Oklahoma Football
Offensive Lineman Daryl Williams
Sept. 3, 2013

On what nutritionist Tiffany Byrd has brought to the program:
“I’ll give you an example. Saturday night, I think it was the third quarter, I came to the sideline and I thought I was going to cramp. She has these salt packets, so I took three of them, ate a couple of oranges and I was good to go. I’m not worried about cramps, so that’s a good example.”

On the role Tiffayn Byrd has played in helping the linemen gain weight:
“She just makes sure that we do it the right way and the healthy way. She just makes sure we eat right and that’s good.”

On how offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh thought the offensive line played:
“He said we played good, but it wasn’t great and that’s where we need to be.”