the Sooners out of a hole in the field position battle.
8:31 p.m. | Box's Speed
Did you see the speed sophomore Austin Box displayed in chasing down Roy Helu? The Enid, Okla., product saved the touchdown on that play. Box's speed allowed Oklahoma City's McCoy to take the ball back for the Sooners on the fumble recovery.
8:27 p.m. | McCoy Changes Momentum
Oklahoma awards candidate Gerald McCoy alertly fell on the Husker fumble to end Nebraska's drive. That marked McCoy's first fumble recovery of the season. McCoy is in the running for the Bednarik, Lombardi, Nagurski and Outland awards. Learn more about GK at
8:21 p.m. | Going Wide
Oklahoma's drive here in the second quarter ended with a failed fourth-and-one try. Rather than attempt to gain the yard up the middle, the Sooners attempted to go wide right to DeMarco Murray. Nebraska snuffed out the play and ended OU's scoring threat.
8:19 p.m. | Landry is Clutch
Landry Jones is making some clutch plays in this drive -- both mentally and physically. Jones, under heavy pressure, shot the ball to TE Eric Mensik. In another hostile environment, the redshirt freshman's composure is a highlight for the Sooners.
8:17 p.m. | Murray Moves Forward
One thing we've noticed with DeMarco Murray is that he always seems to lower his head, keep his pad level low and moves forward when tackled. Although Chris Brown is always noted as a tough runner, we have to give props to Murray, too. The guy would not be fun to try and tackle.

8:14 p.m. | Checking Off
Landry Jones is checking off at the line of scrimmage to ensure that his linemen can hear the call. Nebraska's crowd was expected to be loud and they are delivering. Our offices are near the football practice fields in Norman and all week OU worked with noise.
8:09 p.m. | Stretching Field
The middle of Nebraska's defense is its strength with Suh and Crick causing issues for the Sooner linemen. OU's offense is attempting to stretch the field with a few passes deep. Landry Jones launched a nice pass over the middle to Adron Tennell but No. 80 wasn't able to hold on to the ball and took a jarring hit.
8:06 p.m. | Observations
Nebraska's stadium is traditional yet modern. We appreciate the excellent video boards and large press box. However, the extremely-green contrast every five yards on the field isn't very natural or appealing. The Nebraska student section is located in the southeast corner of the stadium. Again, OU students have it pretty good back at Memorial Stadium in Norman.
8:01 p.m. | Early Celebration
As is customary with their first score, Nebraska fans released red balloons into the sky. Trouble was, the Huskers had not scored following the interception. NU went ahead and put six on the board two plays later to justify the balloon launch.
7:52 p.m. | First Quarter Shutouts
Oklahoma has not allowed a single point in the first quarter in 11 straight games dating back to last season (Missouri and Florida). In addition, the Sooners have allowed only three first-quarter points in the last 14 games. Kansas State was the last opponent to score a TD in the first quarter (Oct. 25, 2008).
7:49 p.m. | Penalties Aplenty
OU was forced to punt from its own end zone and the Huskers will take over at the Sooner 45. There hasn't been much of a rhythm to this game so far. Neither team has been able to muster much offense, and it seems like there has been a penalty flag on every other play. Hopefully both teams can clean it up. After the first quarter, we're still scoreless.
7:45 p.m. | Deep in Our Own End
I guess we jinxed ourselves with the previous note on starting field position. The Sooners are now backed up about as far as we can go, inside our own five-yard line. The Husker crowd has really raised the decibel level to help out their defense.
7:42 p.m. | Technical Difficulties
We've had a few questions about the live stats not working. Our apologies, but there's not much we can do since they are provided by the host school. Nebraska is a JumpTV school, whereas we are CBS. The two site hosts do not share the same stats service.
7:38 p.m. | Huskers Half of the Field
A kick-catch interference penalty on Nebraska gives the Sooners the ball right at midfield. So far, the entire game has been played on NU's half of the field, with the Sooner defense giving up nothing and the offense starting all three of their drives within or beyond the "N" at midfield.
7:34 p.m. | Offensive Struggles
The Sooner defense has been solid so far, although the Huskers haven't helped themselves either with a number of penalties on the offensive side of the ball so far. Right now the stats board shows Nebraska with one yard of total offense on its first two drives. It again led to good starting-field position for the Sooners, although they couldn't muster much offense themselves, and Way had his latest field goal attempt blocked. Still scoreless.
7:28 p.m. | OU's Band Loud and Proud
Delia from Bartlesville, Okla., emailed in and asked if OU's full band is in attendance tonight because they came through so loud on the ABC telecast. The answer? No, the full band is not here but we estimate a contingent of 40-50 Pride members. It's an honor to be selected as a travel member of the Pride, so in all likelihood they're the best and loudest of the bunch.
7:24 p.m. | Wide Right
Plenty of distance on the 46-yard field goal attempt by Tress Way, he just hooked it wide right. It's a hook for Way since he's left-footed.
7:21 p.m. | Murray in the Slot
No that wasn't a typo. DeMarco Murray made his first career start as a wide receiver tonight, split out in the slot. Just a technicality really, as OU often shifts players around to different positions based on the play and formation that is called.
7:18 p.m. | OU's Offensive Starters
WR DeMarco Murray, WR Dejuan Miller, RB Chris Brown, QB Landry Jones, C Ben Habern, RT Cory Brandon, LG Brody Eldridge, LT Trent Williams, RG Stephen Good and WR Ryan Broyles.
7:16 p.m. | Three-and-Out
Good start for the Sooner defense holding the Cornhuskers to a three-and-out. A 14-yard return by Ryan Broyles gives the Sooners good starting field position at the Nebraska 45.
7:13 p.m. | OU's Defensive Starters
Tonight's starters on defense were: CB Dom Franks, CB Brian Jackson, LB Ryan Reynolds, S Quinton Carter, LB Keenan Clayton, LB Travis Lewis, S Sam Proctor, DE Auston English, DE Jeremy Beal, DT Adrian Taylor and DT Gerald McCoy.
7:09 p.m. | Impressive Entrance
Pretty impressive intro video and buildup to the Cornhuskers entrance to the field. We're now just moments away from kickoff.
7:02 p.m. | Comparing the Traditions
It goes without saying the long and storied football traditions of these two programs. Here are a few numbers comparing them:
Quick Comparison
Victories in This Series
Average Score in Series
National Championships
Big 12 Conference Titles
All-Time Conference Titles
Heisman Trophy Winners
Consensus All-Americans
10+ Win Seasons
Bowl Wins
All-Time Winning Percentage

