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University of Oklahoma
NOVEMBER 22, 2008
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement:
“I am really pleased with the way the entire night went. I thought our guys came out really focused. Everything was just what you want it to be. Offensively, no turnovers again, everything was so crisp in running the ball and throwing the ball. Sam Bradford is absolutely incredible. The offensive line was really special to protect like we did, the receivers made great plays. Defense was outstanding as well. To hold them down like we did was excellent and a great effort. Excellent planning from the coaches and great execution by the players.”

On the fans:
“I should start by saying how much I appreciate the fans. I have a game ball here for the fans. That’s what you hope the stadium would be like. I hope I didn’t offend anyone by challenging them this week. We have great fans. You don’t sell out every game for 10 years without loyal and committed fans. I’ve always envisioned a loud crowd to influence a game and they sure did tonight. I appreciate it and the team does, too. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I sure didn’t mean to.”

On the team's preparation:
“Our system of coaches is doing an excellent job and again the players deserve credit for the excellent execution. I was really excited about their attitude the whole week. You could tell in practice that they were focused.”

On style points on offense and defense:
“I don’t know what other style points you’re looking for. That’s just about as solid and complete as anyone has played these guys, the No. 2 team in the country. We played as solid as I think you could.”

On the BCS rankings:
“Now we’re in the mix with everybody and, with the way we played. you would think ahead. If you can’t move us in front of Texas because they beat us, then you have to keep Texas Tech in front of Texas. If it’s logical for one, it’s logical for the other. If you’re going to forgive other teams with one loss because they’re playing well now, well we’re playing pretty well now too. If it’s logical for someone else it’s logical for us. We’re in it with everybody.”
On the defense:
“All year we have come up with turnovers and big plays, helping with some of those points that were scored and pressuring the quarterbacks. We’ve given up some late touchdowns in many games. We’ve also been up by many points and were trying to run out the fourth quarter. Take it as you want, but in the end we are playing well.”

On the linebackers:
“Austin Box has made a ton of progress and had another great night tonight. It’s just natural with a young guy that hasn’t played a whole lot. The more he plays, the better he gets. Travis Lewis again was also incredible. That guy has had some huge games and he had one tonight again.”

On Sam Bradford:
“Sam Bradford is incredible. You have to admit in his execution. Again, he’s not even playing in the fourth quarter. This is about his fourth or fifth game where he’s not playing in the fourth quarter and not throwing the football. He’s incredible and makes good decisions. Sam’s name has to be up there, if not at the top, in the Heisman race. Like everyone, he has to finish out the year and that determines it as well, but how he can’t be up there with anyone I don’t know.”

  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On the defensive effort:
“I’m just incredibly proud of their attitude and effort. I went home last night and told my wife, ‘that was the best week of practice we have had since I’ve been here. So we will see how we play.’ I really felt our guys were locked in and extremely well prepared. They practiced with great energy, focus and attitude. That was probably the simplest game-plan we have had against Texas Tech since we have been here.

“Everybody played within the confines of the defense. Everyone played with great effort and with a great since of purpose. They were very physical and I was just proud for them. We have all taken a great deal of criticism and I’m glad our guys responded. We haven’t performed like we are capable of or like we have been used to. Our guys are still growing up. There were six guys out there that have never played against Texas Tech and you would of never of known it.”

On the fourth down stops:
“I thought our guys made all the plays. When the game was still in question, our guys made all the plays. They were really focused in on playing with technique, fundamentals and positioning. We continued to play well as a team and help each other and against a really good team like Tech you have to. We have said all week, when we have played good against Tech we have played well as a team. You don’t do it with one hand behind your back and they are too good on the offensive side of the ball.”

  Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson

On the dominance of the ground game:
“It was good early. The receivers did a good job cracking on the safeties and getting our guys out on the edge. Our backs ran hard. We just did what we knew we could do. It was a great effort and a physical game for us. We need to keep building on it.”

On the balance of the offense:
“Those guys came in playing great defense, the computers had them rated first in the country with their schedule and statistically they held Texas to eight yards rushing in a half of football. They got all over Oklahoma State that has a great offense and did a great job on those guys. We did a great job taking care of the ball and we didn’t have a lot of negative plays.”

On Sam Bradford:
“There are a lot of guys in the NFL playing as good as him… Sam will tell you he needs to be better and that is because he is a young guy working hard. Our goal tonight was we wanted to be us.”

  R-Freshman LB Austin Box

On the game:
“You come to Oklahoma to be a part of games like that. We were just so amped up and the crowd was behind us. We were just feeling great. We came out and executed, and it was an exciting night.”

On the defense:
“All week we prepared so well for them. They have a tremendous offense and a tremendous offensive line. They’re a great team. I just feel like our preparation throughout the week, the way our coaches prepared us and the attitude that we had, we were feeling good about ourselves. We were feeling like we could come out and make a statement, and I feel like our defense did that tonight.”

  Sophomore QB Sam Bradford

On tonight’s balance:
“I think tonight proved that when we are balanced, we are a really hard team to stop. I have to give credit to those guys up front because they played amazing tonight. They gave me time to sit back there and find the open receivers, our offensive line has played great all year but I think they are the reason we played like we did tonight.”
On the crowd:
“Tonight was by far the best atmosphere I have ever played in. I don’t think they realize how much we feed off the crowd’s energy and for them to be such a big part in tonight’s game really helped us. I can’t even remember a game where I’ve ever had near this much fun.”
On his receivers:
“I’ve talked about how great the receivers are all year but those guys out there tonight really made my job easy. Everyone one of them made great plays and made a few guys miss, taking it to the house. I can’t give enough credit to those guys they are an unreal group of guys to play with.”

