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University of Oklahoma
MAY 02, 2016

New Member Form (PDF)

When I donate to the Sooner Club, where does the money go?

The primary purpose of the Sooner Club is scholarships.  The Athletics Department is responsible for the educational expenses (tuition, fees, room, board, books) of over 600 student-athletes who receive scholarships to attend OU and represent the university in intercollegiate competition.  In addition, Sooner Club donations help ensure OU’s tradition of excellence continues to grow by investing in practice and game facility upgrades and academic resources for all of our student-athletes and athletics programs.

What are the benefits of being a Sooner Club member?

The greatest benefit of Sooner Club membership is knowing that your donation is going directly to support the academic, athletic and personal growth of over 600 OU student-athletes. This chart indicates the other Sooner Club benefits available to donors at each of our seven giving levels.  For more specific information on Sooner Club benefits, click here.

How do I get season tickets?

While we can’t guarantee season ticket availability based on renewal rates, Sooner Club members receive priority in the allocation of available season tickets each year. Typically a minimum donation of $100 per seat (plus ticket cost) is all that’s required to acquire new season tickets for football, men’s basketball or women’s basketball.

Donors interested in purchasing football or men's basketball season tickets will be included in the Sooner Seat Selection Process, which allows existing and new season ticket holders to log into an interactive, real-time website to view, add and change their seat locations.

Selection times will be assigned by priority points within annual giving levels and account holders will be notified via email of their selection time shortly after the ticket renewal deadline. Ticket or donation balances created by changing or adding seat locations will be due at the time the new seats are selected and can be paid online at the end of the process.

Requests for new women's basketball season tickets must be made in writing, either with your online donation or on the attached form.  We encourage you to make requests as specific as possible to assist our staff in determining the best available seating options.  Due to the tremendous number of requests received we are unable to contact each donor individually to discuss potential seating options.  Thus, the written request will serve as our guideline in assigning your seats during the ticket allocation process.

If you have specific questions or requests about priority seating locations for football or men’s or women’s basketball, please contact the Sooner Club at (405) 325-8000 or (866) SOONER CLUB.

Do I have to make a donation every year?

Yes.  If you made a donation to the Sooner Club in order to secure season tickets you must maintain the required annual minimum per seat donation for that seat location.  Minimum per seat donations may differ depending on your seat location.

Will I be able to renew the same seats each year?

Yes.  As long as you make the required minimum per seat donation for your seat location and renew your tickets by the deadline, you will be able to retain the season tickets in that location.  Sooner Club donations are typically due at the end of March, while season ticket renewals are due in mid-April each year.

How can I get better seats in future years?

Football and men's basketball season ticket holders will have the option of participating in the Sooner Seat Selection Process each year to examine available upgrade options.

Participation is not required if you do not wish to move seat locations. Existing season ticket holders not participating in this process will retain their previous season ticket location(s).

Selection times will be assigned by priority points within annual giving levels and account holders will be notified via email of their selection time shortly after the ticket renewal deadline. Ticket or donation balances created by changing or adding seat locations will be due at the time the new seats are selected and can be paid online at the end of the process.

Any addition, move or upgrade of your tickets will potentially create a new donor component. For example, an upgraded “public" season ticket will now have a minimum per seat donor component assigned. This donation will be required annually to maintain the season ticket location.

Please note that this process is optional and is intended to give season ticket holders who want to explore the possibility of relocating their season tickets all available options. Please contact the Ticket Office or Sooner Club if you have any questions.

Women's basketball upgrade requests should be made in writing and can be included on your season ticket or Sooner Club renewal application, or you may submit a separate written request to the Athletics Ticket Office or Sooner Club via email, fax, or mail.  Be sure to describe in as much detail as possible exactly what you are requesting.  Customers who renew seats online can make their requests on their online ticket renewal.

Requests will be ranked in priority order by Sooner Club giving level and priority points. Once the regular season ticket renewal deadline has passed, all non-renewed tickets are placed in inventory and made available for allocation. Requests for new tickets and/or upgrades are addressed, and if a new ticket location is successfully secured, your new tickets will be mailed with all other season tickets.

What are priority points and how do I get them?

In an effort to more equitably serve Sooner Club members, a system was developed and implemented in 1995 to determine rankings for season ticket placement and acquiring tickets to high-demand events like the annual Red River Rivalry, away games, postseason tournaments and championships, bowl games and other special events.  The Priority Point System is also used to allocate Sooner Club benefits like priority parking and requests for seating upgrades.

Donors receive three (3) priority points for each $100 given in the current year and one (1) point per $100 donated in past years.  Additional priority points are awarded for purchasing season tickets, attendance, booster club contributions, etc.  For a complete description of the Priority Point System, click here.

When/how do I pay for my new season tickets?

New donors requesting football or men's basketball season tickets will be able to pay for their tickets as part of the Sooner Seat Selection Process.Donors that have submitted a request for women's basketball season tickets you will be notified of their new seat location(s) and invoiced for their season tickets by the Athletics Ticket Office in October.

How do I get OU-Texas tickets?

Qualification for OU-Texas tickets is based on priority points.  All season ticket holders who fall above the priority point cutoff are offered the opportunity to purchase OU-Texas tickets.  Those who fall below the priority point cutoff will be automatically entered into a second chance lottery.  As a point of reference, the priority point cutoff for OU-Texas tickets in 2015 was 55 – meaning all season ticket holders with 55 or more priority points were offered the opportunity to purchase OU-Texas tickets.  The point cutoff will typically rise between 3-10 points each year as points continue to accumulate.

For a complete explanation of the OU-Texas seating process, click here.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes.  In most cases, the IRS has determined that donations made to the Sooner Club are 80 percent tax deductible because the donor receives some benefit (in the form of priority seating opportunities) in exchange for the donation. You may, however, request that you receive no benefit in exchange for your donation and therefore your donation would be 100 percent tax deductible.



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