Nov. 23, 1999

General Comments:
"The ball has to go in the hole in order to win. We had great shots. We couldn't make a lay-up and we couldn't make a three-point shot.

"I thought we fought real hard and got our self in a position to win late in the second half."

Comments on OU's 15-0 run late in second half:
"I really like our come back. I thought we showed a lot of heart and a lot of intensity and belief that we could come back. But we have to have more people to contribute. We didn't have enough people scoring tonight."

"I still believe we are a good shooting team. We shoot it very well in practice. So, this is going to be ultimately be good for us to learn how to play when the ball is not going in the hole. When it goes in we are going to score lots of points.