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University of Oklahoma
NOVEMBER 13, 2010
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening comments:
"Of course I'm just overall pleased with just the overall performance of games that I have, for 12 years, called a clean game and we played really sharp. We took care of the football, executed really offensively, running and passing really well. I thought we had excellent balance. We had big plays again from the guys who continue to make them. DeMarco Murray had another excellent night until he got injured a little bit, and then Ryan Broyles was again just sensational with three TDs, breaking our touchdown record for receptions. Landry Jones had another excellent game in throwing the football. Defensively after the first drive we really settled down and played well. We got pressure to the quarterback, we had good coverage, you know, the things you have to do in defending them and we got them in longer yard situations in a decent amount out of time. I thought the special teams was very solid. Once again I thought, you know, the guys hitting the ball, hitting well, you know, Jimmy on his field goals, Tress Way punted and hit the punts while the coverage was sound. So it was just an overall complete game. When you look at just the way we played the game against a team that just a week ago beat Missouri. I was just pleased with how we played."

On Adrian Taylor:
"Adrian will be sad. He will be finished for the season. He tore his Achilles tendon in his other foot, not the one he hurt a year ago in the bowl game. Adrian has been an amazing, great leader for us. Players love him and of course we do as coaches. He brings a lot of spirit and energy to the locker room. We're sad for him."

On the offense:
"I was pleased with how we finished drives, how we executed, you know, just really every part of it. We ran the ball well, picked up short yardage situations. Protection for the most part was good all day and Landry had time to throw and he made some plays. So it was good to put the ball in the end zone as we did."

On the seniors:
"It's been a great group of seniors. We talked about that, some of the guys have been here four or five years, never lost here in our stadium and have been a part of championship teams, a few Big 12 Championships and those things that are really pretty special. It's a good group. They provide excellent leadership and toughness. It's been a really fun group to coach."

On the defense:
"I thought our coverage, our pressure was disciplined. To me it's been mostly the discipline, just defensively where we should be. Our alignments, positioning on the football, those kind of things. You know, we executed and made plays when we had opportunities."

On the next road games:
"For us it's next week at Baylor. We don't get beyond that, so that's all that matters. Their team has played really well this year. Everybody knows about them, has talked about them. I have had respect for them for a long time. Art Briles and his staff have done a great job so we're aware of it. We have to keep making improvements, be able to execute plays and make plays when we have the opportunity when we go there next week. That will be the issue."

On Ryan Broyles:
"I think I've said all you can say about Ryan. He's a great player. I love his competitiveness, his toughness. He just has a nack for adjusting to the football like nobody I've ever seen. Finding the football and turning for it and he's got the surest hands of anybody I've ever been around. He just has a great nack for making big plays and consistent tough plays. He makes those short slant routes or eight-yard competitive plays well too. He has it all. So he's a special player for sure."

On Jeremy Beal:
"Jeremy has been really special. There's no doubt about it when you look at his consistency. Every year since he's started on the field as a freshman he has been there. I don't know that he's missed anything. I don't know that he's missed a practice in the whole time. He's consistent, he always works hard, he's tough and on top of it he's talented. He could play a linebacker position. He's a guy that just has great football smarts and instinct."

  Senior DE Jeremy Beal

On Adrian Taylor's injury:
"It just sucks for him. He battled back to come back early this season and he has been playing his heart out, especially on senior day, the last home game. I really feel for Adrian. I guess his football career may be over, so that's hard for him."

On pressuring the Texas Tech quarterbacks:
"The defensive line did a good job covering and getting there. The defensive line and the linebackers as well as the secondary just really all worked together today."

On where he stands in the Oklahoma record books:
"It feels pretty respectable. I haven't really thought about it yet. My focus is getting to the Big 12 Championship. I will think about the records later."

  Junior LB Travis Lewis

On how the team is coming together:
"I think we are making strides. When we are playing Sooner football we are the best team out there. When we stop beating ourselves on the road we will get it together."

On what the defense needs to do be better:
"It's bend-or-break time and I think we need to get out there and win some games on the road. As far as yards are concerned we still gave up 300-or-so yards. We were bending and not breaking. I feel like we just played well enough to win, but we can still improve. We apparently feel comfortable at home and we are just playing like us."

  Senior DB Quinton Carter

On pass coverage after the first drive:
"We all did a good job. We came out a little bit slow in the first series, but afterwards we just came out stronger and stronger. We had to settle in. A lot of guys had adrenaline going and we just had to get in the mood to play."

On winning on senior night:
"It feels great. I have been here for a while and it feels great to never lose a game here at home. I guess you can't really describe it. It just feels good."

On playing Baylor next week:
"They have a good running back, great quarterback and an explosive offensive. They have even got better on defense. It's nothing like the Baylor teams we have seen in the past, so it's going to be a great game."

  Sophomore QB Landry Jones

On Ryan Broyles:
"Ryan is a really great player. If we have someone like that we know that he's going to make great plays from the jump ball, from kind of around the goal line. It's really exciting to see a guy like that and I'm just proud that he gets to get all these records, and he's a great guy off the field so he deserves all of them."

