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Questionnaire: To fill out the walk-on questionnaire, click here.

Questions: Please contact Rebecca George at if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the program.

Potential Recruits: Recruiting Questionnaire
Student-athletes with past rowing experience are encouraged to complete the online recruiting questionnaire.

Have you dreamed of becoming a division 1 athlete? This is your chance! The OU women’s rowing team enters its 11th year as a division I university-sponsored program. The rowing team is different than most of OU’s athletic teams, as many of the student-athletes on the team never rowed before coming to college. If you are interested in receiving more information or trying out, fill out the questionnaire below.

Walk-On Questionnaire


Do I need any experience?

Absolutely no experience is necessary!  We will teach you everything you need to know during tryouts and during your first year on the team.

Who are we looking for?

Rowers: Rowers are usually 5-8 or taller, athletic and hard workers.
Coxswains: Coxswains are usually less than 110 pounds, competitive and leaders. Coxswains steer, coach, motivate, organize and execute race strategies.

How do I try out?

Tryouts and meetings are during the first two weeks of the fall semester. To express interest in trying out, fill out the questionnaire OR email

When are practices?

We practice six days a week and work around your class schedule to make sure you can attend practice.

Where do we practice?

We practice in one of two locations. We have an on-campus Rowing Training Facility or we provide a bus to go to our Oklahoma City boathouse to row on the Oklahoma River.

What does being a varsity student-athlete mean?

There are many benefits of being a student-athlete at the University of Oklahoma!
- Total athletic funding
- Nike apparel for competitions
- Priority class scheduling
- Athletic medical care
- Tutoring and academic support services

Will rowing affect my academics?

Absolutely not! The team’s current GPA is a 3.20, and the squad has held over a 3.0 cumulative GPA every semester since the beginning of the program. In 2013, former walk-on Kim Moldenhauer earned Oklahoma’s first NCAA Elite 89 Award, given to the student-athlete with the highest GPA competing in the NCAA Championships.

As a student-athlete, you will receive free tutoring and academic mentoring to make sure you stay on top of your classes! If anything, rowing can help you succeed as a student.

What are the costs?

There are none! We are a fully-funded varsity team. Once you’ve made the team, all equipment, gear, travel, coaching, food and more are provided. For tryouts, there is a small fee for a physical and the NCAA Clearinghouse registration.

Are walk-on rowers successful?

Yes! Four of the eight student-athletes in OU’s 2013 Big 12-winning varsity eight had never rowed before college.

How fast are we?

The Sooners have won four conference titles, including the 2013 and 2014 Big 12 Championship and the 2013 and 2014 Conference USA Championship. The squad has made two NCAA Championships appearances as well. In addition, three Sooners have earned six All-Region honors during their careers. 

2014 Big 12 Champions


Reagan Collins:

“When someone asked me what I wanted to do in college, I never would have guessed that rowing would be my answer. Although rowing can be seen as just another team sport, it is so much more than that. Rowing is a sport where one has to be willing to give absolutely everything they have for the other girls, as well as stay controlled and together. If one person's timing is off, it affects everyone else in that boat. It is the ultimate team sport and that is exactly what I have grown to love about it. It is about finding that bond with the other four or eight girls in the boat, both from an athletic standpoint and a team standpoint. Everyone in the lineup must have complete trust in the girls around her and not only know that they will give their all, but that they want to give every ounce of their energy for the other girls in the boat.

Because of this, I have gained a great deal of respect for my teammates and learned the importance of teamwork in itself. I have learned a great deal of trust, leadership and that no matter how hard things may get, to never give up. This has helped me tremendously with applying for graduate school and finding jobs because I know out of all the other applicants, I will be the most persistent and won't take no for an answer. I know that because of my experience with the team, I will be a much harder worker in the workplace than many others in my field. With any sport or occupation, the important part is not where you start, but where you finish.”

Marissa Beene: 

“Rowing has been one of the best experiences I've had in college. From the first day, we were taught all of the basics about rowing and how to become a successful collegiate athlete. Each day at practice is a new opportunity to challenge ourselves and improve. Having a group of motivated teammates who are always there to support you helps immensely with the typical stresses of college. I know that I have a group of 40 women who are there for me if I ever need them.”

Taylor Spencer:

“Rowing was a blessing. Being from Missouri, coming to school in Oklahoma was a whole new experience for me in so many ways. It was my first time truly on my own, in a state where I knew no one. I was trying a sport I had never done before in hopes that I would be good enough to be asked back the next year, and I was trying to balance a new level of academics, which, while I had succeeded in high school, I wasn't sure I was up to.

Rowing provided me with a consistency during inconsistent times throughout my freshman year. I knew that I had found a family away from home, people I could rely on to have my back, people I was proud to call my friends and people I was proud to push myself past my limits with to see them succeed. You won't regret joining the team. You'll make life-long friends, have experiences that most people will never have and meet so many different people through the opportunities rowing brings you."