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NOVEMBER 09, 2012

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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement:
"I want to compliment Baylor for a well-played, hard-fought game. It was an exciting game. I thought they did a lot of things well. I was equally pleased with our team to come out with a good, solid win, to play well. I thought offensively, the balance was what you want. It was positive in our run and pass. We were effective running the football and throwing it. I thought Landry (Jones) was great, the receivers made some great third-down catches and some excellent adjustments to the football. Again, we were really good on third downs; we were 9-13. It was really positive. Maybe the one disappointment is probably the fumble. You've got momentum, you've got great field position, you've got a chance to really separate a little bit, and we give them, on the first play, we give them the ball right back, which gives them momentum, and they go down and score. Once you've got the ball, you've got to be able to take care of it. I can live with some throws when the quarterback is trying to put the ball in some spots. That's going to happen here and there. But when you all ready have the football, you shouldn't be dropping it.
"I thought Ty Darlington, in at center, did an awesome job. From what I could tell I thought he was clean in there. The overall line play was really good, so he must have had a good game. We'll have to watch him specifically, but we're proud of him to handle the situation like he did as a true freshman, really pretty special. Defensively, it was a little bit of the way you have to play these guys to limit their passing big plays, you have to make them hand the ball off and hope you can come up with your third-down stops, fourth-down stops. Overall, we did that. We stopped them 11-20 on third down and 2-4 on fourth down.They ran the ball more than you would like, but they stretch you so much with so much speed, with all their receivers, it's sort of which way do you want to work them? You have to spread out a little bit to cover them, and we chose to do that.
"We knew we'd suffer a little bit with the run game, and, fortunately, though, we came up on the positive side of that. I thought the guys handled the wind, overall, really well. Especially the kickers I thought did a good job with it. It was a factor. It's blowing out there 20-25 miles per hour. It effects the ball. I thought Landry (Jones) throwing into it did a really good job. He throws such a tight, good spiral it didn't really effect his ball that much. So anyways, onto West Virginia next week."
On defense not allowing big plays:
"Even on the last score you make them eat up the entire clock to get a chance to get in. Everything was contested. There wasn't anything easy, cheap, and when I say cheap, I mean we busted something, leaving a guy left alone, no one covering him. These guys have played nine, 10 games now and they've lit up the score board and had yards all over. We're in there with a 16-point lead with a minute 30 or 40 to go, so that's a positive."
On offensive line injuries changing game plan:
"It didn't. We stayed with it. I'm sure Coach (Josh) Heupel and his play calling was aware of what we were asking Ty (Darlington) to do, who hasn't played a lot. Josh can speak to that a little bit. We talked about it as a staff to make sure we were aware of his matchups and what we're asking him to do. I thought Josh managed it great, great calling. The guys around him, I thought, stepped up and really played well around him."
On passing Bud Wilkinson's all-time win total:
"What Coach Wilkinson and what he did here is absolutely amazing. The win streak is really just incredible. I don't believe it will ever be touched again. The national championships, the sustained success for so long. Again, I don't look at numbers to be honest with you, it's just not me. I'm a long way from sitting in a rocking chair and reflecting on it. I keep saying it, and it's worth saying it again, I've just been incredibly fortunate to work in such a great place with great people. I've got a great president in David Boren, I've got a great Athletic Director in Joe Castiglione and with the facilities we work in and operate in, they continue to build and add on to this program and all of our sports team have had. I've been lucky to be with great assistant coaches that have all worked hard and a good group of players who have worked hard. Even the ones back in '99 that accepted us and got seven wins in our first season, I'm proud of those guys because of that positive attitude and the way they accepted us. Instead of bucking and fighting us, we related to them, I guess, in a positive way and they accepted us and we started building right then."

  Co-Offensive Coordinator Josh Heupel

On center Ty Darlington:
"I really felt like the practices he's had and the way he's handled himself since he got here, [it] felt like he could play at a high level...He played really well, really solid."
On the offense overall:
"There were a lot of positive things. We started off the ballgame extremely well. Obviously the third quarter, we come out and we only got four plays in the first three quarters of the quarter. You turn the ball over and you don't pick up some critical situations. We need to start faster in the third quarter to give ourselves a chance to extend the lead."
On how the offense responded after the two turnovers:
"It was really good to see that our kids responded in a positive way. We drove the ball, executed well in the run game. We picked up some third down gains as well in third down situations. Really, it was a pivotal point in the game, and it was really good to see our kids respond that way."
On the touchdown drive to end the first half:
"Obviously with the score the way it is it proved pivotal. It was at that point in the game, too, because they were getting the ball to start the third quarter."
On what wide receiver Justin Brown means to the team:
"Maturity off the field the way he approaches every single day. He is very consistent in who he is as a person and obviously what he brings to the football field every day and how he approaches practice and the meeting room. He's been really good for a lot of our younger guys. Obviously on the football field he has been one of our most explosive players and a great deep threat for us because of his size and speed."

  Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops

On the defense's performance:
"It's good to win. It was a tough night defensively in a lot of areas. We never could grasp the run game. Anytime a team can run the football it's going to be a long night. We didn't have a good enough plan, didn't tackle good enough, didn't execute good enough. We executed pretty badly in the run game, and that's something we need to evaluate as a staff. It's a hard preparation. Baylor can stretch you in the run game as much as they can stretch you in the pass game. That's why they are the No. 1 offense in the country, and I think we held them to the lowest yards they've had all year, but that's no consolation. We need to play better defense if we want to go to the places we want to go. It was frustrating a lot of the night, but our kids battled all the way through it. I thought our coverage was good most of the night. I thought we contested a lot of throws...We bent a little bit, but we didn't break. We come up with some great stops on fourth and third down, and that's the difference in the game when you play these guys."
On the run defense:
"The run game was a disappointment. We couldn't stop it inside. We couldn't stop it outside. That's not good run defense, and that needs to be addressed, and that was the most disappointing element. Our tackling, I thought, was atrocious all night. Again, we've got a lot of work to do. They exposed some areas we need to tighten up."
On defending Baylor's offense:
"They present a problem every down. They had more quarterback draw than they had all year. We are seeing a lot of that, and we've got to make adjustments for it, too. We did what we had to do to win. We got the stops. To me I was disappointed in no turnovers, no deflections. We dropped the ball. You've got to get some turnovers against these guys, and that kept them in the game. We just couldn't get a deflection, something. You've got to make a play at some point."
On if this was a redemption game after losing to Baylor last season:
"We take things personal. I think all players take it personal. They threw for almost 400 yards on us a year ago. Our matchups were better this year. I think our corners have played excellent all year. Gabe Lynn has been kind of an unsung guy that's really starting to play well for us. We contested a lot of throws."
  Senior QB Landry Jones

On the wind:
"Everybody has to play in it. It's just different. You have to make sure that you are going to put a tight spiral on it all night so that you can kind of cut through it. I thought we handled it well. The ball was moving around a bit and the receivers did a great job of adjusting to it at times - especially on the touchdown grab to Justin [Brown] for sure. He did a great job of being able to fight through it and he had a good grab at the end."
On adjusting to the wind:
"Growing up where I grew up, you kind of learn to play in the wind. It's just kind of one of those deals that you figure out. For me it's just one of those things that you might not be able to get a lot of air because you want to. You really have to drive some more shots, and I was able to do that tonight."
  Sophomore QB Blake Bell

On his 55-yard run:
"Everyone's down and all of a sudden the o-line did a great job picking up the linebackers. Bronson Irwin, Trey Milliard, Aaron Ripkowski and all those guys came through man-on-man and it just split. I finally got to get out in the open a little bit. I was making sure I wasn't going to get caught on that one, I wanted to get to the end zone. After sitting over there for a couple quarters trying to stay loose and you bust out on one, it feels kind of weird. All of a sudden you think someone is going to get you. When you see the end zone, you want to get there."
On having the longest run by a QB since 1998:
"That's crazy. When you hear stuff like that, it's pretty cool to know you did something like that. Like I said, if it wasn't for the guys up front and everyone getting on their man and it splitting like that; I just had to get to the end zone."
On difficulty getting a play off the first three appearances:
"It was frustrating. The first one, they had 12 or 13 guys on the field, so if you're getting a first down you're not too mad, you're just going to get off and know you'll get another opportunity. Ty Darlington got a little antsy on one. That happens, but we end up getting the first down. The next one I kind of ran off thinking, kind of laughing to myself 'Well, maybe we're not going to get out here today.' It was funny."
  Junior DB Tony Jefferson

On focusing to stop the pass instead of the run:
"This offense is kind of tough to defend. The quarterback did a very good job on play action and playing with the safeties a little bit. They spread our defense out, that's what their strategy was, and that's how they got the rushing yards. It depended on the safeties to make the plays. It's important for us to be in the spot we need to be."

On playing a closer game than expected:
"It goes to us. We didn't cause any turnovers, and that ties into the score. We gave up some third downs and some big plays and we can't do that. Our main thing is that we have to get some turnovers. That's three games in a row where we've only gotten one turnover."

