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University of Oklahoma
SEPTEMBER 17, 2012
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement:
"(I'll) start off by complimenting Kansas State. Congratulating them on a well played football game. The guys really, which they have been doing and everyone knows, played hard, played well. Executing in a big football game. As our team goes, the number one thing that's obvious is turnovers. It's just bad football when you turn the football over, give a touchdown when you're inside the one yard line on second down and you lose the football. It's just bad football. You give up three turnovers and don't get one, you're going to lose against a good team every time and that's how it went. I thought the kicking game was pretty solid, I thought defensively we did well for a great part of the game and then in the second half we give up a drive or so that resulted in points. We gave up one drive that I thought we needed to be better, there's too many occasions we get them in third down and we needed to be better on some of the third and longs, stops. That's where we weren't as good as we needed to be. Then offensively, second thing, I thought we needed to be better on some third down areas. We could be more consistent and stay on the field. We've got a lot to work on, obviously. We'll try to improve. I'll say that the players, their attitude, has been good. There's no excuses about it. They're working hard. We've got to do a better job as coaches to polish things and get things to be sharper and more precise. The players have got to keep working and getting better as well."
On players and coaches being out of sync:
"There was a time or two, yes. It has nothing to do with the bye week. The bye week should allow you to polish things up and be better in those situations."
On K-State getting open in the flats:
"Well that was on first and 10. It was a run situation when the tight end was open. The way we were reading and defending the run the rest of the night, that helped us, our safety was a little bit late seeing the tight end releasing. They make you cover them in a unique way because of all the quarterback run game. By the time we got it corrected they had hit it a couple times."
On difference this year between QB Collin Klein:
"I want to compliment Collin, he's an excellent player, but it's everybody. The receivers getting open and giving him an opportunity to throw it. Our guys, whether it be not covering as well or not getting to the quarterback or not tipping the ball when you need to. Those things kind of all work together."
On QB Landry Jones performance:
"Not very well overall. But again, I don't think it's fair to say "Landry Jones." I think it's fair to say the guys around him, also were inconsistent. But again, some of the plays that stick out to everybody, that weren't very good, when you're turning the football over it's going to kill you."
On QB Landry Jones not getting rid of the ball:
"He had plenty of time. He read it all out and even when he pulled it down and started to do something with it he had no immediate pressure. We've got to get rid of the football and go to the next play or punt. We've got to be more responsible with the football. Again, that's just bad football with a play like that."
On if the defense collapsed in the fourth quarter:
"You can give it whatever adjective you want. That sounds good for splash newspapers. But we're playing a pretty good team that's run the football and moved it on everybody and for the most part, the entire night of it, we did a pretty decent job. Would I say a whole collapse? I don't know, if it sounds good, go ahead and write it. Or you could just say they gave up a touchdown."
  Coach Josh Heupel

On running plays up the middle of the field:
"Just based on the coverage we thought we'd see from them, based off some things that we'd seen on tape a couple of wrinkles in personnel that we tried to take advantage of. We hit some of those things at time, but not consistently enough."
On facing long yardage situations:
"You do those things to yourself, though; you play behind; you don't take advantage of opportunities when you've got them; you put yourself in the negative situations where you are playing behind the chains -- those are all things that we really did to ourselves. It was just a lot of situations that we could be a lot better."
On lack of execution of plays on offense:
"It is frustrating to come out and play the way we did after a bye week. I thought we made some strides during the bye week. They didn't show up tonight on tape. There were positive things on that first drive. We missed one we had a chance to score 6 on, and we come back and it is a third-and-two play and we bust on the right side of the line. The next series we start off with a false start. Those things, you can't do that in this league."
On his evaluation of the offense:
"We are not where we need to be by any stretch of the imagination and anywhere where we're capable of being. Things have got to change. We have got to come back Monday and need to refocus."
  Coach Mike Stoops

