OU Athletics Ticket Sharing

Getting Started
To begin to use the University of Oklahoma's Ticket(s) Sharing service, you will first need to visit SoonerSports.com. We suggest printing this page to use as reference. Please be aware that all Ticket Sharing must be completed four (4) hours prior to the beginning of the shared event.

Proceed to Ticket Sharing Page | Printable Instructions 

• Click on the link "OU Ticket Office" located on the left side of the page.
• Then click on “Ticket Transfer Tickets Online”.
• On this page:
 - If you have your account # and know your password simply sign in.
 - Or if you have forgotten your password click the link "Forgot Password", enter the email address on your season ticket(s) account and it will be sent to you.
 - Or if you have never activated your online account click the link "Activate Your Online Account", located in the box, on the bottom left-hand side of the page.  You will use the account # and pin # given to you in the body of your letter.  Enter the required information and activate your account.
• Once you have logged in/activated your account you will then click on the link titled “My Account”, located on the left-hand side of the screen. Then click the link “Transfer Tickets or Cancel Transfers”.
• You will then see a list of the ticket(s) available to transfer. Click the link titled "Share" below the ticket(s) you would like to share.
• Then select the seat(s) you want to transfer, carefully type in the recipients information and their email address, pay the non-refundable transfer order charge of $5.00 or opt to have the recipient pay it and then click submit.

You have now shared your ticket(s).  The recipient will receive an email letting them know that you have shared ticket(s) to them and they may accept or reject them. You will be sent an email notice of their acceptance or rejection.
If the ticket(s) sharing is accepted your ticket(s) is cancelled and the barcode is rendered useless. If you attempt to use your cancelled ticket(s) for admittance to the game after they have been shared, your ticket(s) privileges will be revoked.
How to cancel a shared ticket(s):
A ticket(s) sharing can only be cancelled prior to the recipient accepting the share or after the recipient rejects the share.  
• To cancel the sharing complete steps 1 - 4 of Getting Started (above). You will then see a list of your available ticket(s).  
• Select the link titled "Cancel Sharing" below the ticket(s) of which you would like to cancel sharing. 
• Then check the box labeled "Ticket Information" and then click submit.  You will be routed back to the page with a list of your ticket(s) and given a message stating the ticket(s) transfer has been cancelled.
After a ticket(s) sharing has been cancelled or rejected you may hare the ticket(s) with another person or you may retain your ticket(s) and use them for the game.
The Recipient
The person, to whom you shared the tickets, will receive an email that has an active link in the body of the message.  They will click on the link and enter the email address where the ticket sharing was received. 
Next, if they have an account they will be able to log on using their account information, if not they will need to create a new account by clicking on register new and entering their information.  They will select "Will Call" as the delivery method; if you have opted to have them pay the $5.00 order charged they will be asked for credit card information. 
After the credit card is processed and they receive a confirmation page, they have completed the acceptance portion of the ticket sharing process.  Their tickets will be waiting for them in "Will Call" under the name of the recipient you provided, unless the OU Athletics Ticket Office is notified in advance of the game. The recipient will need to pick the tickets up with their photo identification.
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