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  Kelly Waters
  Sophomore Kelly Waters
NORMAN, Okla. -- Kelly Waters is your typical cross country runner.
Her sport doesn't get a whole lot of recognition, and that's fine with her. Extremely humble yet quietly confident, Waters simply goes about her business by working hard to be the best she can possibly be.
Cross country is one of those sports that is not played. It's all work. So Waters runs, and she runs, and she runs some more. After all, that's just what runners do.
For Waters, it's easy though. A lifelong Sooner fan, she is grateful for the opportunity to be here and takes a lot of pride in being able to contribute to the program.
We recently caught up with Kelly to discuss her performance so far this year and to find out about what all goes in to being a great runner.
On her performance so far this season:
"I've actually been pretty surprised. I've just been trying to improve each week and am looking forward to a really good finish."
On her expectations entering the year:
"Going in I knew that we had lost two seniors (All-American Jessica Eldridge and Catherine Odell), so I knew I needed to work harder this summer to build on where I left off last year."
On Oklahoma cross country's team dynamic:
"Since we're such a small group, all of us kind of push each other. I don't know if I would consider myself a leader or not. We all just work together and work off of each other's strengths and weaknesses."
On how cross country becomes a person's sport of choice:
"Honestly, I think it's just something you always have a knack for. Even for us, running is not fun at times, but there are those moments when you go on a run and you're like, 'This is so great.' I don't know, I love it."
On cross country being a lifestyle more so than just a sport:
"Definitely. It really controls how you live your life because your body is your tool, especially your legs. It determines how much sleep you get, the types of foods you eat and how much you eat. You just really want to take care of yourself."
On her typical training regimen:
"I usually get in around 65, close to 70 miles a week. To get that many, there are times I run twice a day and I'll run anywhere from 10-12 miles. It's important to get sleep and to eat a lot of complex carbs and lean protein."
Being from Colorado, on how she ended up at OU:
"Well I was Sooner born and Sooner bred I guess you could say. Both of my parents went here and my sister goes here. I just loved OU and this was definitely an opportunity I wanted to take advantage of."
On now representing OU as a student-athlete:
"It's a lot different than I thought it would be. It's really humbling and I'm just grateful for the opportunity to run here."
On achieving at a high level both on the course and in the classroom:
"You definitely don't have a lot of free time. A lot of my weeknights are spent in the Academic Center. You do your best to maintain both and I think a lot of it is just how good you want to be. If you want to have good grades, you'll work hard to get them. If you want to be a good runner, you'll work hard to get that."
On what she wants to accomplish through the remainder of her career:
"I guess you're always shooting for the All-American status, but I'm really just focused on improving my times and contributing to building a name for this program."
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