A. Paris & Higgins Featured by ESPN
November 27, 2006

NORMAN, Okla. -- unveiled two stories on the No. 3 Oklahoma women's basketball team on Monday morning. 

The regular 'Quick Dish' feature by Grahman Hays focuses on OU's supporting cast around All-American Courtney Paris, with Erin Higgins serving as the focus of the article.

Hall-of-Famer Nancy Lieberman also contributed 'Ashley Paris making name for herself' which focuses on the improvements the Sooner forward made this offseason. 

Excerpts and links to complete to complete stories are below.

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OU's Paris getting plenty of help from supporting cast
Hollywood is the land of leading ladies, a town where Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron rule the roost. In other words, it was a perfect stage for Courtney Paris to show off why she's literally and potentially figuratively the biggest star taking curtain calls in women's college basketball this season.

So it was a little surprising to walk away from Oklahoma's game last week against UCLA in Tinsel Town, or at least nearby Westwood, marveling at the subtle performances of Paris' supporting cast. Then again, a solitary star might pave the way for big box-office numbers, but the movies that stand the test of time are the ones with depth and nuance.

Of course, it never hurts to throw in a barrage of 3-pointers, the basketball equivalent of a really good car chase.

Paris did her part as the Sooners scored a 77-68 win on the road, scoring 24 points and hauling in 17 rebounds, but seniors Erin Higgins, Leah Rush and Chelsi Welch combined for 37 points and nine 3-pointers. Time and again, UCLA's attempts to rally were quelled by a momentum-killing shot from behind the arc from someone in a red jersey.

"We take pride in it, because that's what we need; that's what helps Courtney out, too," Higgins said of the outside shooting. "Courtney doesn't score 40-some odd points if she doesn't have people around her outside that people have to guard."

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Ashley Paris making name for herself
It was Oklahoma's season debut. On national TV. And as expected, Courtney Paris was dominating the paint.

The Sooners sophomore's quickness and decision-making skills were as solid as ever.

But then something happened. The camera cut to Oklahoma's bench -- where Paris was sitting. Which meant ... Courtney's identical twin, Ashley Paris, was the one doing the damage on the court.

It figures, I remember thinking. Ashley played in Courtney's shadow all of last season -- and probably for years before that. It's understandable. Courtney Paris annihilated the record books as a freshman last year, setting more than three dozen school, Big 12 or Division I records en route to becoming the first woman in NCAA history to amass at least 700 points, 500 rebounds and 100 blocks in a season.

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