  Freshman C Ty Darlington

On his overall performance:
"I think I played pretty decent overall. Overcoming the start was big, I had just a little butterflies. I thought I got out there and played well. I had a couple of problems with the snaps. I just had to keep pushing past, not think about it and move on to the next play. I think I did pretty well overall, we'll see tomorrow when I get the grade back from Coach Patton."
On finding out he was starting:
"On Thursday about the middle of the day Gabe [Ikard] let me know that he wasn't going to be able to play. The doctors told him that he wouldn't be able to play. So I knew from then on and told my family and everything and got ready. I had been taking every snap all week. We thought that Gabe might be able to go but he told me he couldn't. I was ready to go though. I had watched all the film and done all the preparation. So from that side of things, I was completely ready to be out on that field."
On being a good center:
"Be demonstrative. As the center I have to make all the ID's. So I have to get out there and be loud, point them out. Everyone's ID is going off mine so I have to ID them up in that aspect. That was the first step."
  Junior RB Brennan Clay

On excelling on kick-off plays:
"You just have to be able to make a play. Our kick-off return does a great job of blocking and getting the man-on-man. I was just able to hit a few holes and cut off some people. Brandon Green did a great job coming up, as well as Striker and we were able to make a play."
On becoming a complete package:
"That's what you have to do at this university. You have to be the complete back. They don't recruit you to do just one thing. Being able to protect Landry is a big thing and being able to run the ball is a big thing. Coming up the backfield you have to be able to catch as well, and that's what our offense is lethal for."
  Junior WR Jalen Saunders

On the wind:
"It was pretty tough. The wind played a big factor in today's game. We did a great job of adjusting."
On adjusting to the wind:
"I had seen a couple of windy games like that in high school but nothing like today. It's something I had to adjust to. I can't change the weather just because I'm on the field. I guess it was pretty good exercise for today."
  Senior WR Justin Brown

On his touchdown catch right before halftime:
"We knew we were going to have to make a big play before the half. That's what our coaches told us and that's what we went out there and did. Our offense executed, we moved the ball and we got the points on the board before the half, which was pretty big. Brennan Clay's kickoff return was huge too. It was nice to see every aspect of the game come together."
On the wind:
"It was a factor, but in football we're used to playing in every type of condition. You've just got to be ready to play in these type of conditions, when the balls a little windy. It was a factor but I think we did a pretty good job of still catching the ball. When you can throw a tight spiral, it goes right through the wind. Landry Jones did a good job with that tonight. I didn't know it got that windy out here in Oklahoma, but apparently it does. I'm used to that back east too. It gets windy. That's just the weather."
  Senior DL David King

On playing against Baylor's offense:
"We knew it was going to be a tough task. I think they were leading the country in total offense coming into this game, so we knew we weren't going to be able to stop them from doing most of their things. It was a tough game, but we got a win and that's always good. In the second half we adjusted to some things on the sideline. They did a good job of executing their offense, but bottom line we just have to play tougher defense."
On playing against the quarterback draw:
"It was very frustrating, but credit them at the same time for executing well. They started running the QB draw there in the second quarter and caught us out there with a three man front. We didn't have enough guys to cover the gaps and that's when they go the first touchdown. It's frustrating, especially as a D-Line."
Baylor   Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement:
"Not a happy situation of course for our football team or for Baylor. You know, Oklahoma's got a really good football team. They do a great job. Their coaching staff does a great job schematically, both sides of the ball. They're very explosive on offense and very sound on defense. They have a great tradition here on their home floor. I thought our guys played valiantly. I thought that they played with a lot of effort, heart, and confidence. We thought we were going to come in here and win the football game without question, just like every game we play against a team like that. You cannot afford to give them anything or let them take advantage of a situation. They took great advantage of the situation when they started to drive on our 45-yard line before the half."

On Bell's 55-yard run:
"What flashes in my mind is John Riggins, the Redskins in 1981 or '76 or whenever that was. I mean you see that all over the place; short yards. That was third-and-a-yard and his was fourth-and-a-yard, but when those situations happen everyone condenses up the line of scrimmage and if you ever break the line of scrimmage because of the coverage on the outside, you've got a chance to go the distance. So that's it. They made a good play."

On missed opportunities:
"I mean without question. We weren't connecting on the deep pass like we have consistently throughout this year. I think we're probably behind in the penalty category. We had some critical ones. Two in the first quarter. So it's hard to overcome those when you're playing a really good football team. I'm proud of the fact that we won the turnover battle, but it wasn't enough."

Baylor   Sophomore RB Lache Seastrunk

Opening Comments:
"OU played hard and we just tried to stick with them and win. I feel like that the seniors need to finish out and that's what I've been trying to help them do. Our offensive line and my wide receivers played a (heck) of a game.

On how they got back in the game early:
"We just put our chin down and kept moving through the punches. We just have to keep moving forward."

On what's next:
"We're taking a lot from this game and moving on to Kansas State."

Baylor   Senior S Mike Hicks

On if Baylor beat themselves:
"We were a lot closer than we were. It's really a team thing, a 'we' thing. We beat ourselves and made little mistakes; we have to fix them."

On what they can take out of the game:
"The little stops we had, I feel we had more stops than expected. Like I said, it was good on the long run but a win was really what we needed."

On the emphasis of containing the OU run game:
"It's just the game plan; the less yards they had the better. There wasn't really anything special to it, we just have to execute the game plan."



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