Women's Gymnastics Team Captain Log No. 5
November 07, 2005

NORMAN, Okla. -- Welcome to the fifth edition of the Oklahoma women’s gymnastics weekly team captain log. Each week will bring you the inside scoop of your OU women’s gymnastics team through the eyes of captains Kristen Cox and Tiffany Willin. The weekly captain logs will focus on inside news, issues and events about the team and will be featured each Monday.

Weekly Log No.5
November 7, 2005 

Senior Kristen Cox...

This week was pretty much a normal week, nothing out of the ordinary although our trainer Holly and Steve had a birthday, so that was exciting. Everyone is still doing really well in the gym and we are able to step it up a little more every day. Now that Thanksgiving is coming up we are just trying to get in as much studying as possible, because finals will be here before we know it. It is also getting closer and closer for Jenny to have her baby. Only two more weeks if she can hold out that long. Everyone is praying for her and the baby to have a safe delivery and I know we are going to be extremely sad when she takes her weeks off for maternity leave. That’s about it for this week!

Junior Tiffany Willin...
Another week has gone by and we are one week closer to season. This week in the gym we have started to really sharpen up the skills we already have. We now know we have our skills down and we can do them consistently, but now we are making sure that we have everything down mentally and were starting to perfect the little things: sharpness, form, consistency and numbers. Also some of us participated in the Oklahoma Special Olympics. This Saturday we woke up early and drove down to the city to volunteer as referees for basketball games at the Special Olympics. I know for me it was an incredible experience. That’s it for now, see you next week!

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