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OCTOBER 02, 2010
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening statement:
"I'm just really proud of our football team to play the way they did. A well played football game against an excellent team of Texas. My compliments to them again. I know that they are always, year in and year out, a good solid football team. This is a special rivalry so to come out today, play like we did, and win a good football game to put us at 5-0, and of course our first conference game to win, is always a big deal. We'll get a chance to regroup and rest this week and get ready for the rest of the season. So it's a special game. It gives us a good boost for the start of conference play but as I said, coming into the game a bunch last week, we have seven-straight games coming, hopefully eight. We'll have to let it go, regroup and polish some things up. And we even found a way to make this one not so pretty. When you give yourself strong leads, like we have in these games into the fourth quarter, there is something to be said about that. That we're still winning and I do believe we will polish some things up and finish off better. But I'm proud of these guys and their efforts. DeMarco (Murray) rushed for 120-something yards. Landry throws for about 240, no interceptions, and two touchdowns. These guys played great. Travis was a leader on defense and did an excellent job."

On the 4th quarter fumble:
"I should have done a better job on that play as well. They didn't feel good about it, so in that situation I should have just used the last time out, and hopefully that would have given us a better play. So throw a lot of that on me."

On the fake field goal:
"You know, the breeze was against us. It felt like to me, it kind of picked up a little bit. I figured hey, why not give it a go. I didn't plan on losing 12 yards, I thought he would throw the ball away or try for an interference call. Just lay out there and give it a chance, and that didn't happen. Fortunately, the defense came right back out. We got a three-and-out and a sack right off the bat and it got us out of looking so bad, I guess."

On the defense:
"Defense was big. Coach Venables brought the backers and those guys did a good job getting in their space. And coverage had to be good since he held it a little bit and it was Tom that got the sack. That was a big play when you can back them up like that in the first half."

  Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson

On Trey Millard:
"He is a very good, young player and the more he plays, the more confidence we have. He's a bigger guy, good with his hands, good ball skills."
On Landry Jones' late fumble:
"Communication. The play got jacked up. It was a messed up deal. The head phones were not working. Yelling for a time out no one could hear. It was the same on the fake field goal. We had some communication issues. It wasn't no one's fault, just a mechanical error."

On protecting the ball:
"We had a couple of loose balls we didn't lose - one was critical at the end. We needed to take care of the turnover ration, and we came in very strong in the nation in that. Turnover ratio is not a defensive stat. It's a team stat. It's your ability not to give it up plus your ability to get it."
  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On the Oklahoma tackling:
"Texas has a ton of terrific, explosive athletes. I thought it was an exceptional job of our guys swarming the ball. On three plays we didn't tackle well and that made it close."
On red zone defense:
"Obviously, it was the different in the game. There were a couple big plays that shifted the field down there to the red zone, but our guys buckled down and made some huge plays. You're looking at six, seven, eight plays there where they really played their butts off at the right time."

On the game overall:
"I felt in control of the game. The yardage comes on a couple big plays, but it felt like we were in control the whole game."

On the freshmen:
"We had four freshmen out there playing, they're going to do some where good things, but as they go through the maturation process they're going to do some bone-headed things too."
  Senior DE Jeremy Beal

On the difference in finding ways to win:
"Last year we lost this game, and I think the guys from last year really learned from it. We have learned how to win close games. These older guys are the leaders of the team that are really helping to win these close games, and I think that is the difference."
On Texas' offensive first and goal plays:
"Those were two big possessions for the defense. We stopped them and held them to a field goal. We stopped them, and I think if we wouldn't have it would have changed the game."
  Sophomore QB Landry Jones

On the fumble in the fourth quarter:
"Coming off the sideline, I was a little confused about the signal for the play. When I took the snap, I went the wrong way. It was just a mess up from the beginning. It was pretty lucky on our part, to get the ball out of bounds and not have a turnover."

On OU's offense:
"We came in and took over Texas' defense. I feel like we came prepared, I think we played pretty well. We got past their line. All in all I think we played pretty well."

  Junior LB Travis Lewis

On the difference in finding ways to win:
"I will take the win, by three, by one, by 20 - it doesn't matter. I don't care. I will take the win. That's the great thing about this year. We are winning games. Coach Stoops is right, we are making the games a lot closer than they need to be, but we are winning them. We are 5-0, and I will take it."
On running around the field after the game with the hat:
"I have always wanted to do that - grab that hat and run around. It was just one of those moments where this has been a long time coming. I have been on the losing end of this for the past two years, so that was a lot of frustration coming out, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it."

