Sooners Sweep Doubleheader To Stay Undefeated

Patrick Dunn
By Patrick Dunn
Communications Assistant

Abilene Christian

NORMAN – The No. 18 OU men’s tennis team remains unbeaten after defeating Arizona (4-1) and Abilene Christian (4-0) in Saturday’s doubleheader and moves to 5-0 through two weekends of play.

The Sooners began the day with a 4-1 win over Arizona. OU quickly put away the doubles point after the No. 43-ranked duo of Adrian Oetzbach and Jochen Bertsch defeated Arizona’s Igor Karpovets and Jonas Maier, 6-3, on court 2. The Sooners’ No. 1 doubles duo of Ferran Calvo and Jake Van Emburgh won 6-3 to clinch the point for OU.

When play was halted, Alex Bakshi and James Davis were tied with Alejandro Reguant and Filip Malbasic at 5-all.

In singles action, sophomore Oetzbach continued his hot start to the season with a straight-set victory over Arizona’s Alejandro Reguant, 6-1, 6-4, on court 3. Playing in the No. 1 spot,  Bakshi defeated Arizona’s Igor Karpovets 6-1, 3-6, 7-5. Bertsch clinched the match for the Sooners on court 5 with a 7-6 (3), 6-2 decision over the Wildcats’ Malbasic.

No.17 Calvo trailed Aaro Pollanen 3-2 in the third set on court two when play was halted. The Sooner dropped the first set, 7-5, before surging back to claim the second, 6-1. Van Emburgh led Jonas Maier 5-4 in set two after dropping the first frame in a tiebreaker, 7-6 (5).

The Sooners picked up where they left off in the second dual match of the day, taking down Abilene Christian, 4-0. OU grabbed the doubles point courtesy of the No. 2 duo of Oetzbach and Bertsch's defeat of  Jon Sheehy and Henry Adams, 6-2. From the No. 3 line, Bakshi and  Davis clinched the doubles point for OU with a 6-2 decision over ACU’s Cole Lawson and Brad Gleason. 

When play was halted, Calvo and Van Emburgh led Josh Sheehy and Paul Domanski, 5-3, on court one. 

Freshman Davis notched the Sooners' first singles win of the match from the No. 6 spot, defeating ACU’s Cole Lawson, 6-2, 6-0. Bakshi also won in straight sets on court 2 with a 6-3, 6-0 decision over Abilene Christian’s Jon Sheehy. Sophomore Bertsch clinched the second consecutive match for the Sooners, besting the Wildcats’ Domanski, 6-3, 6-2.

“Today gave us a lot of confidence," said Oetzbach. "I feel like we’re ready for the Kickoff next weekend which is important for us.” He added, “The new guys getting their first wins gave them confidence and made us better as a team. We’re on a good run.”

The Sooners are back at home to host ITA Kickoff Weekend next Saturday and Sunday at Headington Family Tennis Center. 2018 will mark the sixth consecutive year that OU has hosted the event, and this year's competition includes Georgia Tech, Illinois, and Northwestern. Match times are yet to be announced. 

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OU 4, Arizona 1

Singles Results

1. Alex Bakshi (OU) def. Igor Karpovets (UA) 6-1, 3-6, 7-5
2. #17 Ferran Calvo (OU) vs. Aaro Pollanen (UA) 5-7, 6-1, 2-3, unfinished
3. Adrian Oetzbach (OU) def. #103 Alejandro Reguant (UA) 6-1, 6-4
4. Jake Van Emburgh (OU) vs. Jonas Maier (UA) 6-7 (5), 5-4, unfinished
5. Jochen Bertsch (OU) def. Filip Malbasic (UA) 7-6 (3), 6-2
6. Carlos Hassey (UA) def. Max Stewart (OU) 6-4, 6-2

Doubles Results

1. Jake Van Emburgh/Ferran Calvo (OU) def. Aaro Pollanen/Jonas Maier (UA) 6-3
2. #43 Adrian Oetzbach/Jochen Bertsch (OU) def. Igor Karpovets/Carlos Hassey (UA) 6-3
3. Alex Bakshi/James Davis (OU) vs. Alejandro Reguant/Filip Malbasic (UA) 5-5, Unfinished

OU 4, Abilene Christian 0

Singles Results

1. #17 Ferran Calvo (OU) vs. Josh Sheehy (ACU) 6-1, 3-3, unfinished
2. Alex Bakshi (OU) def. Jon Sheehy (ACU) 6-3, 6-0
3. Adrian Oetzbach (OU) vs. Henry Adams (ACU) 6-2, 4-2, unfinished
4. Jochen Bertsch (OU) def. Paul Domanski (ACU) 6-3, 6-2
5. Max Stewart (OU) vs. Hunter Holman (ACU) 6-3, 4-1, unfinished
6. James Davis (OU) def. Joaquin Delgado (ACU) 6-2, 6-0

Doubles Results

1. Jake Van Emburgh/Ferran Calvo (OU) vs. Josh Sheehy/Paul Domanski (ACU) 5-3, unfinished
2. #43 Adrian Oetzbach/Jochen Bertsch (OU) def. Jon Sheehy/Henry Adams (ACU) 6-2
3. Alex Bakshi/James Davis (OU) def. Cole Lawson/Brad Gleason (ACU) 6-2