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Photo Gallery: Super Regional News Conference 6/7/2012
OU head coach Sunny Golloway and Sooners Max White, Caleb Bushyhead and Jordan John met with media Friday, June 8.
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  • 425 640 Sunny Golloway (photo by Allen Sharpe) 210320464 TBD
    425 640 Sooners Max White, Caleb Bushyhead, Jordan John and Coach Golloway (photo by Allen Sharpe) 210320465 TBD
    424 640 Max White (photo by Allen Sharpe) 210320466 TBD
    424 640 Caleb Bushyhead (photo by Allen Sharpe) 210320467 TBD
    424 640 Jordan John (photo by Allen Sharpe) 210320468 TBD