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DECEMBER 29, 2007

  Sam Bradford

About the coaching change at West Virginia
I can't say it helps us. I don't know how it affected them. I don't know really know what that situation is like. I'm sure it hasn't been a huge distraction for them. I'm sure they are focused on the Fiesta Bowl just like we are. I doubt that their game plan or anything else has changed.

About his progress as a quarterback this season
From the beginning to now, I feel like I've got so much more comfortable. Every day and every snap that I get, I feel more comfortable with what I am seeing and more comfortable with the reads. I feel a lot better about the whole system.

About being part of a productive offense
I don't know if I expected some of the numbers that came. As a team, we felt we were a good team and a chance to win the Big 12 Championship and a chance to compete for a national championship. Our coaches told us all year that no matter who is in there that we are going to have a chance.

About the Texas Tech game
It was rough. Especially kind of not knowing what was going on at first. Once I realized what had happened and that I wasn't going to be playing anymore it was definitely tough. It's not a good feeling being over there helpless knowing that you can't help your team win.

About the weather in Phoenix
I think the day we left it was snowing in Oklahoma. To come out here and get to practice in the sun in the 60s, you can't beat it. Yesterday was a great day. There wasn't much wind. If we had weather like that everyday in Oklahoma it would be nice.

About the different playmakers on offense
Where do you want me to start? Malcolm (Kelly) is a very talented receiver. Some of the plays he makes are just unreal. We have so many good receivers. Juaquin (Iglesias), Manny (Manuel Johnson). Anyone you put it there can go out and make a play and take it to the house at any time. Having those guys is a huge help throwing the ball. And then you go to our tight ends. We have three really solid tight ends. You can put any one of those guys out there and they have a chance to make a play. You go to our backfield with Allen Patrick, Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray when he was healthy. Where do you start with those guys? They all have different styles but they are all great running backs. They can all make plays. The offensive line - they've done a great job. They've been great in protection not allowing pressure to get to me and then opening up more room for the running backs. Playmakers on this team, there is a long list. With that much help around you, it's fun to go out there and look around and see the guys on the field with you and know that anyone of these guys can score at any time.

  Malcolm Kelly

About what their emphasis is on offense
No. 1, being able to run the football. That's what you want to do every week. You want to be able to run the football to set up the play-action stuff. They are going throw a lot of different things at us. A lot of different blitz packages. And a lot of different coverages. We just have to make sure we execute plays that are called. It's going to be tricky.

About it possibly being his last game at Oklahoma
Nah, I really don't know that. Right now, I'm coming back next year. There is a lot of stuff I can work on. As of right now, I'm still going to put the jersey on next season. I have to make a decision after the season. I'll sit down with my family. Sit down and talk to Coach Stoops about it. As of right now, I'll still be with the Crimson and Cream.

About Oklahoma's offense
I think we have confidence. But I think honestly that we knew what type of team we had. We just came out and played and didn't beat ourselves. We can go out and play with anybody. If we don't go out and beat ourselves, we are going to be pretty hard to beat. One turnover can beat you. Especially against a team like them. Everybody always talks about their offense. Their defense leads the nation in caused fumbles. They are a Top 20 defense. They have a good all-around team so we are going to have to come out and play our best.

About losing three consecutive BCS bowl games
I don't know what it is. I really don't know what that is all about. I just think that when we get to a bowl game we are not executing. If you turn the ball over you are going to lose. If you go in the game and don't execute the plays, you are going to lose. I really don't think it's the coaches or the plays being called. I just think it is execution as a team. If we want to change that record, we're going to have to come out and execute. He (Bob Stoops) is tired of looking at it on TV. We are too. That's the reason why you come here to win championships.

  Kevin Wilson

About West Virginia's coaching staff
The interim head coach (Bill Stewart) I GA'd for. He's one of my best friends. In fact, I called him up when Rich (Rodriguez) was leaving and I asked him if he was Alexander Haig and if he was in charge. I've got a lot of respect for him. He's tougher than nails. He's a passionate guy. He loves that state. They've had a lot of success. They can add a little wrinkle here or there. Here's what we do. Here's what we are good at. Bill Stewart has been a head coach before, so he has had to make kicking game decisions. I've got a lot of respect for Rich (Rodriguez) because we ran that spread no-huddle (offense) at Northwestern. Shoot, we got it from him.

More about Bill Stewart
I know that place is in flux. But I am glad he got an opportunity for at least a short period time to be in charge. He was a special guy in my life. I'm me and I am different than him, but I'm sure there are things that I say or do that is a reflection of spending time and working with him. We had a unique and close bond.

  Allen Patrick

About West Virginia's 3-3-5 defensive scheme
They're pretty much going to overload the box. They're going to try to stop the run. If there is one thing we do at Oklahoma, it is run the football. So it is going to be a very physical game. We're going to have to come out there and pound the ball. They know they have to stop the run. I know that I have to run the ball. We're going to go out there and play the best we can. When we start running the ball, the passing game will open up eventually.

About Oklahoma's offensive line
It's the biggest and most sound offensive line I've been behind ever since carrying the football. They pretty much rally around each other. All of them are close. They go out there and get the job done. They take care of business up front. They are really big and they are agile. They get where they need to go pretty much at any time.

About getting off to a fast start against West Virginia
It's going to be the key point. To come out there and establish what we need to do. I think it is going to be a big plus to start fast. You can't start slow against West Virginia because they have some big weapons on offense that can put some numbers up.

About losing to Boise State in last year's Fiesta Bowl
A lot of guys tuned in to what we have to do. Last year, we lost to Boise State, so a lot of us tuned in throughout our summer workouts. Our team just built off that. We know we are better than that. It sucked (losing to Boise State). But at the same time it was a good experience. It was a lesson being learned. That was probably one of the best games played in college football. That's in my background now.

  Phil Loadholt

About the passion fans show while rooting for Oklahoma
I think it is nice to have that passion. You know they are always going to support you no matter what.

About QB Sam Bradford
I've seen him progress as the season went on. It's nice to see that he has that confidence and swagger. I think the fact that he didn't panic too many times and stayed positive was big coming from a freshman.



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