Game Quotes: Oklahoma 42, Texas A&M 14

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
NOVEMBER 03, 2007

On the game:
“It was a good game. I felt really good and positive in the way we executed and played. Our offense and defense were both very productive. Offensively, we kept being persistent with the running game. Even in the first half, we ran the ball well. We had something like 75-80 yards in the first half, and it just sets up a lot of other opportunities. I guess when we rush for 186 yards it was a good day rushing. Sam Bradford was excellent again today. He had a huge night -- five TDs and 21 of 30 -- that is playing really well. I’m just proud of how we took care of the football, which was a big factor. We were fortunate in the first half and got a few turnovers, and played really well defensively. We have been able to get turnovers, and that has helped us a lot. I thought our defensive discipline was really good. We really handled the run schemes well, which is what they want to do all night.”

On the offensive line:
“They played well, and we rushed the ball well. I thought Sam did a great job when he got pressure to avoid it and move out of the pocket. All the receivers did a great job catching the ball, and Jermaine Gresham had another great day catching the ball.”

On the early defensive adjustments, and the defense as a whole:
“We settled in. Early on a time or two, we didn’t adjust properly and they got some yards. Then we settled in and protected against the run pretty well. I think we executed well against the option early, and that might have led to them getting away from it.”

On things he was displeased with:
“I was displeased with some of the penalties, and some of the things that happened after the play. I don’t like that and I hope we can grow up and get away from those types of things. I didn’t like the kick coverage. We have some guys that just aren’t making plays. We are going to flop around personnel and see if we can’t find some guys that will get out there and get after it.”


On the personal foul call:
"I was down on myself and it was just all in the heat of the moment more than anything. It was a blocking play and we got a little over aggressive on our blocking and it turned into him pulling on Juaquin’s face mask. It was one of those things where if you see one of your teammates get chased around, you’re not just going to sit there. We played it cool because we didn’t want it to be a big deal and turn into a team fight."

On winning pretty:
"Before the game, it wasn’t really something we were focusing on. We just wanted to make sure won. Everybody talks about the BCS pitch, but if we don’t win the rest of our games, none of that really matters. We just wanted to come out and have a win. After the game, we talked a little bit about how winning pretty helps."


On the play of Jermaine Gresham:
"He has great hands all the time and we knew he was going to be open. He’s a big target so you can’t miss him."

On the benefits of rotating the running backs:
"I think we’re always fresh. Each running back is always fresh. No one is ever banged up, no one is ever tired even after they break a long run. We are all in shape. In practice, we run every snap so we’re always fresh. We root for each other 110%. We are best friends and we know whoever we have in there is going to get the job done."


On Jermaine Gresham:
"He is a great receiver. He is so big that he plays tight end, but he could play receiver. Tonight he did a great job of getting behind the secondary and making catches when he had the opportunity."

On whether winning pretty was important:
"It is always nice to come out and play well and win like we did tonight. But I think the bottom line is that we have to win. To win like this helps out, but a win is a win."

On his game and the stats he put up:
"I think that is a credit to the 10 other guys that were out there. I don’t know if you saw but they played really hard tonight. We had guys flying around out there. We have so many weapons out there that it really makes it easy."


On how the defense played:
"The one thing that I can look back on the game and say that we did extremely well was we got great pressure with our defensive line. We kept the quarterback honest and when we got to him we took him down. We had great plays, we knocked the ball out and we were extremely aggressive."

On defending Jorvorskie Lane:
"I had a run in with him when I was coming off a blitz. He got a couple of steps in front of me and I was hanging on, but I got him down. He is a great guy, great athlete, big guy. He is a monster in the back field to tackle. It is like tacking a defensive or offensive lineman, but it something you have to do."


On stopping the running game:
"As a defense we pride ourselves in not letting anyone run the ball on us. Coach Venables had a great game plan for us. We practiced during the bye week and this week so going into the game we were confident in shutting it down."

On if he was surprised that they quit running the option:
"Not really. Once you start shutting someone’s run game down you make them one dimensional and that is what we did. They started throwing the ball, so I wasn’t too surprised about that.

On trouble with the Aggies' offense:
"Well, we did struggle. We didn't have very many yards in the first half and that's a good defensive ball club, they've done that to a lot of people. We've played two very good defensive teams the last two weeks and we certainly had our struggles with both of them."
On looking ahead:
"Well we're 6-4, we've still got the Missouri game and we've still got Texas ahead. And if those two things don't motivate you I don't know what else to say. I know that will motivate them. They need to feel the pain of this loss. They've had two back to back here and I feel like these guys can win these next two games and that's the key part of it."
On Oklahoma's tight ends:
"Well they have three good ones and they do a lot of things with two or three tight end sets. I'd say that Gary Darnell might say that he was worried about them. The wide receivers were very good too, but I wouldn't say that they had their best game tonight either. Their tailbacks are very good, and overall I wouldn't say there are a lot of weaknesses with that group there."
On battling back from OU taking an early lead from turnovers:
"You summed it up right there. You can't turn the ball over against a Top 5 team, especially a team like Oklahoma in their house."
On trouble getting the offense going:
"We'll watch film tomorrow but I'm sure it was just a mixture of them being really good and us not performing. We just didn't finish plays and didn't perform well."
On trying to rally after a loss like this:
"It's going to be tough but we're going to come in and watch film tomorrow and after that I'm going to put all my focus ahead to Missouri. That's the next game on the schedule and you can't let things snowball."
On being tired as a result of not having an off week:
"Yes, I would say so. I'm not going to use that as an excuse at all. That's just part of playing."

On not forcing turnovers:
"We were going to try to get some turnovers to get an edge and we weren't able to do that. We weren't able to get it going in our favor but that's part of the game."
On defending tight ends:
"It is difficult because of their ability to block and run pass routes so well. They run good routes and catch the ball well. That makes them tougher to defend."



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