Ticket Sharing

Your season tickets never have to go unused again! With OU's Ticket Sharing service, you can transfer your tickets to friends or family members. Simply access your account online and make the transfer. The recipient then gets an email and can print the tickets instantly. View the PDFs and instructions below to guide you through the process:
How to Share
How to Share
  How to Share

To share your tickets, follow these steps:
Step 1: Access your Ticket Account at soonersports.com
Step 2: Click “Transfer Tickets”
Step 3: Select the event to transfer.
Step 4: Fill in complete transfer details/credit card info.
Step 5: Click “Submit” and Sign out.
Step 6: The recipient will be sent an email notification of the transfer and instantly receives the tickets, which can be printed on-demand or delivered to a mobile device.
  How to Accept

To accept shared tickets, follow these steps:
Step 1: You will receive an email notifying you that you are the recipient of a ticket share transaction.
Step 2: Click the link to accept the Ticket Sharing invitation.
Step 3: Enter the email address where you received the invitation and click "Accept".
Step 4: Log in to your registered OU Ticket Office online account or register a new account.
Step 5: Select your delivery method and check out.
Step 6: Click "Submit Payment" to complete the ticket share.
Step 7: If you selected "Print-at-Home" as your method of delivery, you will receive an email with your ticket and instructions on how to print it.
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It is the sender's responsibility to remind the recipient to check their email to begin the acceptance process.
The recipient must accept the ticket share via the link in their email at least four hours prior to the scheduled start of the game in order to successfully complete the transaction.
There is a 72-hour window before the transaction is canceled if the transfer is not completed by both parties.

Call the OU Athletics Ticket Office during regular business hours at (405) 325-2424 or toll-free (800) 456-GoOU.