Opening statement:
"I thought through three quarters we kind of fought our way through the game against a very complete and very diverse offense. I thought our kids really fought hard. Thought we were doing the right things. They kept us off balance all night on their empty sets when they went to 10 personnel and jumped the (offensive) line back out and created some matchups, and that really disoriented us. We adjusted some things, but they kind of worked us on third down and that kept drives going. That was probably the most disappointing part of it all is that we didn't have a better game plan against their empty sets and really that's my fault. The way they structured it was a little bit different, but that is just careless, and we just didn't execute against that set very well. We didn't pressure the quarterback very well and we didn't get turnovers, and that is a tough remedy against Kansas State. We kind of broke down a little bit in the fourth quarter. We kind of fought ourselves through the game. I thought our guys competed well. We just got out-executed in the fourth quarter and that was really the game."
On his evaluation of the defense versus Kansas State's offense:
"We were fighting all night to get them in an uncomfortable situation. I thought they played the game at their tempo most of the night. They know how to play and we just couldn't get control of the game the way we wanted to. Their offense is very sophisticated, way beyond the normal eye could ever imagine. I think that is what makes them great. Maybe not in the media's eyes, but in coaching eyes they are very sophisticated. They are very persistent and they execute very well and that makes them who they are. It is hard to beat a top-10 or -15 team and that is what they are. They are very complete."
On the team going forward:
"Again, it is a long season, and we have to regroup. Again, I don't think it is anything we can't fix. I thought our kids competed and played hard, and that's the bottom line to me. Again, we broke down a lot of different elements of the game, but our kids competed. We weren't good enough tonight, but we don't want to go beyond that. We wish we were better tonight, but we weren't. We've got to fight our way through it, and there are a lot of teams like we are right now."
On Kansas State's offensive line and quarterback:
"One penalty, no turnovers and did we have a sack? I don't think so. Very good. I thought they played well. Again, you saw [quarterback Collin Klein] controlling the rush with his draws. His mobility creates some problems for you, rush lane wise, too, and that is the element that he brings to the table. I thought he threw the ball great on third down."

  Senior QB Landry Jones

On the overall feeling:
"It's definitely frustrating. We have a lot of good players on this offensive team; a lot of good running backs, a lot of good offensive linemen, receivers. We have a lot of skill. It seemed like we couldn't put it together. We played really dumb football, me especially. The fumble, the pick, missed Moose [Brannon Green] on the tight end pop-up play. A lot of different plays left up to me."
On if OU can still make it to the national championship game:
"Yeah, I mean typically every year there's a one-loss team in the championship game, both Big 12 and the national championship. So it's still out in front of us. Definitely going to be tough if we lose another one, that's for sure. But we're going to regroup."
On how to get the team back together:
"Little things. Practice better. Focus on being extremely detailed in what we're doing out there. We're just kind of going through the motions. Practice must change. We as an offense have to change."
  Junior DB Tony Jefferson

On stopping Kansas State's run game:
"It wasn't very difficult, I think we showed that at the beginning of the game. In the fourth quarter, they just executed on third downs. I think they were seven-for-seven in the fourth quarter and you can't win that way."
On feeling discombobulated during the game:
"I guess we came out there and people were shaky, I don't know. We just lost focus. You can't go against a top-25 team like that regardless where you're at, home or away. It's just kind of disappointing when you feel you could have definitely won the game."
  Freshman WR Sterling Shepard

On scoring his first touchdown:
"It felt great, but like I said if you don't come out with a W, then there is no point in it. I was happy to get in there my first time and hopefully there is plenty more to come."
On paying tribute to his dad after scoring:
"I write "RPDShep" on my tape, so (when I cross my arms) it's for my dad. A lot of stuff was running through my head, so I didn't have time to kneel down and stuff. Next time hopefully I'll be calm about it."
On the amount of turnovers:
"It was a big game and a lot of stuff was running through your head, so I think sometimes things just happen like that. You just have to play though them. But we definitely have to narrow the turnovers down. That will help a lot."
On QB Landry Jones' performance:
"Landry is a great player. Sometimes nights aren't the way you expect them to be, but he is going to come back and he is going to come back strong."
On how Coach Bob Stoops addressed the team after the game:
"He just told us it's how are we going to come back and respond. Teams can lose and not come back at all, but we have got to come back strong and get ready for Texas Tech."
  Junior WR Kenny Stills

