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SEPTEMBER 11, 2010

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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening statement:
"Today was pleasing, I guess, overall. It's exciting to come out in a big atmosphere like that and again we have great, great respect for the tradition and history of Florida State. Offensively, we took care of the football, good balance, and defensively, after the first drive we really settled in and played great football. Special teams, I thought was excellent all day. So it was a good solid game overall."

On Brennan Clay:
"Brennan is going for further tests and everything so far has checked out well. Actually, when he left the field he was responsive and I asked him if his parents were here, he said no. He was moving everything, but they have to be sure and when he left in the ambulance for further tests, he had a big smile on his face and was talking. They still had him strapped in there. They just want to make sure they're not missing anything."

On Landry Jones' performance:
"It was a nice day for him outside of that one play, which, you know, he's a young guy that's just going to get better and he just has to keep learning, but I think Landry is doing well. He is a sharp guy, I say it a lot, but he is a great worker, has a great attitude about improving, and wants to be coached. But I think it's fair to say that he's complemented better too. A guy is only as good as the guys around him. A lot of the guys around him made some nice plays too."

On the offense:
"Cameron Kenney, in both games so far, has stepped up and made some nice big plays. Other guys, you know, some of our tight ends came up with some nice plays and that has to happen. You have to be able to use multiple players. You've watched us, we've used tight ends a lot and we get involved and we like to throw touchdowns and third downs to them. But that's not unusual for us. We've always done that and so our tight ends and fullbacks, and Trey Millard had another great game. I love that guy so we use all those guys. We get them involved and they are good players."

On playing against his brother Mark Stoops:
"It's a rotten place to be you know, because I appreciate the way we played, but you just cannot separate blood. I just don't like it and I knew that going into the game that I didn't, and I'm positive of it now after the game."

On this game being a 'statement game':
"We've won two games. I'm not worried about that right now. We've got a lot coming at us, so it's one game, you played well, but we'll be judged on the whole year."

On Patrick O'Hara:
"I thought he was good. He did well with some of those kicks and sometimes he has such a big leg that, like on the extra point, he laid off it and he kind of lets it drift off. Sometimes I tell him, and maybe I need to quit talking to him, but he doesn't need to worry about over swinging. He's got a big leg, just let it go."

  Senior FS Quinton Carter

On the defense:
"We had a real slow start but after the second series, we were clicking as a defense. Everyone doing their part took all of the guys just running for the ball and getting out there."

On making a statement this week:
"(It was just us) playing the way we know we can play, just playing with some confidence. Pretty much playing balls out, knowing we can win ."

On worrying if they would play well this week:
" As a team we never worry we aren't going to play well. We just go out to practice with a purpose and we play hard all week knowing we are going to go into the game playing that same way."

  Junior CB Jamell Fleming

On his interception:
"The receiver, the second receiver actually, cut me and I tried to switch over and then the ball just rolled into my hands. The front seven did a great job of just getting to their quarterback and not giving him time. They were rushing passes and rushing throws, which even helped me during that interception because it just seemed like he just lofted it into the air."

On Ponder's overall play:
"(Christian) Ponder sitting in the pocket really helped us defensive backs because it gave us the chance to just guard the receiver and focus only on him. We really came together and just played better overall as a team this week."

  Junior LB Travis Lewis

On the defensive backs:
"We played great in the secondary today. I knew we had a great defensive back group this year. Before we went out for pregame today, I went up to them and said 'don't doubt yourself today, don't doubt this defense and don't doubt this team, because once you let doubt creep in you play like that.' I just wanted them to know that I had their back."

After the second series:
"We just settled in. The coaches had a great game plan today, not a good one but a great one. Players just settled down, took that deep breath and just went out there and played OU defense."

On playing well because the offense played well:
"I told DeMarco (Murray) and the offense we played this way because they played this way. We got to sit on the sidelines and catch our breath a lot today. This was a totally team effort in the fact that they did their job, we did our job. We got it all together."

  Head Coach Jimbo Fisher

On the problems the defense faced on the first drive of the game:
"Well, I think they just got momentum. I think a big play of the football game early, we had that penalty on the kickoff return where we could have come back and matched them again. When we got backed up we went three-and-out and missed a signal on third down and we checked to a screen it was a missed assignment. It was open and maybe we could have gotten a first down and gotten some momentum back. I think what happened was they took the momentum of the football game."

On situations that dictated the outcome of the game:
"They scored and went up 21-7, and we got field position back. I think they got control of the kicking game too. In their kickoff return and in our return we didn't block very well, our starting position was very poor and we didn't make some plays on offense. We didn't convert third downs. A couple chances we had, (we) just lost control of the line of scrimmage a little bit. They just caught us off balance and they were scoring on their side. They scored the first four times I think they had it, and got up 27-7, and we had a chance right there at end of the first half. We got that turnover and if we got that score and moved it a little bit, that's 27-14. We get it at the start of the second half and we didnt take advantage of it. And they did a good job of mixing it up on third down and controlling the line of scrimmage."