6:55 p.m. | Off to the Locker Rooms
Both teams just completed their on-field pregame preparations and headed back to the locker rooms. Nebraska's band is now on the field. Oh, and that block of empty seats we mentioned earlier where they will be sitting? They've concealed it with a massive "Go Big Red" flag. There are virtually no empty seats in here now.
6:51 p.m. | Award Winner Celebration
Similar to last season when OU brought back Oklahoma and Nebraska players from the 1971 Game of the Century, NU celebrated the series by inviting back several legends for this year's game. The group convened at a dinner on Friday night and will be introduced to the crowd at halftime tonight. In attendance are:

Oklahoma - Barry Switzer, Steve Owens (1969 Heisman, Walter Camp), Greg Pruitt (College HOF), Joe Washington (College HOF), Tom Brahaney (College HOF), Billy Sims (1978 Heisman, Walter Camp), Tony Casillas (1985 Lombardi), Brian Bosworth (1985, 1986 Butkus), Rickey Dixon (1987 Thorpe), Derrick Strait (2003 Thorpe, Nagurski), Josh Heupel (2000 Walter Camp), Jason White (2003 Heisman, Davey O'Brien, 2004 Maxwell, O'Brien, Unitas).
Nebraska - Tom Osborne, Larry Jacobson (1971 Outland), Johnny Rodgers (1972 Heisman), Dave Rimington (1981, 1982 Outland, Lombardi), Dean Steinkuhler (1983 Outland, Lombardi), Mike Rozier (1983 Heisman), Will Shields (1992 Outland), Trev Alberts (1993 Butkus), Zach Wiegert (1994 Outland), Tommie Frazier (1995 Unitas), Aaron Taylor (1997 Outland), Eric Crouch (2001 Heisman).
6:44 p.m. | Early-Arriving Crowd
Still nearly a half-hour from kickoff, the stands are already pretty full here in Lincoln. The only noticeable block of empty seats is where the Nebraska band will be sitting adjacent to the student section on the east side of the stadium. This isn't surprising. Even though both teams aren't quite where they'd like to be at this point in the season, the atmosphere in and around the stadium today has had all the feel of a big game. It is, after all, Oklahoma and Nebraska.
6:38 p.m. | Scanning the Scoreboard
A quick rundown of today's Big 12 and national scores of interest:
Big 12
Colorado 35, Texas A&M 34
Baylor 40, Missouri 32
Kansas State 17, Kansas 10
Oklahoma State 34, Iowa State 8
Texas 35, UCF 3
Alabama 24, LSU 15
Northwestern 17, Iowa 0
Stanford 51, Oregon 42
Ohio State 24, Penn State 7
Navy 23, Notre Dame 21
6:36 p.m. | Memorial Stadium(s)
This one is recycled from our Kansas game blog, but it's also appropriate here, since OU is playing in its third different "memorial" stadium this year (here, at Kansas and our own in Norman). Following is a list of the memorial stadiums that can be found around the college football landscape include:

Memorial Stadium Opened Capacity
Cal 1923 75,662
Clemson 1942 80,301
Indiana 1960 52,000
Illinois 1923 65,143
Kansas 1921 50,071
Navy 1959 35,000
Nebraska 1923 81,067
New Mexico State 1978 30,343
Oklahoma 1923 82,112
Texas 1924 94,113
Wyoming 1950 33,500

6:29 p.m. | End Zone Seats
Tough to distinguish OU's crimson from Nebraska's scarlet in the stands, but we do know a majority of the Oklahoma contingent will be seated behind the south end zone (the one with "Nebraska" as opposed to "Huskers"). NU's student section is jam-packed in the southeast corner. We find it interesting the large proportion of end zone seats compared to those along the sidelines. It's definitely a much different layout than you see at most stadiums.
6:21 p.m. | First Class

From the facilities to the staff to the fans, everything in Nebraska has been first class throughout the weekend. Husker fans have long been known for their cordialness, especially toward Oklahoma, and they have been nothing short of that. We were even greeted with a few "good luck" wishes as we walked up to the stadium. You don't get that at too many opponents' venues.
6:19 p.m. | Quick Weather

Long-time Nebraska fans marveled about the weather today as Lincoln basked in sunny conditions and temps in the mid-70s. We're expecting 57 degrees at kickoff dropping into the upper 40s by the fourth quarter. The wind is blowing north to south at about 7-10 mph.
6:08 p.m. | We're Live From Lincoln
We're set up in Nebraska's press box overlooking the field at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. The stands are beginning to fill with Husker and Sooner fans in advance of the 7 p.m. CT kickoff.
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The No. 20 Oklahoma Sooners play Nebraska Saturday night in Lincoln. ABC has the regional television broadcast in primetime beginning at 7 p.m. from Memorial Stadium.
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