Roddick Adds First Recruit
September 02, 2009

Sept. 2, 2009

NORMAN, Okla. - Oklahoma men's tennis head coach John Roddick announced today the addition of Costin Paval to the 2009 tennis roster. Paval becomes Roddick’s first recruit after taking over as head coach in June.

Paval, a Romanian native, becomes the highest-ranked player to sign with the Sooners after reaching a career-high ATP, Association of Tennis Professionals, ranking of 907. In doubles, Paval was ranked as high as 676 nationally. Paval’s career record is 33-29 and his resume boasts a Romanian National Title.

“He is a great recruit for us to get and we are really excited he decided to join us in the fall,” said OU head coach John Roddick. “He is a player who has been as high as 900 in the ATP rankings which usually translates into having a very successful college career. Hopefully, we can work with him and develop the talent he possesses.”

With such a lofty ranking Roddick feels that his first recruit can have a big influence on the current Sooner tennis program.

“He is going to be a big contributor for us, both in singles and doubles,” Roddick added. “We expect him to come in and work to play higher in the singles lineup. I think that is where he can contribute for us and win a lot of matches. Not every recruit that comes in has that chance. He has the ability and the chance to really have an impact in some of the higher spots of the singles lineup.”

Roddick is excited about his newest addition, but Paval beams with excitement at the thought of playing for such a prestigious coach.

“I thought it would be the perfect opportunity,” said Paval. “When I heard it was coach Roddick I thought, ‘Wow,’ I would do anything to play for him.”

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