On the Heisman race:
“That’s great, but I’d much rather our team win. As long as our team wins, then I’m happy.”

On preparing for tonight:
“I think we had more energy practicing this week than we have had. It was the most focus and the most energy I have seen in the locker room before the game all year.”

  Junior RB Chris Brown

On next week’s game at Oklahoma State:
“It will be a big game for us and we will have our hands full with those guys. Going up to Stillwater is a tough place to play. But we have the drive and we are ready for it.”

On tonight’s game:
“The guys up front really made a statement that we had to be physical tonight. We really wanted to come out and have a physical presence after last year’s performance in Lubbock.”

  Junior DB Brian Jackson

On defending Texas Tech’s receivers:
“We didn’t really focus too much on just one player coming in. We just stayed grounded. We prepared really well the last two weeks, and we just played our game.

“We pride ourselves on not giving up big plays. We talk about it a lot. We’ve been working really hard on that. I think we put a really good performance together.”

  Senior WR Manuel Johnson

On tonight’s win:
“It’s always good to win a game, especially a game like this one. But if we don’t win next week, than this win doesn’t really mean anything. We can enjoy it tonight and tomorrow, but come Monday it’s back to business.”

On next week’s game at Oklahoma State:
“OSU is a tremendous team and they play really well at home just like we do. So we understand that going down there means we really have to bring our “A” game. There is a lot at stake for them and for us, so obviously it is going to be a great game.”

On Sam Bradford’s Heisman run:
“Sam did great tonight. His stats say it all. What you see is what you get with him, he stays calm and is a great football player. Of course you want anybody on your team to win an award and the Heisman is the biggest one you can get. If Sam wins the Heisman, it has something to do with all of us.”

  R-Freshman LB Travis Lewis

On defense speculations:
“We watch TV and ESPN. They weren’t really giving our defense a chance, and it got under our skin. We came out hungry tonight.”

On preparing for tonight’s game:
“I think we had the best week of practice that we have had all year. We know what lies in front of us; the Big 12 and National Championship. It kind of helped that it was at home and senior night. All the seniors played hungry tonight and really wanted to win. I think it was a total team effort and we really got after them.”

On his interception:
“It felt good, I kind of went back to my running back days. We had a lot of big plays tonight and I think we played great collectively as a defense. The defensive line really got after them and made it easy on us linebackers. A shout out to our defensive backs, but we all played hungry and it was a total team effort out there tonight.”

  Sophomore DT Gerald McCoy

On Oklahoma’s defense:
“I think we sent a message to whoever was watching. Whether it was the computers, an alien, whatever it is. At the end of the game I think we sent a message. We’re for real. We’re not going to boast because we’re not about that. Really, for me, it was about our defense. People were down about our defense all week and last week. Tech has a great offense. They really do, Tech has a real, real good offense. They said they were going to pick us apart, and we took that as a challenge. We came out and we wanted to send a message.”

  Head Coach Mike Leach

On the game:
“I think that we saw things out there that we had not seen before. As a group, we are highly motivated and have had a lot of success from being motivated by working together and doing a lot of things together. I think everybody wanted to win this game and everybody worked really hard this week and had a great week of practice.

“I think that we wanted to do well and we over tried. Rather than just trying to do the little routine plays, we tried to make super plays. I felt that we squandered the first half trying to make too much happen and trying to be too good.”

On Oklahoma defense:
“I thought they were really good. Going in, I thought that they were really good going in. I never bought that they were off and when you have a defense that is this talented and when they get into a situation where they are challenged, they are really good.

“Against a team like Oklahoma you can’t squander plays and if you are going to squander plays like we did today, it’s going to be awfully difficult (to win).

On Oklahoma Quarterback Sam Bradford:
“He is really good. I have liked him for a long time. He has had a great career and I think that he is really good. He does a really good job running the unit and something that I have really admired about him is he just doesn’t get side-tracked doing the complicated things. He does the same simple stuff over and over and does it with precision.”

  Sophomore LB Brian Duncan

On the defensive problems in tonight’s game:
“It was just basic. Guys were trying to do too much. They got caught up in all the hype and everything like that. I give all the credit to the offensive line of Oklahoma, they did an excellent job, but defensively we just didn’t go out and do our jobs like we were supposed to.”

On the bye week:
“The bye week, all the hype, neither of those things had anything to do with this. We are a team that does not focus on distractions like that. The only thing that happened today, is we, as a team, did not come out and do our jobs. They waited for us to make mistakes ourselves and they capitalized on it. We just have to go this week and fix it and focus on next week. We are focusing on Baylor now.”

On DeMarco Murray:
“We didn’t stop him like we were supposed to. We didn’t stop him like we were coached to do. He is an awesome runner, so you have to give him credit as well, but again it goes back to we didn’t do what we were coached to do.”

  Sophomore RB Baron Batch

On the offense:
“I think everyone was ready to play, but I think that we tried too hard at times. We didn’t make the routine plays that we normally do.”

On the build-up prior to the game:
“It was just the atmosphere, something that made us get excited. It caused us to miss the routine plays that we normally convert.”

On the Oklahoma defense:
“They played well, I can’t take anything away from them. At the same time though, a lot of the plays we would usually make 10 times in a row, we just didn’t make. I think that was a big part of it. They did a great job of holding us to 21 points, but I think we definitely could have done a better job and finished.”



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