All-American: Ralph Neely

Rufus Alexander

Ralph Neely, T - 1963, 1964
When asked what his favorite thing about playing football was, Ralph Neely said playing against a real tough opponent. Anyone who watched the two-time All-American play knew this. Not many of his opponents challenged the 261-pound tackle who played both ways. He was named the Big Eight Sophomore Lineman of the Year.

With great quickness for a big man, Neely was a dominant performer on defense. After the 1963 Missouri game, Tiger QB Gary Lane said, "That big Ralph Neely, where did he keep coming from? I think he spent more time in our backfield than I did." Also an excellent blocker on offense, Neely was an all-conference selection in both 1963 and '64.

He was drafted in the second round by the Baltimore Colts in 1965.

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