Game Quotes: Oklahoma 28, Texas 21

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 07, 2007

Opening Statement:
I just feel fortunate to be here, winning like this, thought it was a really well played game, both sides. I thought Texas really played well. I'm proud of our guys to hang in there and play like we did and made the plays in the fourth quarter that we felt we had to make to win. I felt fortunate in some ways. When they turnovers go your way - the tipped ball was huge. I guess it had a chance to be huge and then we had two penalties to follow that up and we ended up punting. I did not wind up a big deal. The strip by (OU linebacker) Curtis Lofton, I thought, down there after the first drive of the second half was probably the play of the game. Curtis made a great strip down there and a great play. Again, I feel fortunate to be involved in such a well played game and to come out on top.

On the adjustments made in the second half to slow down Texas TE Jermichael Finley:
We just changed up our coverage a little more. On one of those where he had a big play, we had three guys that were running around the football and he beat us to the ball and everybody kind of ran into each other. So, a couple of times we didn't cover him very well. We just switched up our coverages. We were in good coverages early on. We kind of sucked up on the play action a little too much and they had us in the hole.

On the poise and leadership of Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford:
He's sitting right next to me, so I don't want to brag on him too much. He does a nice job. I think Sam, as young as he is, has a lot of confidence and a lot of cool to him. He doesn't make too much of a situation. He trusts the guys around him to make plays. I think he does an excellent job of doing what the offensive coaches are asking him to do - play your role. No one needs to be Superman out there. Distribute the ball. He does a great job of going through his reads and doing that.
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On the first and last touchdown drives of the game:

It's hard to remember that first drive, but on that last drive, we knew we had to get the ball out of our territory. We got some quick throws in and got open, got going. I saw good things, and we just got rolling.

On whether the game slowed down for him as the game progressed:
I don't think the game slowed down, but I think the coaches did a good job of getting us in good situations. We had a good plan and when we got out there, things just got rolling.

On getting WR Malcolm Kelly involved:
It's always good when you have him involved in the game. He made some catches that were just unreal. Anytime you have Malcolm and you throw to Malcolm, you like your chances.

On how the final touchdown play developed:
I think we got a few quick passes on that drive and kept moving the chains. On that third-and-five play, we ran that play action as we had worked on it all week. Malcolm (Kelly) did a good job to get open.

On Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray's 65-yard touchdown run:
That was a big play in the game. To turn around and watch DeMarco go 65, it gave us some momentum back. It was key in getting us going and getting us into a rhythm. That play just kind of sparked us.
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On his performance in the second half:

Getting back into the game, I was real anxious. I came out after halftime and my hamstring kind of cramped up. I didn't know if I was going into the came. Coach Stoops said, 'We need you.' I guess it found a way to heal. It was real important to get back in there and help out.

On putting the Colorado loss behind them:
Last week was last week. I'm not worried about last week. We came out and we didn't execute the game plan. That's what we talked about all week. We were going to put the loss behind us. We knew if we dwelled on that loss that we would get beat again. We just put it behind us, came out this week and had a real good week of preparation. We played the way we knew we could.

On his overall performance:
In the first half, I had a big catch and ran down and almost scored. It was just a momentum builder. Playing in a game, sometimes you get down when things don't go your way. Coach (Stoops) expressed all week that the game will change; they will get the momentum, we will get the momentum. So, when you get the momentum, you have to hold it.

On the demeanor of Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford:
His demeanor never changes. He has the right attitude and says 'Let's get this…let's get it done.' No matter how bad it gets, his demeanor never changes. He knows we always have a chance.
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On turnovers:

We had a very unfortunate tip that went right through Jamaal (Charles)'s hands into (Oklahoma's) hands. (Oklahoma) had two tips and we weren't able to get them.

On the QBs Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford:
I thought both quarterbacks played great and gave their teams chances to win.

On Jamaal Charles' fumble:
Just from what I could see on the video screen and during the ballgame that he had the ball properly tucked away and I think one of (Oklahoma's) linebackers did a great job of hitting the ball with his hand, knocking it out, and again that was a momentum changer. Give (Oklahoma) credit for moving (the ball) out. We lost some field position, but we came right back and scored.

On the biggest play of the game:
I thought the probably the biggest situation in the ballgame was when (Oklahoma) muffed the kickoff and we got them at the six (yardline) and then (Oklahoma) took it down and scored. That probably put us in the worst shape of anything throughout the day. Other than that (play), the two obvious turnovers were when one of them went through Jamaal (Charles') hands and I thought that was a great pass by Colt (McCoy) and the other one was a fumble that was knocked loose and we didn't knock any (balls) loose.



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