On Oklahoma's defensive pressure:
"They got good pressure on Christian(Ponder). They did a good job of getting pressure and we lost first down. We needed to be more efficient on first down. Our third downs were more third-and-7 and third-and-longs and they were able to come after us a little bit."

On Florida State's defensive performance:
"I'm surprised, but they are still a young group and this was going to be a telling test to where we're at and it's one football game and Oklahoma did a great job. Oklahoma's got some very dynamic people and they had a heck of a first half and they did a good job. I thought our defense, the second half, played much better. Much of the two turnovers and the points they gave up mainly came up off our two turnovers on offense. We were trying to press and were trying to make some plays, but Oklahoma did a great job. I still think we can have a good defense, we just got a lot of work to do and, like I say. When you get on a roll like that in a half -- I've been on both sides of that -- and they did a good job. We can still be a good defensive football team and we got some young guys that need to step in and do whatever it takes and do a better job. We've got to coach them better and they've got to play a bit better."

On if he expected this outcome:
"No. I mean, you never know until you get here. There is always going to be work to be done. You've always got to improve the whole season and when you play a caliber opponent like Oklahoma who is very well coached and has good players, you find out. So, I didn't expect them to score that many in the first half, but they got hot and they did it and we just need to move on."

On QB Christian Ponder's play and frustration during the game:
"Well, he was frustrated that we weren't moving the ball and we didn't have a running game. We were third-and-long a lot. He had two or three guys open at times and we couldn't make big plays. When that happened he got pressured, he got hit and he missed a throw right there at the end of the half. He missed a comeback throw to Bert (Reed) over there. I think it was a third-and-seven right on their sideline right before the half. I thought that time, if we could have gotten some points and gotten the ball first in the second half, and he threw one high. They did a good job of not letting him get in that rhythm. He's in a rhythm coming right of the bat and then we got field position, had a drop and a missed assignment -- a couple missed assignments by receivers just where they had to be -- and Christian missed a couple balls. It wasn't all them; I mean it was just one guy here, one guy here and we didn't do a very good job."

  FS Ochuko Jenije

On the Florida State coaches at halftime:
"They were trying to calm people down and not point any fingers. We are a pretty good defense and today didn't really show it. We really didn't make any adjustments. We knew what they were going to do, it's just that they got in that no huddle and made it extremely tough for us to get what we wanted."

On Florida State's new defense:
"On defense we know what we are doing. We're very comfortable. It's just the element of surprise when you don't know when that no huddle is coming. They did a good job of rolling you to sleep and getting you in a rhythm, and then turn around and sprint to the ball and start running off plays. It wasn't effective because of our new defense. It was just the element of surprise."

On Landry Jones:
"He did a good job looking people off and just controlling the offense today. They got a lot of slack last week for not putting up big numbers, but they did a heck of a job today. He did a good job running the offense. Broyles did a good job of knowing his role and doing what he had to do. DeMarco Murray along with (Mossis) Madu, (Cameron) Kenny and Kenny Stills were young guys but they came out to play today."

  Senior QB Christian Ponder

On the outcome of the game:
"It's very difficult to swallow and this is not what we were expecting at all. We had a great week of practice. We thought we were prepared and obviously, we have to do a little more. It's a learning experience and you have to move on. We have to think about what we did, watch the film and come Monday we have to start practicing and focusing on BYU."

After the first drive:
"We started making mistakes. On the first drive everyone was on the right page and then one mistake happened after another and it kind of just snowballed. I take a lot of blame for that. I made a lot of mistakes out there today and it put my team in a bad position not to score points. I really think it's my fault."

On comparing the two offenses:
"It's really disappointing after we go out on that first drive we played so well and really moved the ball. Then we spudded out and never really got anything going again. Never got a great drive again. That's not how we play. That's not us and we just didn't play well. They were obviously a better team today."


  CB Greg Reid

On OU's offense verse a young Florida defense:
"We have a first year coach on defense and they have a high-tempo offensive and that hurt us a lot. Like coach said, we're not mad it's just like a lesson learned."

On reacting to OU's experienced defense:
"We knew what we had to do it was just high-tempo and coach was calling the plays from the sideline. By the time we looked over to the sideline for the call, they were up on the center already. We can get a little better."

On next week's game against BYU:
"Like I said, its like a lesson learned and I feel like we are ready for them."

On finding leaders on a young team:
"I believe all of our guys can step up. This was a big game and they have a huge stadium here. I feel like we were a little nervous. They came out ready to play."



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