On the offensive plays:
"We're just mixing it up a little bit, we got some new stuff in that kind of showed out there. We took some deep shots on the field, trying to loosen the defense up a little bit. It was really exciting to see us do those things. Kenny (Stills) made a great play on that deep ball. It looked vertical a couple of times so it was a really good night for us. I'm really proud of our offense"

On comparison to Texas A&M:
"I just played better this week. Last week I just missed some things down the field. I didn't throw the ball as well as I should have. I was more on target, played more shots, cleaner on my reads this week."

On next week against Baylor:
"I have to go in there and check them out on film, see what they're doing and play they way we do at home."

  Junior WR Ryan Broyles

On breaking records:
"It's a great feeling, you know? Being up there with the guys of the caliber that have played here. I feel great. The ball was going my way, making plays. It was more than I could ever dream of, and from this point on I'm just going to stretch my numbers.

"This means so much to me. Its always been one of those things that I wanted to meet and meeting the expectations of being a wideout at Oklahoma.

"It's a good feeling, but it feels even better to win. On top of that, like I said, it's one of those things that I've kept my eye on. Hard work pays off."

On the offense:
"It was a lot of man coverage, I take pride in beating the guy in front of me. Day-in and day-out, I take pride in it and try to make the best out of every opportunity."

On offensive plays:
"From the Colorado game, we showed that we can stretch the ball. It shows that Coach [Kevin Wilson] felt confident in calling those plays. A lot of teams try to clamp down on the bubble screens that we use, it's a big part of our running game. If they do that then the deep ball is runnable, which showed today."

  Senior RB DeMarco Murray

On the win:
"We came out here ready to play hard. It was good to get a final win for the Sooners on our last home game of the year. It definitely felt good, the way we played through all four quarters."

On preparing for the game:
"We know we haven't been playing up to par this season, so we're trying to find our group and continue to get better each week. We're leaving a couple points out there like we did last week, but we're still growing and still learning."

"Coach Wilson had a great game plan for us, he's finding out ways to get the ball to us in different ways and putting us in great positions to make plays."

  Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

Opening comments:
"Not a pretty day for us. We would have liked to play better, and kept in it until the second half. But they really got after us. They did a good job preparing and they took the ball deep on us. They obviously watched our last three or four games. We started challenging people, and we didn't make any plays. We didn't get any pass rush. The effort was good, but they just got the ball down the field and executed. Thats what you have to do when you do things like us on defense. We took chances. Last week they worked, this week they didn't. Oklahoma's a good football team, they are well prepared and they obviously had a lot to play for, trying to get to the (Big 12) championship game. Our players on both sides, I thought we could move the ball better offensively, but they pushed us around up front. Taylor (Potts) had a tough time stepping up in the pocket, he didn't have a lot of time to throw it. We got a little bit of a running game going, but when they got push up front and we couldn't step up and throw the ball and hold the ball a little longer, it knocked us off our rhythm.

"On both sides of the ball, I did a poor job of preparing after a big win last week, knowing we were going to get the best shot out of Oklahoma -- and we did. We were prepared to play, but as I told our team, when you're prepared to play you've still got to go out and execute. You can't just make yourself think you're ready to go. In our situation, you've got to play your position, play your technique, do your job first. We just had way too many breakdowns the first half."

On the game not being competitive:
"They hit us hard early and I thought the two fourth down plays -- we had it fourth and a yard we don't make it, and we had it fourth and a foot and we don't make it. Make one or both of those and have a chance to go down and even kick a field goal, it keeps our defense off the field, keeps our offense out there, we score a few more points and it's a lot closer at halftime. We get what we want and we have a chance in the second half, but those two fourth down plays, it just gave them the chance to have the ball and it didnt take long for them to score. Again, it's a little bit of both -- they've got some good athletes plus they're well coached, play well at home. We knew we had to get to halftime to have a chance and we didn't do it."

On if he ever imagined Texas Tech being held to only seven points:
"No, not really. We're better than that. Again it all starts last week. We did a great job up front with our offensive line. This is one of the few times our quarterback has really had to hold the ball a little bit longer. They are very good at speed rushing. They didn't blitz a whole lot. They were able to push us around without blitzing and when you can do that it allows you to do a lot of things in the secondary. But they're fast, they've got a lot of speed. There is a reason they are ranked in the top 10 most every year. They've won almost every game at home for the last 10 years and there is a reason for that. They're well coached, well prepared, they had their guys ready to go."

  Senior DE Brian Duncan

On the loss:
"It was tough, it was really tough. You come out with a game plan ready to play, everybody was ready to play, but we just didn't execute. As a team, as a defense, we didn't execute like we were supposed to and it's tough. It's tough on the road, and on the road you've got to execute and we didn't do that."

On the Oklahoma offense:
"I do give credit to their offense and to their coaching staff. They are a great team. But again, we have the scheme to stop it, we just stopped ourselves. We didn't give ourselves a chance to stop it. Too many big plays and on the road we can't let that happen. We have to execute and this upcoming week we're going to execute."

  Senior RB Baron Batch

On how tough this loss was for the team:
"It's no fun to get beat like the way that we got beat. To play as bad as we played and OU has got a good football team. They beat us. It happens and we've got to regroup and just get ready to play next week."

On the performance of Tech's offense after the opening drive resulted in a touchdown:
"Just lack of execution, to sum it all up. It wasn't anything but a lack of execution and we've got to execute better."



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