Tyler Gooch Q&A
September 28, 2004

Every week during the fall season, will provide Sooner fans a candid look at the Oklahoma baseball team through individual question and answer sessions with each player.  This week Tyler Gooch answers a variety of questions ranging from his favorite former OU baseball player to what age he started playing baseball.

1. Where’s your favorite place to visit?  The ocean (California)

2. What would be the first thing you would purchase if you won the lottery?  A car

3. Favorite magazine:  Maxim

4. What CD is in your stereo right now?  Coldplay

5. What was your favorite baseball team when you were younger?  N.Y. Yankees

6. If you weren’t a pitcher, what position would you like to play?  Shortstop

7. Favorite former OU baseball player:  Casey Bookout

8. What have you always wanted to do but were never able?  Play the guitar

9. I started playing baseball at age ...  Five

10. If you could live in another country, which country would you choose?  Great Britain




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