On the sporadic pace of the offense:
"It's just how it works sometimes. Coaches are calling the plays and we're just doing what they are telling us to do. So if they are telling us to tempo, then we tempo. If not, then we're slowing down. A lot of it has to do with the defense. It's just the way things worked."
On if there were any surprises from the Kansas State defense:
"No. It was kind of the first time that I had seen bracket, other teams weren't doing it. They were kind of shutting me down and leaving Shep [Sterling Shepard] open on the other side. It was a little bit different, but we had seen it because that is what our defense runs."
On the feeling in the locker room:
"We expect a lot more out of ourselves. It's embarrassing to go out there and play like that as an offense. Our defense went out there and played really well. We just don't want to put that kind of performance out there and let people see it. We think that we are a lot better as a team than that."
On losing at home in back-to-back years:
"Losing at home, whenever you lose is because of penalties and turnovers, and we're struggling in that area right now. We would rather get better and not give the other team the ball."
On looking discombobulated after a bye week:
"I wouldn't say you're ever surprised. You have got to expect everything out there. Like I say, it is just more disheartening and disappointing because we expect a lot more from ourselves."
  Senior DE David King

On how the team did overall:
"Awful. I mean, we lost. Any time you lose, it's just you've got a sour taste in your mouth. But props to K-State, they executed every phase of their offense and they got those big two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. That was it."
On the fourth quarter:
"Well I mean, we exchanged blows pretty good the first three quarters. But I think they went 7-for-7 on their third downs on their last ones. Nobody could make plays on the defensive side of the ball out there. It hurt us."
  Junior OL Gabe Ikard

On Landry Jones' performance:
"He's our leader. I have full faith, trust and confidence in him. So I'm not going to say anything to him. I know he's going to bounce back well; come back, keep leading this team in practice and on the field."

On OU's offensive mistakes:
"It's kind of uncharacteristic stuff for us there. We just put the defense in bad spots. That game, the offense we played, we didn't play well enough for this team to win the game. You just have to look at it and it's just kind of some weird stuff that happened. But you just have to move on."

On the offense's lack of consistency:
"Just didn't run the ball well enough. Got away from it a little bit when we got behind. We were throwing it well. I thought Sterling [Shepard] played probably the best game ever that a freshman has played here in a long time."

  Senior QB Collin Klein

On his last drive:
"It was just one of those things where we were finally able to move the ball in the fourth quarter. We knew we had to get it; we credit our offensive line for giving us the ability to let us to what we had to do. We were able to execute when we had to execute."
On the matchup with Oklahoma:
"We knew it would be a battle and it was exactly that. We credit everyone for hanging together. The defense got big stops and turnovers. Again we were able to do enough to get a win."
On if they were surprised to win:
"No, I don't think so. Coach Snyder says to have no limitations and play to the best of our ability. We have to do what we need to do in order to be ready for a battle and when the time comes we have to go battle. We believe that together, we're able to get it done. It's a big step, a big win. Credit a lot of players across the board, we were just able to get enough to get the job done."
  Freshman OL Cody Whitehair

On the game:
"OU is a great team, you know. They came off the ball really well and played with great leverage. They are just an all-around physical team."
On the performance of Collin Klein:
"He runs the ball hard and he's a great athlete, you know, that's just how Collin is. He puts his nose down in the ground and he's going to get that first down."
On what the win means for him:
"It's a great feeling. We haven't had anybody on our team that's come down here and won, so it's big not only for me, but for the other guys, too."
On the offensive scheme:
"We just executed really well. We had a great week of practice and we were really focused and just came out and really executed."
  Senior LB Jarrell Childs

On playing in such a tough atmosphere:
"The crowd was crazy. I've never played in anything like that. It's a hard stadium to play in.They're (Oklahoma) a fast team and a very physical team so it was a good environment."

  Junior RB John Hubert

On his performance:
"I felt real good. Tip my hat to the offensive line. They stood there and opened up some big holes and it was my job to create big plays."
On his fourth-quarter touchdown run:
"Coaches always tell me to have a low pad level and keep your feet moving and to just never give up. Their defense didn't wrap up and I just came out with a touchdown."
What they saw of Oklahoma on tape:
"We watched some tape of their UTEP game and we saw the UTEP running back was gashing them pretty good and we knew they were going to be physical up front. We just had to keep playing and work hard."
On what the win means for Kansas State:
"It gives us confidence and momentum. We just want to rest and keep getting better. We are one of those teams that can be in the top five easily, but we like to be underdogs. It gives us confidence to go out and play hard."
On Big 12 title hopes:
"We just take it one game at a time. We have a bye week and then Kansas next, so we're just going to rest and watch film."




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