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All Girl

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of OU All Girl and Coed Cheer squads is to support the athletic teams at the University of Oklahoma by generating crowd enthusiasm and actively engaging with our fans. Our members believe deeply in their role as ambassadors of the University and represent OU at a variety of alumni, civic, and charitable events and are committed to displaying a positive and collegiate image at all times that reflects the values and traditions of the University of Oklahoma.

Squad Descriptions

The OU All-Girl Team has historically consisted of approximately 20-30 athletes.  The OU Coed Cheer Team has historically consisted of approximately 10-15 coed couples. These numbers can fluctuate from year to year given the needs of the team. Both squads cheer at all home football games split evenly away football games (and post season), men's and women's basketball (and post season), wrestling, volleyball, soccer, men's and women's gymnastics matches and games.

Squad Achievements

Competitively over the past few years, the cheer program has achieved:

  • 2019 - Two members named to Team USA for ICU Championships
  • 2019 - UCA College Nationals Coed and All-Girl ranked in the Top 5
  • 2018 - UCA College Nationals All-Girl Division 1A National Champions
  • 2017 - Eight members of Team USA ICU Gold Medalists
  • 2017 - UCA College Nationals Coed and All-Girl Top 10
  • 2016 - NCA Nationals Coed Partner Stunt Top 10
  • 2016 - UCA College Nationals Coed Top 10
  • 1993 - NCA Large Coed National Champions

Clinics and Tryouts:

Tryouts will be open registration. Participation in a clinic is no longer a prerequisite for tryouts.

Register for Clinics or Tryouts
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Tryout Information

Clinic Dates

  • Nov. 18, 2018
  • Feb. 16, 2019

Tryout Dates

  • May 13-14, 2019