On Texas' offensive first and goal plays:
"We have a different attitude this year about teams when they get down on our goal line. Last year guys would be tired and give up touchdowns. We want to make sure this year that if teams get down there, we are going to make them work for it. We haven't been doing a good job of protecting, but we want to keep that protection. We might give up three or seven, but they have to work for it."
  Head Coach Mack Brown

Opening statement:
"I congratulate OU on a very hard-fought game. This is what people have come to expect out of these two teams. I thought the teams got along better and competed hard on the field. Our fans were very gracious to each other. A lot different than a lot of the games we have had here. A lot of that is the respect for both teams. I'm really, really proud of our guys. They didn't give up early, as OU came out and jumped on us and had about 57 to 27 plays at halftime. I'm proud of the guys and coaches that hung in there and fought. It put us in a position to win in the end. We obviously made too many mistakes and too many penalties. I'm excited to watch those and see how I felt about them after I see all the penalties, because we had entirely too many and they were game changers. Then we don't get the fumble at the end. It gets knocked out of bounds by inches. When you have a close game like this it comes down to inches and we just didn't get the inches."
On the penalties:
"Just absolutely killers. Absolute killers. Even on our long touchdown drive we overcame two offensive holding penalties. Like I said, I can't comment on them. I'm going to go home and watch them as soon as I can. See whether they were there. One young man said he got pushed and he pushed back and we got a 15-yard penalty. The first time the two hit each other it was offsetting penalties, but those are excuses. They called them on us and that's what it is. We will go home, look at them and try to correct them. Again, I don't want to take anything away from OU. They did a good job."

On the up-tempo offense that gave Texas trouble in the first half:
"We worked on it all week and OU does a good job of it. I thought this game is a game where everyone gets all hyper to start with anyway. They caused our defense to bust on a few third downs and our offense had very few plays and that kept the defense on the field too long in the first quarter. I felt like we got gassed just a little bit, but then we started playing a lot more people in the second half. We adjusted to everything and played much better along with the offense. If you play the defense out there that can't stop the plays, it's the defense's fault for not getting off the field, because we didn't force a turnover in the first half. And it's the offense's fault for not getting the ball and keeping the ball like it did it's job to start the second half."

On Oklahoma running back DeMarco Murray's performance:
"I think most of it was the first half and it's what we talked about. We didn't have the tempo well early. We didn't get off the field early. We didn't force third down and fourth down stops early and we didn't force turnovers. We had ourselves in a real bind at halftime, but the guys and the coaches fought there way out of it and put ourselves back in position to win the second half."

On the difficulties with the OU offense in the first half:
"You can ask Will (Muschamp). We lined up some right and sometimes we didn't make plays. Then they caught us in quick snap some. Some of our guys were looking to the boundary during the play and Will explained we had problems with that and didn't execute well."
  Senior DE Eddie Jones

On two losses in a row:
"[I have to] stay a leader and try to find a way to win. Something that we don't do here at Texas is lose. We have to find a way to go back out and change these two losses and turn them into victories."
On a crucial offside penalty that negated an OU turnover:
"I didn't know anything about it. They called offsides. All I can do is deal with it and we have to move back and play the next down"

On Texas' mistakes and penalties:
"I don't say mistakes and penalties, I say we took a loss. We've taken two losses back-to-back and we have to go back out to work and try to figure out a way to win."

On bouncing back for Nebraska:
"We have two weeks of work. We go back for these two weeks and grind it out. Work hard as a team, stay up, stay motivated and keep this heart and drive that we had today. We can go back out and win. We can change things around."
  Sophomore RB D.J. Monroe

On the game:
"It's our rivalry game, it's the OU vs. Texas game, nobody is ever down. That is how we always look at it because you can come back from anything. It could be 27-0 but you never know what is going to happen. We never say we are down until we look at the board and it says win or loss."
On pass protection:
"I have to learn the playbook. I just moved from receiver and I'm just trying to get the feel of being the running back again. Once I learn the whole playbook again, then I will start getting more reps."
  Senior WR James Kirkendoll

On the game:
"We just came up short. We have to give OU credit, they played good. They made some plays that mattered. We were right in there at the end. It's something that we are working on; two-minute offense, one-minute offense and driving down, scoring late. We just ran out of time and have to give credit to OU."
On missed opportunities:
"We just didn't make a lot of key plays that we should have made. That was to their advantage. With penalties and turnovers we just have to regroup and learn not to do those things again."

On offside penalties:
"He fumbled and we had a chance to scoop and score, pick it up and recover it. But we didn't get it. We still had a chance to drive it down when they punted the ball. Those are the types of plays that we have to capitalize on."
  Junior DB Aaron Williams

On the game:
"It's always hard having to come out losing a big game like this. We didn't have enough time to make those plays. OU is a great team and we just have to get ready for Nebraska in two weeks."




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