OU Football Tradition | History of the OU Helmet
2000-Current HelmetOklahoma football is instantly recognizable to fans across the country by the familiar crimson helmet bedecked with interlocking white OU logos. Oklahoma has worn a version of the crimson helmet with OU logo since the 1966 season.
Prior to 1966, the Sooners sported white helmets with a crimson stripe down the center with crimson numerals on both sides (1957-65) and the same helmet without the numerals (1946-56).
The crimson on the OU helmet was updated with a richer, metallic paint for the 2000 season. The Sooners celebrated by winning the school's seventh national championship.

1976-1999 (24 Seasons)
The red was darkened to crimson for 1976 while facemasks were standardized to white. The Sooners wore a version of this helmet for 24 seasons including the 1985 national championship. This was the helmet of Billy Sims, Tony Casillas, Brian Bosworth and Keith Jackson.
1967-1975 (Nine Seasons)
The OU logo was modified from its rounded form to the familiar block version used today. Players wore a mix of white and gray facemasks. The Sooners wore this helmet for the Game of the Century (1971 vs. Nebraska) and two national championship seasons (1974, 1975).
1966 (One Season)
The famous interlocking "OU" logo made its first appearance on red helmets during head coach Jim Mackenzie's debut in 1966. The logo was rounder than the current block version used today. Mackenzie also added white "NCAA style" two-inch player numerals on the back of the helmet.
1957-1965 (Nine Seasons)
Red numerals were added reflecting the players' numbers on both sides of the white helmet. The Sooners won four conference titles wearing this helmet. Major players during this era included Clendon Thomas, Bill Krisher, Bob Harrison, Jerry Thompson, Ralph Neely and Carl McAdams.
1946-1956 (11 Seasons)
The first modern OU helmet was introduced in Oklahoma's first full season following World War II. The classic helmet was white with a single red stripe down the center. The Sooners won three national championships (1950, 1955, 1956) and 11 conference titles wearing this helmet.

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